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Found 18 results

  1. No longer should we risk someone stealing a unique skull we have positioned in just the right way or a yule goat someone leaves by their deed token. Is there a reason they aren't securable?
  2. Please change 'secure' to 'plant'. A few reasons: - it is confusing to use different words to denote the same thing; - 'secure' is supposed to exist for things not in inventory and 'plant' for those in inventory, but why would that be necessary? I plant a bsb when it's in my inventory or I plant it when it is on the ground. The result is the same, so why use different words? - 'secure' is an overloaded term, in this game and in English. You 'secure' things when you lock them. You secure things when you set permissions. You 'secure' some others by placing them on deeds, in houses, or locked containers. You can 'secure' a bsb by using the 'secure' action or you say 'secure' but mean locking it. It has too many meanings, it shouldn't be used for a single action, particularly when we already have in game a word for that action, it's actually plant. [21:16:51] You start to plant the food storage bin. [21:16:52] You plant the food storage bin. [21:16:53] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. The food storage bin has been firmly secured to the ground by Amath. Ql: 10.9127865, Dam: 0.0. Or I could have done... [21:33:58] You start to secure the food storage bin. [21:33:59] You secure the food storage bin. [21:34:01] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. The food storage bin has been firmly secured to the ground by Amath. Ql: 10.9127865, Dam: 0.0. If for some reason it is important for the developers to have different names for the same action, then can you please at least use a different word than 'secure', one not so overloaded in wurm. Like 'stabilize', or 'immobilize' or 'bind' or 'tie down'. I suggest just 'plant', though. Consistency is a good thing...
  3. Hello, so not long ago the number of banners u can plant in the same tile was increased to 4 ... Yet the game doesnt allow us to plant more then one in each tile... Fix pls. [17:09:16] You cannot plant that item here, since there is not enough space in front of you. [17:10:25] You cannot drop that item here, since there is not enough space in front of you.
  4. Even though a statue is secured it can still be loaded by anyone. Tested with a troll statue.
  5. From my inventory when I use the plant item command it goes through the action but the hive remains in your inventory. Dropping it puts it on the ground though and when examined it says it is planted. Tried this again after server reset, same problem.
  6. Items dropped or planted on a staircase fall through and appear on the floor below the staircase. A planted item that is pushed onto a staircase from an adjacent floor tile also falls through. I have tried this on wooden and stone brick staircase types ("[09:24:06] It is a normal staircase made of wood.)
  7. hello, i think, very helpfull can be some changes into "plant" option i right click menu and keybinds: 1. "plant center" for lamp, bsb, signs, (and many other thing that i can't remember atm) (it takes many hours to make sraight line of lamps when not planting in tile corner, but we have 3 tile roads, and palnting in tile corner doesn't keep symmetry of road, and for lot of people this looks very ugly:)..... best combination in my opinion will be "plant center" and "pland random" on tile, and tile border. 2. for example: to plant flowers and moss should work both keybinds "plant center" and "plant naturally" (in this case can be named "plant random" or something which sounds better), because amount of keys are limited, and switching between kybind sets are not clear for everyone, and using binds like "ctrl + shift + F12" is not comfortable:)
  8. With skills set to 90, a player cannot plant crops on the PvP Land (Onashores) server. When you plant pumpkins, for example, it appears to plant and then immediately grow ready to harvest, then disappears while accompanied with a weird bird-chirping sound effect. I tried reducing my skills back down to 20, but the same thing happens. I am not sure if this happens on the Bridges Test Server or not.
