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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, we are in a pickle atm - our wonderful panfilling friends that helped us again and again aren't available at the moment - and we are under some time pressure to break a (the) record (I don't want to say more publicly until we've done it, if we make it) So we are looking for one or two able-bodied people that have done panfilling in the past and know how to do it fast and would like to help us right now at the end for a short while (with a high efficiency panfiller, we should be done in about 3h, with two - even less) and can come to Xanadu (we can offer vteleports if not used before - or just make a new char and tp?) - would be tremendously appreciated! Hope to hear from you soon! Thor & Inspira
  2. WTS Still going to spam this in trade chat but thought I'd bundle it all on a post for fun. The prices some pretty cheap some normal. Supreme pickaxe 17imbue 35s Supreme Tin shovel 77botd (unique GM item) 35s Bag of keeping 75s Valentines 1s each (3x) Yule goat 1.5s Spyglass 2s 4,000 quality worth of gems for 16s come get them 8,500 dirt 5s
  3. Why?!?! i got it the first time.
  4. Problem: Using the Path of Power ability: Erupt on an exposed rock tile above a Sandstone vein gives the following message: [20:09:47] Nothing happens. Indeed, nothing happens, the ability does not go on cooldown and no further error message is given. Expected Behaviour: The tile above and the wall below should turn into lava with the following message: [20:13:08] The rock starts to bubble with lava. This is how it works for other veins and even reinforced cave walls. If melting sandstone is not intended, an error message should be given out.
  5. Hello, I find myself here again to report on some more dubious circumstances regarding Valrei. Libila has once again claimed glorious victory and saw fit to bestow upon her followers a gift of Body Stamina. This gift only applied to those individuals who were online at the time. I'm reporting this as a bug because, as I recall, when Wurm won, all players online or otherwise received a hit to their faith. It seems to me the intention is to reward those players who belong to the winning Goddess's kingdom, however only those who were online reaped the fruits of this labor. As someone who feverishly works to complete missions (High Astronomer Represent), it is a disservice to me, and all others who worked on these goals, to see Libila win as I check my twitter for updates on her progress, check chat logs to see what our reward was, only to get online and not receive it. It seems to me that bugs like this are the biggest discouraging factor for the Epic missions as a whole. Thanks for reading, -Zoots
  6. Recently, I've taken to watch the wonderful antics on Valrei. It would seem that the gods occasionally do not receive the assistance they are supposed to get from missions done on the Epic Cluster. As of right now, Libila has received help from Elevation and does not appear to be on a difficult tile. However, on Affliction, we completed the mission to help her. It never showed up on the twitter feed, and it appears it didn't assist her in moving. I believe MR had a similar issue during the last Scenario, but I am not privy to that. To me this seems to be a bug so I'm reporting it. I would greatly appreciate hearing back on this, as I know missions are a big part of epic. -Zoots