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Found 11 results

  1. Looking to buy or trade for the slime of uttacha charge.
  2. We had the burger king crown... Can we at least get the burger king "Noble King Theatrical Quality Adult Costume"
  3. Looking for about 7s for this set, there are only a few rare items or bulk goods i may trade in exchange for the set or a price reduction.
  4. Wemp: 2.4 k @ 61.34 ql for 1 .2 s Cotton: 1.4 k @ 52.07 ql for 70 c Corn: 6.7 k @ 73.44 ql for 3.3 s Potato: 2.2 k @ 64 ql for 1.1 s Pick up only Location: Xanandu (R15) on the map (near starter town Lormere ) In-game name : Greminz
  5. WTS the following bulk goods. Coastal delivery available, fee depends on your location. I am located in SE Xan. Veggies are 1s/k all over 90ql. (free pickup at Southern Comfort S24 on Xan) Garlic:1733 Onion:1130 Corn:1137 Potato:1164 Strawberries:1666 Bricks: 2k 2s/k. (free pickup at Whisper Cove M23 or Southern Comfort S24.) Update: Back from break, goods and locations updated.
  6. Hot Potato!

    [00:59:35] A potato. potatoes can be pretty hard to grow to edible size. [22:18:23] Flaming Aura has been cast on it, so it will burn targets hit with it. [71] Excellent when you want some great tasting chips! Starting big 20c Increments of 10c Buyout 4g. Edit Updated new MEGAFLAVOUR, 71 Flaming aura, it will burn your taste buds off! Upped buyout to 4g, clearly this potato is overpowered.
  7. Selling 1k potatos 88ql - 1s 3 rare planks - 1.2s for all 3 or 40c each. gone. Located at Sand Castle, Independence, 40x, 34y. Delivery or pickup available, free delivery to indy, and deli north coast Order comes with a complementary flowerpot! PM Flinty on forum or ingame to order.
  8. Potato offers Fancy Pickaxe of QL 69.91 for sell: DMG: None its brand new from the forge itself! Special: not really anything too special besides the QL Price: 21C Location: Deliverance (Y=21,X=8.5) Map: For Buyers: Items sold will NOT be brought to you! You need to get them you're self.
  9. I have a suggestion to create mashed potato and integrate it into the cooking process similar to bread. Create a potato masher from iron/wood (masher/handle) and mashed potatoes up to cook into meals, or maybe just eat on it's own. This suggestion kind of comes from my FSB, overloaded with potatoes and my ever lasting search for additional difficulty ingredients. (ツ)/
  10. Looking for bulk crops, check out Hidden Cove's little stand at Amish Paradise, currently stocked with Barley, Corn, Garlic, Pumpkins, and 2k Wemp We grow many different crops on our nicely sized farm, if something is not in stock atm on the bulk merchant at Amish Paradise just send Tenderwolf a pm and i'll see if i have what your after. all crops sell for 1k-1s, deliveries are available to most locations. pm for details
  11. Wtb Veggies

    Looking to buy 1-4k corn, potatoes, and/or onions at FM. 1.3s/1k delivered to FM, Freedom Harbour, or the Inner City Orphanage. Reply here, PM on forums, or PM in-game.