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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Wurm students! Today I'll be doing a news post on the current news going around the starter areas. As you can see up top we've got our fancy new title font and style ready to rock and roll from our original, in house design team. The font cartel has long been knocking at Wurms doors, demanding that we submit to using Times New Roman or Arial and to them we say "No! We will make our own, new and original font!" Enough of that, let's focus on the most important thing....The news! Priesty Bois stand triumphant! After an overwhelming amount of angry replies and envelopes filled with smallpox, we have decided to throw the community a lifeline. Libila will be replaced on Freedom with Nacho, effective the Jan patch. We hope that those Libila fans out there understand our difficult position, but between sea creatures turning to zombies on land and the newfound mycelium farms on Celebration and Pristine, we have decided that Libila is the best God to take the fall. Journal gets more pages! With the Jan patch we will also add two new tiers to the crafter journal. I have the pleasure to be able to tell you early what one of these tiers entails and give a rough guideline what to expect in the entry after, due to it still being work in progress. Destinations Unknown Found: Create a fantastic item Improve an item beyond quality level 99 Repair 6250 fences, floors or walls Create 5000 liters of wine Catch 1000 fish Mine an exquisite gemstone Perform 100000 actions Reward: A random tome! Titles Unknown: This tier is fluid, meaning it changes depending on the player! This tier is all about the tome you win. When you win your tome, you get a single charge tome automatically used on your account with full benefits and penalties. From there, you'll finish this tier by using other tomes to advance your title until you have went through all possible combinations. Reward: The ability to choose your sorcery title! We would like to note that using the incorrect tome is likely to brick your journal, and we will not be reversing this if you do it. So you've been warned! Wurm Online follows in the footsteps of The Witcher! No, Rolf has not sold the lore of Wurm to CD Projekt Red for a few Euros! We are happy to confirm that Netflix has chosen Wurm to be the next game to get a dedicated series on their platform. Auditions for roles are still ongoing, however we can confirm that the director has already signed on to the project. Soon, we will have a thread Q&A with director M. Night Shyamalan to answer all of the questions. Confirmed roles so far are: Ryan Gosling - Protagonist Sean Bean - Deedmate of protagonist Willem Dafoe - The Goblin Leader Benedict Cumberbatch - Venerable Blue Dragon Danny DeVito - Angry Old Troll Adam Sandler - GL-Freedom jester Jim Carrey - Darwin Grant MacDonald - Oblivionnreaver Enki - Takeshi Kitano You wanna pizza me? We will be introducting pizza ovens to the game, which will take those endless amounts of sandstone and marble bricks you all have around deed. Using one of these pizza ovens adds +1QL to your pizza output, with rarity boosting that effect. Expect low market prices for these due to overabundance of rare bricks. They do look pretty though, so maybe it's time for some cool new deed decorations with them? Wurm got a 25 (s)killstreak! As a bonus way to absolutely demolish the mobs on Northern Xanadu, we will be adding killstreaks to the world of Wurm. Each kill you get with your weapon of choice counts towards a total kill count logged in event tab, and once you hit 25 kills, you can unleash your inner rage and kill everything within 25 tiles! This counter is reset each time the player is hit as a balance countermeasure, and the killstreak effect when used will give a random skill tick the same way Mindstealer would. Each mob gives a different killstreak name, so get hunting and discover your inner beast. Nacho is always watching Saving the biggest news for last, we will be removing the Libila colossus as a craftable item and replacing it with the colossus of Nacho. As there is currently no model due to our art team being too busy making Jackal skins for troll clubs, branches and mallets, we are opening the floodgates to you, the community! Design how you imagine Nacho to look each time you picture him, draw it to the best of your ability, taking as many hours as you need in your paint programs and post it here. To help your minds visualise how the demigod himself would look, I will be showing off our first submission from our very own Retrograde. We know it's pretty much already a perfect idea of how the colossus should look, but feel free to attempt to prove us wrong. Entries close in 5 days from this post going up, so get arty people. And that brings the news to a close this quarter. We hope you understand our position on the upcoming changes and will help us make Wurm the best it can be. Thank you for your patience with what I'm sure you'll agree, are the best quality of life changes you've seen posted in a news thread so far. As always, keep on Wyrming...