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Found 5 results

  1. I know a lot of people is ok with the current push/pull/rotate, but for me its just a nightmare. We really need a new way to fine position planted stuff like lamps, furniture, etc. It doesn´t need to work in a huge radius, same as current move commands its ok, but maybe a free drag/rotate activated with a bindable set of keys, or maybe a single command that binds the object/item to the cursor, so while you are in this mode You can´t walk, and you use the scroll well in the mouse (or same keys used to glance left/right) to rotate the object, if you right click the object is planted in the cursor position, if you left click the action is canceled and the item/object reverts to the original position. Lets discuss it.
  2. When I relogged, I was standing next to that cart. I am now 13 tiles away from it.
  3. We all get lots of disconnects. Wurm facts of life. What sucks more is when all my windows go away and my tile position changes, as well as loosing track of my "active" item. However, when in mines, my characters almost always are facing exactly the same direction they logged out and are standing in the exact positions. Not always, but most of the time. On the surface, it never happens, which sucks for all my alts that are arranged so perfectly for praying, enchanting and crafting. Not entirely fun to spend 10 minutes getting set up for a great session, then having the disconnect go and erase it all. Feature request: - Positions, active item and open windows saved and restored on reconnect.
  4. I was about to create a roof for my house when I was wondering: Why can't we position our roofs? The top of the roof is always in the middle of the tile when you create it. This way when you have a wall on the tile next to you there is no option to connect it to the wall. Sometimes a house will look pretty weird because of that. It would be nice if there was an option to either position the roof or build different shapes of them. When positioning the roof you would first have to plan one. Next thing you do is right click the unfinished roof, click connect, right click a wall and click connect roof. You can do this multiple times. Once on every wall next to the roof. To seperate them right click a connected wall and click seperate. When the wall is finished it will be connected to the selected walls. Example: 3, roofs as they are now. 4, new type of roofs.
  5. I understand that the positioning of trees in a tile are client side. The server only saves that there is a tree on the tile and the client has a certain pattern in which the trees are placed on the tiles, which repeats over an over. However since i am one of the players who like to avoid having trees growing into houses or would like to place decorative bushed which mostly are placed on the border of tiles and mess things up i'd like to make a suggestion that sure meets taste with a low space requirement and low data transfer weight. In short words implement an option to place trees on the regular pattern or centered at the tile. Technically this would mean just another boolean variable per tree / tile. Besides the already used flag which says there's a tree on that tile or not, simply add another flag that determines wether it's placed using the regular pattern (either by plant action in the menu or when trees spread naturally) or on the center of a tile (when planted by a new action plant_centered). Might seem like a small thing but it could get rid of unpleasantly placed trees or bushes and would stop the "try out where a tree will gorw on that tile" search.