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Found 2 results

  1. It's taken me a couple of years to feel like this post is ok. so im writing it. I wrote most of these in my 20's and 30's and half of them through some very rough times (instead of self harming, i wrote it out), they turn pretty dark toward the end but are not yet in any specific order. - it's sold very few copies and i have never marketed myself, but it's done. which is good... a 2nd edition will be required. i've edited a good few crappy ones out. I'm not in the turmoil i was so production has dropped. The first one is newer and not in the book. My <wurm poetry> can be found here Infinitys Echo Intelligence is one entity the young call it god. the proud, call it genius. our genius calls it love. -------------------------------------------- From the book; Womankind A womans body isn't square amazing grace, i do declare It flows and weaves around itself as short as Halfling, high as Elf As my lustful feelings grow the yearning hope that i may show my love for it, the female form a giving spirit, a playful pawn For truly lustful feelings know that they are one yet seem to show themselves to be the greatest force fear not, they're not, it's love, of course. My love for it, the female form Grows with every, waking dawn. Life as a Bee Fresh sprung breezes through the fray Is this happy summers day a day of joy a day of light a walking romance through the park The tide it turns as often do the silent echo strong and true A shadow born beneath the clouds its thunder roar a sacred sound. The Devils echo a dark embrace clouds all the sunlight from this place. The storm it wanes the storm it dies and soon the storm doth turn to ice A frozen floodland in the dark a frozen rotting pregnant lark A silent whisper, a laugh it sounds seems to rumble from the ground. the air is thick yet cold as ice your heart you feel it chunder twice What is this darkness, spirit and glow that fills these cavern walls so slow Again you hear a whispered laugh it travels through the rocks it harks `your mine you know, I'll fill your mind, with all the searing pain and sound a thousand nightmares strong and true I'll fill your mind with stick fast glue' And so my nightmare tale doth end of happiness when it offends the forces of the powers-be when darkness calls, life as a bee. Knowmenot Haunting issues of days gone by, the fleeting dreams of a firefly to whom he knows and does partake might echo true upon thy wake Great sunder song streak through the air until a time he cries beware if mercy be unto the self the dreamer shouts `just be yourself!` Know me not and cry you will should truth benign become your still and soon the ashes turn to dust upon the dreams your wonderlust The Sacrifice of Love Wondering silent in the dark, I feel my quiet beating heart It pulls me to the blinding light, towards the fire of lifes spun might For it knows the wounds it brings, all the breaking heartfelt things My body follows, mind and all, preparing itself for another fall Because one day there might just be, a point to this, the crazy spree Towards the light, towards the fall, towards the glory, heart, and all Homes Echo A place i dream, or so it seems An echo of a past so real a glory lost and found, i feel I've lost my way, or so they say, the test of truth is everyday. So as I wonder, lost and found an echo of a past laid down I feel it's guide, I follow through an echo of a past so true. Waterlife A flowing stream, a river too, never did they seem so blue To watch the life go flowing by, a tide and eddy, a firefly. Against the rocks it navigates, the silent song appreciates So carried through the pebbles be, towards the deepest ocean sea. Life's a macro, life's a dream, life's a steady, flowing stream. DayDreaming Running naked through the tree's, chasing whispers in the breeze Hard to catch, they fly away, then come back another day Soon you'll learn the whispers do, that in fact they come from you Some may think they lead astray others know, they live and play Chasing whispers in the breeze, running naked, through the trees. The Fire Within (sol) Breathe in hard, flame in the sky For one day we all die Enveloped by your plasmic death Your vicous coil of dragons breath Life's eternal, life's a ploy life's a fiery flame of broil A marriage to the sun we make So that we never all forsake The truth to it the chaos soul That which resides within us all Life goes On I sit and sigh, I contemplate How to follow through and take That which i need that which i know A saddened story, to and thro The morning sun, I hark , it comes To change the fear of nothing near And then I dream I contemplate The future of this hurtful fate I sit and sigh, the story goes By a tree as it unfolds I look to nature yet again For inspiration, love and pain And as it comes, can't help but wish I'de swap it all for a love sprung kiss Natural High The sun is shining no rain in the sky It makes me want to leap and to fly Fresh breeze from the sea laps at my face How proud I'm to be of the human race Such levels of beauty my eyes can see Such levels of nature and harmony The tree sways in the breeze reminding me so How energy gently moves to and thro The only thing missin is you by my side But I'll count my chickens while ime still alive The sun is shining, no rain in the sky Soft silent whispers a natural high. Evolutions Conquest Dragon true and dragon fair Dragon whispers through the air Searching waiting lost in time To find the one that I call mine he searches here, he searches there He searches bleedin everywhere A host that holds his long lost love He finds one true then see's a mob He does Flee, a romantic soul, driven by the one he holds He looks again, through the blue, searching for his kindred true The journey's hard, reward is small Until one day he takes a fall Enough he shouts, enough i say! I cannot stand another day Into the next life he doth go To try again, to and thro Eternal is his