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Found 4 results

  1. All Items can be sell separately Contact me in game always as Luttuosa or send me a PM in the forum Rare Archery Target Rare Armour Stand Rare Practice doll Rare Pole Trap If you will buy the whole bundle, you will receive a Rare Free Gift Happy New Year to all of you!
  2. Looking to buy range pole and dioptra, at least 50ql. NE Xanadu.
  3. Hello forums, I'm looking to acquire a willow fishing pole of around 40 quality. but the kicker is it must have 90+ coc If you have this and are interested in selling me it post with a general price you are looking for. thank you and i look forward to doing business.
  4. Totem Poles - This idea is more in general to Totem Poles... but the idea was to use a saw on a felled tree and create a Totem Pole in which would be lovely if you have high carpentry where you could "Improve" the Pole and it would in return increases the height and whats on it but in following that idea came with the idea for Spirit Guides! Spirit Guide - This idea was more of a secondary suggestion. Basically once making a Totem Pole you would be able to chose the animal you wish to follow Example: Bear, Deer, Wolf, or Bison? and these animals once followed will give a skill gain bonus to one of the Nature Skills like Forestry, Fishing, Animal husbandry and others not including Meditation sense that's a different part but once choosing the animal you want to follow with which totem you follow so if you made a bear totem you would then start following the Spirit Guide of the bear (with a warning message of course) and lets say the QL of that totem could be how much in a certain percent would help with that skill and give a bit of a small gain not too great from Sleep Bonus but noticeable and it would help skill that so Bear would be Fishing so when near a Bear Totem you gain Spirit Animal spell effect in the same idea of a Altar would work? Then anyone following that Spirit Guide in the area would get that skill bonus. This suggestion part is a bit sketchy and anyone who wishes can give ideas in comments give your opinion in comments ~Alpha