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Found 9 results

  1. A single steel rune of Vynora has been attached to it, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Starting bid: 20s/€ Increments: 5s/€ Reserve: 60s Buyout: 99s/€ Sniper: 30 min
  2. Hello Everyone, I would like to sell the plate set I've been using for a while now, it served me well As the title says the set is all QL 85+, though some items have damage on them. The damage is to little to mend/repair, in my opinion that would be a waste of quality. Plate gauntlet (1): QL 85.97 with 0.55 dmg and Aosp 89 Plate gauntlet (2): QL 85.86 with 0.36 dmg and Aosp 85 Breat plate: QL 85.44 with 7.68 dmg and Aosp 80 Plate sabaton (1): QL 85.24 with 0.29 dmg and Aosp 81 Plate sabaton (2): QL 85.54 with 0.10 dmg and Aosp 84 Great helm: QL 85.24 with 2.00 dmg and Aosp 86 Plate vambraces (1): QL 85.96 with 1.77 dmg and Aosp 85 Plate vambraces (2): QL 85.66 with 2.81 dmg and Aosp 81 Plate leggings: QL 85.93 with 5.95 dmg and Aosp 82 Set total Aosp: 753 (average of 83.67 an item) Starting Bid: 4s Increments: 50c Buyout: 9s Reserve: 6s Snipe-protection: 1 hour
  3. Shoulder 3s 2s <SOLD> Shoulder 1.5s 50c <SOLD> Shoulder 3s 1s 50c <SOLD> Ring -- Bid -- Full plate set 90c <SOLD> Shield 40c 20c Longsword 5s 2.5s <SOLD> Huge axe 3s 1.5s <SOLD> Rake 1.5s 1s <SOLD>
  4. 7S
  5. Hello, I am looking for a full 85QL set of plate with a Great Helm to buy. I am currently auctioning a drake set and will be able to buy it as soon as that sells. Thank you, Crusty
  6. Ahoy Wurmians, as title says i would like to sell 90QL Plate set with 741 Aosp enchants total. Price is 15s picked up or sent in backpack by mail (buyer pays fee) Independence 28x / 17y map: PM ingame: Ckczk, Vecernice, Pijavice
  7. Ql 29 Corbita, cedar (lock and anchor) 3s pick up, 3.5s delivery on Pristine Ql 88 source, 1.26kg ~2.5s delivery only on main island Ql 35+ meat, 1k 1.5s pick up, 2s deliver on main island Plate set,steel 5s, can deliver on pristine main island: Helm ql 70.55 Breastplate ql 70.14 Vambraces ql 70.40/70.31 Gauntlets ql 70.10/70.22 Leggings ql 70.00 Sabatons ql 69.78/70.02 4x Yellow potion, ql 16/16/32/32 ~25c each, can deliver on pristine main island
  8. Hi, I wtb a Plate set. Should be QL 60+ I saw offers on Xanadu for QL70 ones 2s a set so it should be in that range. Pls post ur price or pm me / let me know if u know one. I can pickup on Pristine, maybe Release too. AND i need a skilled weaponsmith on Pristine who can imp. my Huge Axe from QL50 to QL80. (its enchanted but i heared that doesnt matter) Save Travels, Simju