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Found 7 results

  1. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 50 Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: accepted Pick Up Can Be Arranged
  2. Please Close

    Exiled [PvPvE] 1x 1x | Custom Map | Starter Towns | Discord Server Chat Server Specific Settings 1x skill gains 1x action timer Crop Cycle = ~ 24 hours Breeding Cycle = 8 - 11 RL days One Character Per Player (No Alts) Characteristics Skills Set at 20.00 Fighting Skill Set at 10.0 All Other Skills at 1.0 Priest Restrictions ON Epic Settings OFF Traders OFF Personal Merchant Contracts ON Kingdom Titles ON Upkeep / Deeding Cost ON Player Made Kingdoms (PMK) OFF Custom Map 8km x 8km Glimmersteel & Adamantine Veins Available (rare) Iron Vein % Increased Clay % Increased 10k Animal Count (50% Aggro) **For complete server information please refer to the Exiled Steam Group PvP Kingdom Starter Towns Mol Rehan (MR), Jenn Kellon (JK), and Horde of the Summoned (HoTs) have starting spawn towns. These locations were created to offer a safe zone to new players joining the server. Feel free to utilize the limited resources offered within the towns. PvE Freedom Isles Island A dedicated section of the map was converted to PvE [Updated Map Coming Soon] Server-Wide Communication & GM Assistance Join the server discord text chat to learn about game events and player involvement. GM assistance is done through discord. Game bugs/glitches can be reported on the "gm_assistance" channel. Please @piperpaws & @spooky for faster response times. Discord Text Channel - GM Assistance & Community Chat Steam Page Group - Come check us out on steam! Custom Map - Generated & customized by server owners
  3. TheTrust Collective - PvP 1x Cluster New player friendly All maps are PvP -- except PvE starting spawn city "The Beginning" • Deeds costs On, Upkeep is On • 1 x Skill gain & 1 x Action timers • Characteristic stats start at 20 • 24/7 Dedicated server with maintenance staff • Community TeamSpeak is free to use • Breeding = 5 - 11 days RL • Crop Growth/Harvest = 5 - 8 hours RL - No Epic Curve - No Trader NPCs -- Player driven economy - No Real World Shops or pay to win attitudes - No Alts/Bots/Macros/Script editing/Mods - No trolling or making it impossible for other players to play ***GM and server staff reserve the right to change/modify/update the rules to fit the needs of the server. We will never change the skill gains or action timers.*** ------------------------------------------------------ TeamSpeak3 address: password: panda ------------------------------------------------------ Map 1 -- Ocrea - Creative Default 8 km x 8 km = 2048 tiles by 2048 tiles • All Kingdoms are available, and Player Made Kingdoms (PMK) • All: Religious & Meditation paths welcome in game of course. • Home of "The Beginning" PvE starting town • new players and veterans coexist here ------------------------------------------------------ Map 1 -- PvE Town "The Beginning" First spawn point for all players • Safe trading location for PvE & PvP players • All faction, religion, and meditation paths welcome • A haven for hardcore & casual gameplay • A place for safe skill grinding - No stealing/pickpocketing/dueling/griefing allowed ------------------------------------------------------ ***Note: Only citizens of "The Beginning" have rights to certain supplies within the town. No terraforming or tree cutting allowed within a 250 x 250 tile radius of the spawn point. ------------------------------------------------------ Map 2 32 km x 32 km = 8192 x 8192 tiles • (16 X larger than Ocrea) • West of "The Beginning" • All server rules apply • One Volcano, Large & Small Islands, and Small continents •No adamantine/ glimmersteel/ moon ------------------------------------------------------ Map 3 East of "The Beginning" Work in progress, community input being gathered • Map 4 North of "The Beginning" • Map 5 South of "The Beginning" • Map 6 TBD ***All map decisions are based on community activity. Map 3 release date is tentative. After Map 3's release, all other maps will have a 3-6 month release date after the previous map. ------------------------------------------------------ "A realistic mature sandbox that desires to attract creative gameplay, respect and ultimately fun"
  4. Hello and welcome to Willow Harbour bulk Supplies. We are a new place and looking to serve wurm in bulk supplies we currently have the following to offer. delivery prices release 10c xanadu n/a (coming soon) pristine n/a (coming soon) where you can find us. J14 release can also do smaller quantity's if needed trades are accepted as followed sleep powder 1s refferals 6s Raw materials: Clay 1s/k Tar 1s/k Rock shards 1s/k iron ore 1s/k Building supplies: colossus bricks 1.5s/k Stone bricks 1.5s/k Planks 1s/k Mortar 2.5s/k Smithing: Large nails 20c/100 Small nails 15c/100 Ribbon 50c/100 Fence bars 1s/100 Slabs: Stone slab 75c/100 Misc: Kindling 75c/k Shaft 1s/k Arrow shaft 1s/k Support beams 3.5s/100 rope 1s/150 Boats: (all boats come with lock and anchor) Row boat 50c Sailboat 1.25s Corbita 5s In game name caniee.
  5. Artiries Vynora Priest On Indy Skill Dump Skills dumped at Feb 15, 2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 47.417843 Favor: 47.417843 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 2.3167343 Tracking: 1.0 Shields: 1.0 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Axes: 4.048753 Hatchet: 4.6973095 Swords: 1.0164688 Shortsword: 1.0823436 Knives: 5.03961 Carving knife: 7.8625774 Woodcutting: 7.590582 Carpentry: 4.0 Fine carpentry: 1.0 Nature: 21.785667 Gardening: 2.7227843 Fishing: 6.490848 Animal husbandry: 7.4917803 Meditating: 17.014187 Farming: 44.69382 Forestry: 1.0 Animal taming: 2.965738 Foraging: 1.0 Cooking: 6.848705 Hot food cooking: 14.404505 Butchering: 4.062928 Fighting: 1.0660269 Normal fighting: 1.9418666 Miscellaneous items: 16.634188 Hammer: 3.7595356 Sickle: 1.0 Scythe: 2.2119448 Repairing: 9.472692 Saw: 1.0 Pickaxe: 4.074535 Rake: 30.929312 Shovel: 4.1570315 Pottery: 1.0 Firemaking: 6.5752125 Religion: 11.985575 Prayer: 19.955349 Channeling: 20.776356 Preaching: 1.0 Digging: 16.72438 Mining: 2.8723378 Healing: 3.1664002 First aid: 7.0172157 Ropemaking: 23.579172 Archery: 10.204338 Short bow: 6.8384886 Masonry: 4.4795203 Tailoring: 7.214661 Cloth tailoring: 17.157204 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 1.4437371 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 12.610843 Soul strength: 20.186993 Soul depth: 21.357634 Mind: 9.748417 Mind speed: 19.506588 Mind logic: 20.938 Body: 10.937352 Body stamina: 19.973234 Body strength: 20.874996 Body control: 20.055796 Starting Bid 30s, minimum increase 3s PM me with offers for buyouts 30 min sniper protection