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Found 9 results

  1. Whenever I click place by mistake with my character Ikki, which is a steam client, on Harmony, I get booted out of the game and have to log back in. Was told by a GM to post the console data here, before logging back in, which is what I am now doing. Hope this can be fixed as it is extremely annoying. Don't know if being on Linux rather than Windows has anything to do with this.
  2. HI I live up the north end of Crystal Lake (hells forge / hells harbour) along with some old dusty neighbors :-) Fact is that we like neighbors up here so if you are looking for a place to settle I will be happy to give some directions to good vacant places in the area among friendly people to help you get started. Just PM in here or contact deathlemming in game.
  3. Just noticed this. When I go to 'place' my practice dummy, the 'place' timer starts, then, as I move my cursor about - I see no green copy image of that practice doll/dummy to place it with. Normally I get like a green copy /image of the item. Not for practice dummy , and not for small cart. Both are not giving me those green image copies to work with. Did not see anything about this posted on forums yet. Thanks your time. TeeeBOMB
  4. The "placing" feature is not working for stone benches. When you try to place a flower or other small object on a stone bench, instead of the green or red silhouette showing up, the item does not appear to have any option to be placed here (such as when trying to place on an object that cannot receive items in this way). The silhouette either shows up under it on the ground or not at all. There is no error message.
  5. basically places the item where it is showing, not accurate so would like to find a fix, will give any info when needed. So i changed resolution scaling to 200 when the update hit, didn't realize it would affect the placement overlay, realized this might be a reason and switched to 100% and is now working properly. Plz Fix
  6. i love how we can drop<place items. can make a table look nice with plates and food or items and skulls. one thing that has been annoying is the backpacks, i never layed one down like ingame, usually i put the bottom down but im getting off topic now... i would think this idea would only work within structures for many good reasons but first. when we place a item i would like another option to lean item. when you get home from a fishing trip it would be nice to lean them in the shed rather than throw them on the floor or in a container. for a nice roleplay aspect i would like to lean my pickaxe on some crates getting ready for the huge operation. the rafts laying on the floor holding fragments, why not lean some up against the wall. barrels, must they all be upright except when on a shelf. most larger tools and items i would like to see them lean. over time it would be odd but cool to make a statue or "art" stacking items on other items. if anyone is familiar with "a tale in the desert" they have a art item, where anything you own can be put within this 1 tile zone making pictures or animals or even a tool made by that tool but with 100 of them. the reason i say it would be indoor only is it would be cool but odd to see a tent made of rafts randomly in the woods, or some using them as blinds from archers when approaching a enemy. im sure this is not really needed but would add more decorating in general, along with haveing a woodworking shop look like one with saws and other tools leaning on a table waiting to be used.
  7. Hello guys I don't know if someone already proposed that, but here I am. I was thinking it would be very nice an option to move the objects in the center of a corner, it would work like this: you go near the chosen corner, right click on the object, select "move", and select "move in the centre or the nearest corner" or just "move in the nearest corner". There is already an option to place the objects in the centre of a tile, and I find it very usefull I know there is already the option "place" too, so we can move the object around but, in this way they would be all perfectly placed in the exactly same position.
  8. Using the new Place item command, a player is able to put a Bee hive inside of a building, when they would not normally be able to drop it there.
  9. Sermons

    Hey everyone, I would love to know who might be interested in being involved in regularly scheduled sermons. The questions I have for those that are interested are as follows. Place: Where would be easiest for everyone to get to? (I've been in a few in Mookton and feel it's rather central for everyone. But this could change.) Time / Day: I know a lot of us are all in different time zones, however, maybe all those interested might be able to come to some sort of compromise? Length: How long might those involved be able to stick around or even AFK their characters for others? (I have done this and would do so if needed again.) Alts: How many possible Priests or Alts do you have or could bring? (Alts not necessary, but as most priests know, the more the merrier for faith gains.) I would really like to get something set up with as many people we could so all priests who might be struggling with faith gains could get a boost. =) Thanks to those who give input and I look forward to getting something regular started.