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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm currently pursuing the Path of Power in meditation. I've been finding it extremely difficult to find a tile high enough to use for meditating and getting questions. How high is high enough to get a Power special tile? Also, as a related question, is there any way in game to determine your altitude above water level?
  2. Willowhill Manor is recruiting villagers There's no logo, but there's an annoying colorful message that the screenshots are in a spoiler below. The long version: The easy to read version: Screenshot gallery: For more information or if you want to join PM Kushier or SooSzi in-game. You can also leave a post below or speak up in freedom chat on Xanadu, saying you're looking for Willowhill Manor.
  3. PRICE REDUCTION EFFECTIVE: 2015-10-12 PM me in-game FIRST (Neville or Nacholibre) and if I'm not online then PM me on the forum SECOND: 94.93QL whetstone (WoA67) 95c 93.65QL whetstone (WoA38) 71c 92.11QL whetstone (WoA46) 65c 89.62QL whetstone (WoA44) 39c 89.21QL whetstone (WoA39) 36c 83.17QL whetstone (WoA42) 31c I will CoD to you right away. Thanks!
  4. Was playing around with this idea Water power they had it in medieval times and it made things a little easier. Would be cool to bring creeks and rivers into game they would run thru each server with curves and loops like the real world. So people could get inland and people that are not next to coast could get a good water resource. As well as bring in the Water wheel with gears you could create from iron and chains or rope to make them turn. To create anything. I am not talking about steam power or machines here lol just a simple technology that would fit into this time frame. It would be cool if you could craft a river boat with water wheels. Large like a barge to transport heavy loads inland. Just throwing this out there dont hate me for it lol