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Found 31 results

  1. This issue keeps reoccuring no matter what I'm doing or how many clients I have open.. Only one crashes at a time, but its the same kind of crash to desktop and its becoming more and more frequent. If anyone can help me with this I would be eternally greatful hs_err_pid26552 Error log! Console Log:
  2. Trying to find pearls are like...(insert difficult to achieve thing which causes people to pull hair from heads). Reading the wiki is not much help...does anyone have any tips with regards to the seasons, the depth of water, whether nets are better than rods or spears? What is the best possible bait to catch pearls? What is the best time of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, night) or anything else? What works better? And BLACK pearls...please help with any info as well. TL:DR - any tips to catch pearls (white or black), please share. Thanks!
  3. I have allays wanted to play as a skeleton in a video game and the closest I have ever got was the skele costume from runescape.... its like in RPGS you can never play the role of the monster! I found a playable skeleton race mod for morrowind: but you can't build and do cool stuff in that game :| if you could please add this then this would be the best game ever it has everything. ~thank you for your time, server space, and cognitive intake I hope I didn't waste it
  4. WTB rare fishing rod, please pm me here on forums (same in game name but not online a lot, forums are probably a better bet to get a message to me.) Thanks
  5. ===CM in CA chat told me to post here, why not in Client forums, your guess is as good as mine=== Let's start with that gem above ^ What have we got, well letsee.... Completely black bridges weird moving glitched stripes rock is the color of sand no trees render at all although i can see their reflections in the water lol moving around, I see floating tower guards towers are completely black roads are invisible terrain textures shift madly when I move more I have yet to discover fps holds steady at 60-62fps, moving only dips occasionally to 54... but with nothing rendering ofc it is high lol Computer Specifications MSI 970 krait edition motherboard amd fx-8350 (8-cores @4.20ghz) rx-580 8gb red devil graphics 16gb ddr3 ram 2x 500gb sata drives in raid windows 7 professional 64bit Gamesettings.txt Console.Nomadikhan.log I'd love some help here, please?
  6. Looking for some banners, Tall banners, and a wagon. Can post here or PM me
  7. With the introduction of highways it made servers small, and small servers tiny. Everyone can easily get anywhere and deed. Mobs don't spawn close to deeds (most times). I would like to request a server dedicated to hunting with buffed mobs, increased spawn rates and no deeds allowed. Would be awesome for the dedicated Wurmians who regularly need a hunting fix (or those of us who need cochineals so would be looking for a cave bug spawn).
  8. I guess ill suggest this again. Please give alliance leader some permissions besides just kicking deeds and setting motd. i would like to be able to A. See which village villagers belong to. B. Be able to mute anyone from alliance chat. C.Control the ability of villages to invite other villages to alliance (yes there is a diplomacy option) that doesnt work i think thats for letting ur villager sjoin alliances. D. (added) They should also be able to appoint other people inside the alliance as Manager and give them the respective rights. E. (added) Ability to write in different colors as the leader as it stands now alliance leaders have no control. Killroth (66 villages in alliance on xanadu ) , no control to deal with drama sucks.
  9. From May's Roadmap: "The web shop we are working on updating more with plans to look at having items directly available from the shop instead of just silver. The items that will use this new system will be specific cosmetic items that aren’t available in game via any other means, such as the upcoming golden mirror." Wurm has always been a game where everything* was built and created by the players, within the game. From shaping the landscape to the rug in front of your fireplace. Someone trained their skills, gathered the resources and crafted it all. Since the addition of rifts and some older items this has ceased to be the case. But at least the items were available in-game for for all to acquire and came in the form of rewards for playing. As I mentioned in the roadmap thread, these new cash shop items are going to be superior to anything we can craft in-game. They have to be, or why would anyone pay for them? (Sure, there is some personal preference) This is against the spirit of Wurm Online.
  10. suggestion to please remove juice from transmutation liquid recipe to make resource tiles. To prevent griefing give it a limit of 1 tile per week per character. and to prevent griefing from a group, no limit timer on removal of tiles. Juice Solid Used on Makes 0.05 kg Apple 0.5 kg Tin Sand Clay 0.05 kg Lemon 0.5 kg Charcoal Grass/Mycelium Peat 0.05 kg Cherry 1.0 kg Iron Steppe Tar 0.05 kg Lemon 1.0 kg Zinc Clay Dirt 0.05 kg Cherry 0.3 kg Moss Peat Dirt 0.05 kg Apple 1.0 kg Lead Tar Dirt
  11. Since we have berry bushes, specifically blueberries, please allow harvesting them then making ink out of the fruit. Woad is scarce and linked to botanizing skill which is a pita to grind. Other ways to get blue dye and pink dye would be awesome. (Many people ask for woad plants but since we already have blueberrry, perhaps just introduce a new craftable item from there...)
  12. Okay so as developers and staff members, it's inevitable that there will be times when people disagree with what we do or even hate us for it. I've learned to weather the hate in stride, for the quiet ones who reach out and thank me always carry me through. But... who do you hate the most? As an aside, this is just for fun. Keep replies light-hearted and funny. If you do have a problem or complaint, the best place to bring it up will be with one of us directly. I'm also asking for this because Firestarter has promised to find where I live if I make his job any harder. So please, please... (he scares me...)
