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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone and welcome to sSmokes' Steelworks! I can currently imp armor up to 80+QL (85QL Coming soon!) All armor that is sold and improved are done so past their QL to the next time a resource is needed to imp. (i'll imp past the desired QL until it needs another lump to imp). This results in armor that has a range of QL, often several points over the desired QL. All helm types are available. When ordering a set please advise which Helm type you would like: Full Helm, Basinet Helm, or Open Helm I only deal with STEEL in regards to armor. If you require other metals or chain, please visit Xerxzies Shop. ***NEW*** Armor imps using your metals (including moonmetals) If you provide the metals, I will create and imp the set for you! Creation QL and imps to QL80 I charge 10s for the whole set. QL80-QL90 I charge 20s for the set. if you only want 1 piece (helms are popular) I charge 1s to go to 80, and 2s from 80-90 NEW METALURGY SERVICES OFFERED! If you bring me the materials, I will smelt them together, FOR FREE! Current Metallurgy skill:52 Recipes: Brass - created from Zinc and Copper Bronze - created from Tin and Copper Steel - created from Charcoal and Iron Electrum - created from Gold and Silver Yes, I will create Steel for you as well! Currently in Stock: 80+QL Steel Platemail Set x2 70+QL Steel Platemail set (x1) Currently in progress:80+QL Steel Platemail sets PRICES!!! Plate armor sets: 50+QL sets: 6s 60+QL sets: 8s 70+QL sets: 12s 80+QL Sets: 16s 85+QL Sets: 22s (limited quantity) 90+QL sets: 30s (limited quantity) Helms only: 60QL helms: 1s 70QL helms: 1.5s 80QL helms: 2s 85QL helms: 3.5s 90QL helms: 5s Armor imps: For imps on armor, I charge the difference between pricing of the QL range. Example, your 60QL set needs to be improved to 80QL, I would charge 16s-8s=8s. NOTE: for re-imps to originally purchased QL, I would charge only half the rates above. This only applies to sets that have been purchased through this merchant page, and sets must have my signature. Bulk Steel sales: 45QL: 2s per 100 lumps 55QL: 4s per 100 lumps 65QL: 6s per 100 lumps 75QL: 10s per 100 lumps (limited stock!) 80QL:(coming soon) Steel Tools Creation QL: (Coming soon) 50QL: (Coming soon) 60QL (Coming soon) All prices above do not include shipping. All armor sets are sold and shipped inside of a backpack. You can either post in this thread, PM me on the forums, or in game: (NFI: Ssmokes) Thank you for your business! ~sSmokes
  2. I know this is not urgent as other bugs, but there's still no 100 Plate armour smithing title on Epic. I've hit the 100 PAS skill since october 2016. Been grinding PAS for 18 hours or so on sleep bonus hoping to get a tick or smth to trigger the title but still nothing. Someone had a theory that when legendary titles were introduced it might have screwed up something about triggering titles on Epic. Might that be the case? In any case, here's a pic of today's skill , still at 100 and no title. Any ideas?