  9. Is there anyway we could get the name added as to who planted an item like this... [10:40:37] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. The bulk storage bin has been firmly secured to the ground by Kegan. Ql: 25.714867, Dam: 0.0. Edit: I have a bsb that i am not sure if my alt planted it or if it was there and need it removed. It would be nice to be able to see the person that planted it to know if i need to just destroy it *can't destroy them on pve servers* or what alt i did use to plant it. (off deed ofc none of this matters on deed)
  10. Hey, I am quite new to this forum so I apologize if this idea has been posted in the past. However, I have been researching some stuff about dyes and was thinking maybe we could add some more colors, since making a ton of blue or green dye just to level up is a bit useless. Based on how to make dye in real life, I had in mind the following: Pink Dye - Strawberries Purple Dye - Grapes Golden Dye - Cameleon Plant Yellow Dye - Daffodils or Sassafras Brown Dye - Walnut Orange Dye - Carrot I feel like Pink, Purple and Orange should be rather easy to make, Yellow and Brown a bit more difficult, and Golden could be difficult. Of course, the plants required would have to be added (at least some of them), but I feel like Carrots and Potatoes aren't too different, so at least that one does not seem too difficult to add. Optionally I feel like Pumpkins can maybe be used instead, if carving off the sides, but I am not certain that is actually something that can be done in real life as I have not tried it. What do you think?
  11. I would love to be able to plant items in shallow water, up to 7 dirt deep, which is as far as we can dig down without dredging. I've planted items in shallow water in real life. It is harder and takes longer, but it is doable, without special machines.
  12. I'm surprised the search didn't pull up any results on this, but I'd like to suggest that planting sprouts centers the item on the tile. Understandably, randomly seeded tiles are at the whim of nature, and therefore subject to randomness; however, manually planting a sprout should be in center-tile. It makes sense to me that when you plant a row of trees/bushes, the farmer intends for the crop to be aligned instead of the haphazard/random distribution method that is in play
  13. i know its been suggested before,but pls add a keybind for the plant action,i dont see how it would hurt anything,and it would make replanting lots of trees a lot easier.
  14. Can we add "Plant nearest corner" for trees and bushes? There are sometimes where you want a tree in the same area as the one across or to make something fit right but it plants on the wrong corner and it is fixed on that tile, We need a way to change the corner or have each time we plant on that tile have a random corner so we can "find" the corner we want.
  15. I have encountered some problems with hedges a while back but they haven't been reported here yet. Planting versus tiles next to the tile border I tried planting a hedge on the border with on one side enchanted grass, the other cobble stone. Planting a hedge is not possible. I tried planting a hedge on the border with on one side a farm tile, the other cobble stone. Planting a hedge is not possible. I tried planting a hedge on the border with on one side a dirt tile, the other cobble stone. Planting a hedge is possible. Dirt/dirt, grass/grass, dirt/grass and those in combination with pavement works. Other tiles need to be fixed Bisons walking through hedges I use 1x2 pens for animals with 1 iron fence and the rest hedges. Put in bisons I wanted to keep there. I come back the other day, and the run across my deed. All had left the pen. Hedges don't seem to block movement of bisons.
  16. I like the variation of crops already present in the game, but I think there's definitely room for more. I haven't seen a suggestion post for this yet. It would be great to add coffee to the current crop list. It could be grown much the same as everything else. Coffee beans could be ground in a grinding wheel and the grounds could then be brewed. The resultant beverage could be drunk to give a slight decrease to action timers currently in place, with the amount of decrease based on the QL of the coffee beverage. This decrease would have to be ratio-based as some action timers are currently very short, and it may not be possible to reduce them by more than a couple seconds.
  17. Why not? We already have keybinds for sowing seeds and planting flowers, I can't imagine that this would take more than 25-30 minutes of work at most to make it a feature. Perhaps it'd make it more appealing for players to replant forests instead of just clearcutting it.
  18. I have an empty BSB in my inventory. I examine it: [13:21:49] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. The bulk storage bin is firmly secured to the ground. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Ga.i.'. Ql: 33.20353, Dam: 0.0. I can drop it, another player can pick it up, he can push it around, this all works. But if either of us tries to plant it, it errors: [13:28:26] The bulk storage bin is already planted. It's not planted, it's in my inventory. Multiple attempts to log, relog, use alts, board boats to reset UI, etc, have failed to resolve it. This doesn't happen with all BSBs, I can replant other ones fine.