  13. Can we please have cocoa trees that give cocoa?
  14. For the love of Magranon, please. Let us lead animals through house walls like we can through fences. The amount of trouble arising from the way it works right now is ridiculous. Examples: - Lead a horse through a bunch of houses going somewhere, arrive at your destination, realise horse got stuck, go back and search for it, fun times. - Lead a horse inside a deed mine, it gets bugged and stays above ground, then gets stuck in a random wall in an unpredictable spot, good luck finding it again. This is so damn common I cannot believe it is still in game years later. It still happens to me at least once every week, sometimes multiple times a day, even with deeds specifically built to avoid that! Why does this even work this way!? Do you hope it would stop horses from getting stuck in other peoples houses? Well guess what, that can happen anyway! Is it to prevent people from dragging all sorts of aggressive animals inside other peoples houses? How about sort that out properly instead! Perhaps check that you can only stop leading through gates/doors you got permissions for, which might be in already afaik! I know I'm not the only one with this problem! SUGGESTION: House walls no longer stop you from leading horses. Phew, that's out of my system now. Still fix plz.
  15. And what a week it has been! I know there have been a few changes that garnered some negative attention this past week, I'd like to thank those who voiced their concerns and feedback in a constructive manner, we will always do our best to work with players, and compromise where we can. While the majority of you all were respectful and obeyed the forum rules, there were a few who weren't. This always leads to accusations of censorship which aren't true. Developer and staff bashing have always been against the forum and game rules, being upset with any changes occurring does not change that. But anyways, on with the news... Patch Notes PvP update A large portion of the discussed changes went live yesterday, and after a few hiccups is operating smoothly, we hope to continue working with the PvP community to address key issues and improve play. Some of the changes were to damage reduction, and as such, here are the new systems just to clarify: PvP Damage reduction information Body Strength Formula, linear line is old, curve is new. (1-(0.15*ln(x*0.8-15))) Armour type DR And modifiers by attacking type. Armour also carries bonuses for material type: +10% for glimmer, +5% for addy, +10% for seryll rare is 103%, supreme is 106%, fantastic is 109% Rift Resources As also mentioned in this weeks patch, the rift resources can now be collected! While their current use is not yet in, they can be collected and stored, other methods of obtaining them may become apparent soon too... The Shrimpalong! This week has seen announcement of The Christmas Impalong! (or as zigozag phrased it, Shrimpalong). Shrimpiie has been preparing his deed for a community staple, and you'll have to check it out, I know I'll be there! That's it for this week, hopefully we'll have some solid plans for public testing of the cooking update in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!
  16. The last map dumps were a little over a year ago now. Can we get them yearly please?
  17. Want to buy rare cloth shoes, jacket and sleeves. PM here or in game. Thanks All I need is one rare cloth sleeve to complete the shiny set - if you have one you can part with , please let me know. If I am not in game, please pm me here.
  18. Off-Deed Building once again bugged. Since the last round of this bug, I've repaired a ton of longhouses and structures off-deed back to <10 damage. They're back up to 30-50 damage in the last week or two (these are all 85-90ql stone structures). A gatehouse I built less than 2 months ago at 93ql walls is up to 30 damage. This is consistent in all places checked - both buildings I am the owner of and not, my own and others. Once again broken. The last bug like this cost me several days of playtime to repair and over 20k repair bricks. I can't do it again - please, when you fix, run an update on the database to delete 30-50 damage off of off-deed buildings...or just all buildings, since on-deed don't take decay in most cases. Do something, this is crazy sad. Or a good ploy to have us drop more deeds...which I would gladly do if I could. ALLOW 1 TILE PERIM DEEDS OR FIX THIS INSANE BUG. I do not want to spend all my game time every day making repair bricks and repairing house walls that, prior to this bug, would accrue 10 damage PER CALENDAR YEAR and have, in the last 3 months, accrued 7-8 YEARS worth of damage because of these bugs. Not fair, not cool, frustrating this loyal customer.
  19. Please, let fences and gates be contructed up to 8 dirts below water level. The purpose is pretty obvious: this would allow us to build lockable harbours, canals, ports, rice fields without dirt walls around them and, among other matters, would greatly improve the decoration possibities. This could also help PvP players' fortresses, probably.
  20. Hello, I'm thinking to make some steel skiller tools / weapons and shields. Every quality under 20 would be ok, but I'm looking for at least 2k of lumps. Price is very important and I require delivery to S19 on Xanadu. Let me know what you have or can make and for what price. Send me PM or post here. Thank you!
  21. A bunch of enchants I am done with and want to sell fast. Yes, I only put rare there to get you attention.... All items are CoD Only at Buyer's Expense or Delivery For Large Orders. Carver: 80c File73CoC: 70c File90CoC: 1s SOLD! GroomB: 80c SOLD! Hatchet: 20c SOLD! SteelShoe60WoA: 70c SOLD! SteelShoe80WoA: 90c SOLD! LrgMaul61RT: 80c LrgMaul67RT: 85c LrgMaul81RT: 1.2s LrgMS: 50c SOLD! Oak Mallet: 80c Pine Mallet: 40c MedMaul60RT: 75c IronPick46CoC: 20c SOLD! SteelPick80CoC: 90c SOLD! RareClayBowl: 50c SOLD! RareGrindstone80BotD: 2.5s SOLD! Sickle71CoC: 60c Sickle68CoC: 55c Smaul NFBCoC: 1.7s SmaulRT55: 70c SmaulRT74: 1s Spatula: 30c Spindle: 70c
  22. Hi, I need some Seryll Lumps. PM me what you got and for what price.
  23. Looking to purchase some scissors and a needle above 50ql and with 45+ coc on each of them. I can pay only pay 50c (not including mailing fee) each on them so give me your best offer