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Found 4 results

  1. WTA Supreme Axe, Lead 91.59 Ql for extra slashy powa Medium Axe (One-Hander), can be coupled with a shield of your choice! Lead weapons inflict poison damage! (Owwie) [11:45:05] A medium sized battle axe with a wooden shaft. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. You need to temper the axe by dipping it in water while it's hot. Start Bid: 12s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: None Don't shoot the auctioneer* Bids and Bumps only ! Thanks much x
  2. I’ve never really liked how poison works, normal damage with a random chance of instant death. Not very appealing or interesting. New Poison Mechanic All poison attacks accumulate in a single wound, similar to drowning. However, this wound does not directly subtract from health. Instead, every poison tick (which happens much more frequently than healing ticks, every 1 minute or 30 seconds) the strength of the poison wound drops but a number of Internal Wounds appear randomly across the body. Poison would not get worse over time or be effected by natural healing, you must either let it runs its course, get magical healing or a potion. The number and severity of internal wounds scales with the strength of the poison, but should never be enough to kill a healthy character outright. My own instinct is total damage from a single poison tick should be about half the strength of the poison wound. Ex. A 70 poison wound would do 35% of a characters health in a single poison tick spread across 3 to 4 internal wounds. Easy to keep patched up if you treat the wounds the moment they happen, deadly if ignored. Antivenom Potion Honey + gland + belladonna (natural substances) Creates a potion that reduces the poison wound, higher QL potions reduce it more. After drinking you receive an Antivenom Resistance debuff, much like some healing spells.
  3. Oleander is highly poisonous in real life... in Wurm it is pretty but serves no function! Why not give it one?! I propose we use oleander for poison-- and be able to use the poison on arrows. Unless removed a poison arrow would continue to slowly infect the wound. Perhaps the poison could also be applied to other weapons and applicable to the first hit the weapon deals after being poisoned -- the effect in this case might be something along the lines of increased heal time on the injury. If we wanted to be really devious ... maybe it could be possible to poison food or water sources (water source poisoning should have a limited period to it.. so as to not poison it forever... ) This might be best only implemented in PVP ... but it would at least there give a use to testing water or examining food before eating...
  4. It'd be cool to have chitin shields and armor made out of scorpion and or spider chitin, with chitin armor serving as a sort of "light plate" (or "paper plate" compared to steel) I imagine it being a low-tier armor for light infantry that's good at defending attack types that leather's bad at, but otherwise roughly equivalent. And it'd make spiders a bit more useful. While I'm on the topic of making spiders useful, perhaps we could have spider venom as a butchered item, which could be activated and used to make a 'poison arrow' out of an arrow. Possibly also a poisoned spear. Sorry, the idea is very inchoate, but poisoned arrows would be cool. I guess scorpions could supply venom as well. Standard disclaimer: as with all my harebrained ideas, this is less important than MSB.