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Found 6 results

  1. A container made from tin that keeps food fresh and warm when travelling. Want to Sell: 45+ ql lunchboxes In stock: 50 copper + COD
  2. Many times someone sits on your cart bored stiff...and why? His iron went cold! Then the driver has to hear endless "Are we there yet?" and "I miss my forge!" Please allow a portable mini stove/forge which can be loaded into carts, ships and wagons, and fuelled and kept burning so the smiths in this world who never leave the forges, can take one with them. (Seriously, they get withdrawal symptoms if too far from a burning forge...) Thanks!
  3. It would be nice if we had portable alters we can carry around like a large anvil and drop them on the ground to use. The alter would lose its blessing when it is picked up so you would have to bless it again when you drop it but this would give people a way to set up an alter on the go to use for sacrificing things in.
  4. I love putting 300 logs in a crate, or even support beams. Crates can be loaded and unloaded full. Awesome for transporting trade goods. What I wish we had was a crate like loadable storage that was designed for small stuff, like veggies and lumps, but would hold significantly more than crates will. Seems silly that I can only fit 300 tiny lumps of silver in a giant crate, capable of holding 300 massive logs. Yes, we can stuff lumps in satchels and satchels in packs and packs in rafts and get to some decent quantities, but then they are all very perishable. What if we make a special crate, or at the very least, allow crates to hold a few thousand tiny bits that would still be a fraction of the volume of 300 logs. Canal builders would be ever so grateful
  5. Churches are nice and all, but in what religion are priests restricted to working at a fixed altar? Aren't the powers of their gods bigger than a lump of gold in a building? Problem: altars scattered all over. Every unique hunt will have 1-3 altars dropped. People leave them behind in mines and when deeds fail. So many other items can be loaded and reused, but sadly not altars, because of the domain issues. Solution: Portable Altars! A new altar type (Marble? Copper?) that has no domain influence, can be picked up (loaded at the very least, but picked up means less altars left laying around) and allows saccing, sermons and praying. Could even make it deity neutral.
  6. Has anyone installed the wurm client on a usb portable drive? Can anyone speculate on possible problems that might arise by doing this? I want to be able to take the game client with me as I often have down time when I am around various computers that I can access. Rather than install the client locally which I would not be allowed to do is it possible to install it on a usb drive and run on any machine that has java? Or would it just be easier to install a persistent portable linux os to the usb drive and boot to that to run the client? I plan to try it out later when i get home regardless of the response here i just want to get a discussion going about possible issues. Or perhaps hear from someone who has done/tried this and how they did it or if they were successful. Thanks for your time.