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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, I think it would be great to have some extra plants for the water. Either deep water or along the shoreline. Lilypads are one such example but also some water based flower plants would be good. Maybe even some trees for the shoreline. Maybe there could be a new tree shoreline tile that could be created to fix the issue of trees not being able to be planted at the waters edge. Maybe you could use the hand icon on dirt that is a max of - 4 in the water to create prepared moist soil or something. Then by having a special tile created with these slope conditions it stops people being able to plant trees in the middle of the ocean. This was inspired by my friend who made a pond in my village and wanted some nice Lilypads and other plants to be around the pond to make it look pretty.
  2. They can't be cut down with a saw like regular trees.
  3. WTB Wemp Plants, I am after some wemp plants please pm offers and the amounts available here or in game ( same name in game) I am on Deli and willing to pay a delivery fee.
  4. It's what it says in the title, really. There are black boxes around pretty much all of the trees, and most of the small plants. Last time i played the game, a couple months ago, i didn't have this problem. Here's a screenshot. . I'm really not sure why this problem has arisen, but any help would be great.
  5. WTB 70 or higher Ql reed plants. Will travel if not mailable. Plz PM or post with offers
  6. I will just paste the argument from wikipedia, which redirects corn to maize. Basically, as you will read, the word corn actually means lots of different kinds of plants, and maize is much more specific. "Maize" is precise, "corn" is ambiguous "Maize" is the vernacular word that means only the plant that this article is about, in all regional varieties of English. "Corn" has a confusing variety of meanings that vary by locality. In particular, one common meaning of "corn" is the staple cereal crop of a given locality. 3a. collective singular. The seed of the cereal or farinaceous plants as a produce of agriculture; grain. As a general term the word includes all the cereals, wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, rice, etc., and, with qualification (as black corn, pulse corn), is extended to leguminous plants, as pease, beans, etc., cultivated for food. Locally, the word, when not otherwise qualified, is often understood to denote that kind of cereal which is the leading crop of the district; hence in the greater part of England ‘corn’ is = wheat, in North Britain and Ireland = oats; in the U.S. the word, as short for Indian corn, is restricted to maize (see 5). 5. orig. U.S. Maize or Indian corn, Zea Mays; applied both to the separated seeds, and to the growing or reaped crop. corn on the cob: green maize suitable for boiling or roasting; maize cooked and eaten on the cob. Wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc. are in U.S. called collectively grain. Corn- in combinations, in American usage, must therefore be understood to mean maize, whereas in English usage it may mean any cereal; e.g. a cornfield in England is a field of any cereal that is grown in the country, in U.S. one of maize.—Oxford English Dictionary's definition of "corn"