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Found 6 results

  1. I would like an ingame census. Make it possible that all village population counts are recorded and when you're hovering over a known town on the in game map itll say something like Active Villagers (within 30 days) Inactive Villagers (Past 30 days since last log on) Doesn't need to show players names, just counts. I can see this not being good on PvP but for pve it makes sense.
  2. My suggestion is when a player loads the game launcher, that instead of having a population of xx is online, to have each server listed individually. Also, this applies the forums and the main site. Same difference for example applies that we don't have Freedom cluster xx people online, each server is listed individually. The same list should apply to epic servers.
  3. Being on one of the 'dead' servers, Exodus, I often wonder if there are any big villages out there on any server. It seems most of the deeds I know of only have 1-5 active players. Are there more active places? Does anyone know the most active and/or the deed with the highest population? Does anyone know the most active and/or the server with the highest average population? (Xanadu is a given, but there's so much more land to cover)
  4. Server Numbers

    What is with the numbers lately is it just the long weekend or has the PR team been doing some advertising? (not that i am complaining but just look at the number of people on now) Edit: Maybe it is just the new server status that has me keeping a closer eye, lol
  5. I'm just a dirty nube when it comes to the whole PvP thing, so my opinion doesn't carry much weight. But I feel that the ability to monitor server populations on Epic is one of the larger factors that are impeding some good PvP and KvK situations. Spamming /who and using population monitors is not how we should be spending our time. Anyone who's been around awhile will know what the median server population will look like, And spotting an abnormality can easily give away the game. The problem?: PvP turns into a cold war. But instead of nuclear tests and strong arming the most third world countries, people sit on deed and login every shared account and alt trying to inflate the server population to make the other side apprehensive about leaving their own deed until everyone gets bored and eventually logs off. My suggestion: Disable /who command and to keep server population numbers internal to the Wurm Team for the Epic cluster (Maybe on Chaos too if they want it). Why is population monitoring bad for pvp?: It means that all players will hide in their deeds whenever they see a higher than usual server population, stifling any actual pvp from occurring. It means that any raiding group will be spotted moving from one server to another long before any pvp can happen. It means that raiders can see when servers have a low population and are most vulnerable and unable to defend themselves. It compromises any secret actions taken and only benefits the kingdom with the highest population on at that time. How will disallowing public monitoring help?: Players may be less afraid to roam, knowing that other kingdoms are blissfully unaware of any server activity. It will encourage actual scouting. Kingdoms with lower populations will actually be able to make decisive strikes against the larger kingdoms without being run off by a show of numbers. What are the downsides of disabling public monitoring?: New players may log in at a slow time and assume Wurm is a dead game. Numberphiles will have less to fap to.
  6. I'm a new player. Got my deed, built my houses, trained a little fighting, bred some horses, made my first armor etc. After having played around 4 months and I'm now at the stage where I'm finally confident enough to go horseback riding and explore the lands, to see what kinds of deeds are out there. Up till now I did do a little exploring via boat, but never dared venture in land nor dared to walk around in any of the villages. Now that I'm starting to do that, something is becoming very evident to me: There are a lot of gorgeous and huge villages out there, but no-one lives in them aside from a single owner who may be online but most of the time is not. It feels desolate, empty, sad and like a waste. It makes me question what the point of my own progression in the game is if -that- is the end game: an empty and lonely village. It also explains why so many players try to lure newbies into living on their deeds so they'd have a little life in them. But this is mostly short-lived since sooner or later these new players either quit the game or move on to go and make their own deed. The game needs something to "populate" villages with: NPCs. I did a search for all the suggestion threads for bringing new type of NPCs into the game and I understood why they all waned off. People had thought up grand plans for the mechanics and I can understand that from a developer's point of view, they might cross that out automatically. NPCs which craft, gather, fight and do a legion of other things all sounds amazingly fun in the description, but it's a no-go for a small development team due to how such NPCs could completely break the flow and balance, even nature of the game. So what I am suggesting is an NPC which is something visually there but does not impact the game in any other way. NPCs in different outfits and tools in their hands, doing the assigned animations which our own characters already do, which we could populate our villages with to give them some life, however which would not interact in any other way than saying some predefined sentences like "G'day! Just doin' a bit of blacksmithing" or something as generic as "Well met traveler!". For us players, living in our villages would seem a tad less lonely. I don't know about you, but at least I feel less alone by the existing animals and guards - as silly as that is. Imagine planting a smithy next to your forge or a cook into your house kitchen. How about a stable boy into the pen with the horses, or a fisherman onto the shore. Again, none of these would buy, sell or generate any wares for you. They'd simply be decorations much like a table or statue. It goes without saying that I'd be over the moon if they actually did do something, like for instance a fisherman when planted on a tile next to water would actually start generating fish in his/her backpack that you could buy - that would be sweet. Or other things like what was suggested in those other threads, but for now I'd really be so much happier with just the visual aspect alone.