kindred search Because without her, life just hurts Island of Storm My heart it bleeds a lonely shell My life it seems a quiet hell The next wave comes, of ###### and strife It sullens the pain and feeds it thrice Until the waves they calm and bleed The pain returns 10 fold to me What is my problem, my heart it aches To end this hell how do I break. Patience of Faith Soon if death should greet me blind I pray one day I'll surely find The reason for the ######-upness of life and lack of tenderness. Tiring futile ###### and strife All these things they make up life. Servitude no gain lest spent and even then its money lent Compassion is a futile force except for the ones u help, of course If giving leads me to short years with suicide my only tears Then I'll recharge in death and so, Receive my love in time i know. Paingivers Blinding blizzard stupid farts They toss and play with peoples hearts Its just not funny, a game they play reaching out for , a different day now and again they find a soul a juicy morsel and to and thro Its love they use as finger thus to stretch and strain its holy lust Vampiric bastards one and all They find great delight in divine fall. The Force of Leaves Waving sea of lands lost true regret unfound and force unto how weave we not to seek the day that finds the one within the fray I hear the sound of long lost love I see the sight of truth above to temper these the force of leaves how whisper they throughout the breeze Unnamed Hope and fire of wings unsung grace of breeze and truth undone hopeless fight and swing of fate how they make my body ache In this dark place hell does scorn In the lightning fire is born Soon the sun will shine for thee as the shocking crime does plea Turning of Age Sunlet cometh so does rain they bring and spread their light again the hope of justice the hope of pride the hope of circumstance aside How wonder yee through fire and flame to earn the truth and sacred gain. My feelings complex straight aside my hopes and dreams may not collide belief replace the strength of trust,in truth it all could turn to dust. Silent Hope Skies of colours wisps of air a night of beauty and sweet declare My dreams afloat my worries lost My home doth harketh through the lust Soft whispers true to form collide how spoken thee until they glide through magnet green and purple too Oh how they whisper straight to you Sadness True Screams of sadness silent sung a dark moon rising, come undone the pain of love, the pain of hate oh how i leave it in my wake it follows through, not far behind, a quiet whimper, a truth benign to stop and feel, invites it true, unto it drives a pitchfork through I hope one day, emotion strong, I'll find salvation within my song If i survive my heartache through my silent screams, my sadness true Hunter Kin Learn in life u can't trust fate Can't trust people the holes they make There be some truekin folk u know They weave themselves based on the glow But qualified am i, im not To find these folk throughout the plot Cus faith and trust belongs not so hastily given and hastily thrown Tha MOON We like tha moon cus it is green through our eyes that cant see too keen It mad and green and silent song We hear it all night and day long We like tha moon cus it is real We have our cakes and with sum tea we see tha moon in our green cups and it gets bigger as we sup Not too big no cus heads will roll It fall from sky and make us old Cus we need moon to congregate our madcap feelins and mistakes Two True I feel i need to sacrifice this terrible thing that they call life The toss and turn of hearts true ache That makes me feel that im awake The struth and strife the fear and shake the saddened tale the story's fake yet live it we can feel it so It mocks us true beneath our glow So if you think the song unsung then listen closely , it's just begun To Be a Man To be a man is quite unknown How to rule this earthly throne Not many men, i fear do know What it is to rule this throne i know A macho man with hard spiked hair Will run from virtue hard and fair Honour, truth and fairness just To swallow pride and loose his lust There's many things a man must know That make him male that make him so The path I choose, the image I take May seem effeminate, to fools I make A truth beknown to me, I say To be a man takes many a day It's not enough to lust and drool To chase your pride around a fool Discipline, honour, strength and trust Much what I hold higher than lust. A macho man, a townie lad Aren't men to me, and I'm so glad That with the pain I tolerate that I am man i think they hate The strength I get from all due pain To be a man, to smile again. The Yearning Whisper softly in the dark, feel the silent, beating heart Let it grow within your chest, cushioned softly, in your nest If yearning impulse you do feel, then stress ye not, cus time will heal Because one day you'll find so true, a love that's tender, just for you As the river yearns for rain, to bring new life, to live again
  2. Memories of Wurm From the body of the fallen We shall craft an unholy grail From the skull of thy enemy To which We shall pour your blood into. Casting unto it With the will of fire And the force of sand We will make wine. With this we will raise the grail And toast to the legacy The legacy of Mol Rehan The legacy of Fire and Sand. From the unholy grail We pity the bones of our enemy And leave a reminder To the lands of Chaos, Enjoy your victories Drink to your success Relish your battles For like a shadow Looming forever large A memory remains Of lands of sand. Sleep well little ones In your makeshift kingdoms One day with no warning The fire may return. With it your walls will burn The lands left scorched The skies darken with ash. You see an end, Mol Rehan sees a beginning. if you enjoy this I’d be willing to post more poetry. I’ve been writing for the last 5 years and have amassed a rather lengthy portfolio of poems. Some good some just okay I suppose. Anyways I hope you enjoy this one.