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Found 1 result

  1. I want to pose this as a general, but serious question to all people whom may take the time to read this thread. Doesn't matter if you're a Dev, GM, or just a pest-.. I mean, player. Wurm's vision, generally when I first joined, seemed to be almost entirely PvP. At least half of the game, likely much more at the time, was geared towards giving PvP a unique feel and experience. Nearly all of the lore of the game is PvP based. There are huge mechanics that are gold sinks like PMK's that took years upon years of development, and are ONLY available on PvP. There was a section of the game back then (Freedom/Independance) where you could go to for PvE-Only but it was heavily lacking in features and flesh, and there just really didn't feel like there was much of a purpose to playing there. Flash forward to 2019 and I really don't think much has changed with PvE as a whole. There's still no reason or purpose to play there. But PvP, has been wholly and entirely abandoned by the devs, with not even so much as a mentioning to give us hope that they will do something to fix its absolute piss-poor state. To the Devs: Why did you just abandon the side of the game that nearly 60% of your game and 100% of its lore, is based on? Was it too hard to fix? Is it the players? Do you simply not care? This is a serious question, I genuinely want to know why more than half of this game has been laid waste to. And for everyone else... Why did you abandon Wurm PvP? Which straw broke your horse's back? List anything and everything. I want to know why it was that people left, so that we can determine if it was a number of reasons or maybe only a handful.