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Found 4 results

  1. Why is it still allowed for any deed to invite other deeds to alliance please change this so only the alliance leader can invite other deeds or give us the option to disable this.
  2. Libila Spells

    It seems that for the most part all Libila spells do the same amount of damage weather a person has plate on or not. I had two priests with similar stats cast spells on each other with and without plate. What I found was that Shard of Ice had nearly a 70% damage reduction from plate, Liblia not so much. I did not have a Magranon priest with similar starts as the Vynora/Libila priests but the same affect was seen with Fire Heart. Due to these spells being able to hit though plate with full damage, these spells extremely over powered and imbalanced. From what I found, if 5 Libila priests cast worm brains at the same time then they can kill a person in one spell rotation. These spells are being non stop casted in pvp fights to create a extreme advantage for one side. This can be seen in a lot of fight but most notably in boat fights. Libila priests do not need to do archery because the spells do not miss or glance off of plate and do full damage though the plate. They can ride the same speed as the other boat and non stop spam spells from a distance. The other side can try to use archery but the glance rate is around 70-80% (if not more) when the other person shield is facing the person who is archering them. What needs to be done is add reduced damage similar to the white light spells on the Libila spells or find some balance between them. The green boxes represent damages that are too high. The red boxes represent damages that are too low. The red text shows the no damage reduction though plate. This was tested on Epic on 7/13-7/14. Please do not troll and only post things that have prof or logical reason behind them. edit: I used my mag priest to test Fire Heart. The stats are different but but the damage reduction is still the same for plate.
  3. I logged in on elevation, had to cross to affliction via portal, teleported and everything was fine loading and i could see stuff, then it reconnected me and i had this: > I HAVE relogged multiple times, tried refreshing the world in wurm console but still nothing works... pretty annoyed i cannot play now. Would like a response asap please as this is preventing me from playing.
  4. I read on the forum a couple weeks ago that enchanting had possibly been nerfed. I tried a bunch of casts on my Vynora priest on Epic with 56 channeling (around 80 effective). I got many sub-50 casts, and a LOT of sub-30. My brother has access to a priest on Chaos with 90 channeling, and he had similar results. Both priests have 32-33 soul depth and 100 alignment. The average cast power and number of 70+ casts has drastically dropped for both of us, and this hurts PvP, where good casts are needed on gear. Please fix this, as we are not the only ones to have noticed this problem.