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Found 6 results

  1. A longsword worthy of any treasure hunting pirate. QL:85,45 Blank Starting Bid: 30s Bid Increment: 1s Buyout: 75s Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes
  2. A real pirates hat of cotton worthy of any treasure hunting pirate. QL:52,86 Blank Starting Bid: 10s Bid Increment: 1s Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes
  3. Radiant Islands - RP/PVP - Pirates The World of Wurm is vast with countless undiscovered lands, dotting a chaotic world full of strange beast and warring gods. The Radiant Islands was among those lands considered lost for all times until a group of retreating vagabonds discovered its shores. The vagabonds were led by the notorious brigand, Coren Scorpio, who captained the wicked ship “Wailing Widow”. They were luck to find the shores of the Radiant, because their stores were plum dry and the crew near madness. The captain and his men rallied with their new found luck and decided to colonize a small piece of the islands. A retreat, you could say, but it was more like a rat infested hole where they hid their loot and shiny babbles. The captain named the small town they constructed, Laguna. It was there they formed their base of operation as they continued their pirating in the closer trade routes. Precious ores were eventually discovered in the mountain chains that formed the islands. This was good and bad for the pirates. This brought in miners, traders, and other fortune seekers into their waters. The good was that it meant a boom in business, but it also meant more pirates. More pirates meant more competition which was never good for business. Naturally, small skirmishes erupted up between small pirate factions, and the merchants and miners hired in heavier guns to protect their cargoes. Since then, it has been a sour experience. Laguna has become a haven for all types of pirates. Merchants have even pushed their way into the area, conducting black market trading in the town. A cultural change has taken shape around him, and the captain wasn’t thrilled about the outlook. Server Info RP/PVP Custom Map Pirate RP Skill Rate x10 Action Speed x5 Free Deeds Free Rowboats Random Item Spawns Active GMs with years of RP experience Creative Plotlines and Content 2 GB Citadel Server Come join us on in launching our new RP server. We look forward to creating great stories with you!
  4. Pirates Booty is still looking for newbie or vet players to join. currently building the tree farm but soon will have small island plots for homesteads M21 - Release
  5. Hello everyone! Pirate shipyard is OPEN! I would like to offer you few beautiful ships, handmade by ugly, dengerous pirate! Corbita 1- It is locked with a lock of okay quality. It is made from cherrywood. . Ql: 45 . - 3 s Corbita 2 - It is locked with a lock of above average quality. It is made from cedarwood. Ql: 45 - 3 s Small sailing boat 1- It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from birchwood.. Ql: 45 - 1,2 s SOLD Small sailing boat 2- It is locked with a lock of okay quality. It is made from birchwood. Ql: 45 - 1,2s SOLD Small sailing boat 3 - It is locked with a lock of okay quality. It is made from cedarwood. Ql: 45 - 1 s Small sailing boat 4 - It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from birchwood. Ql: 45 - 1 s I will delivery all boats, with huge pleasure, but only on Delivarence is it for free, if you are from south Indy, north Exodus, or west Xanadu it will be cost 30 coppers. As you can see all boats with mooring anchor. If you are interested, please contact with my by PM in game, my nick is Dedeyvonzirrael
  6. Are ye a seafarin' hearty? Perhaps th' life o' a buccanneer be fer ye! Is th' ache o' adventure an battle in yer bones? Do ye seek fame, plunder, glory an' booty? Help in the rebirth of Epics oldest PMK and join the longest continually deeded fortess on Elevation, the glorious and famous Tortuga. Standing tall through many raids from many enemies this powerful fortress overlooks an amazing coastline, towering high above the tundra, maintaining watch over the LoP lands in the southwest portion of the world. Led by it's newest Chief, the mysterious and enigmatic Dragonpen, one of the most daring and talented event planners in Wurm history, a life of adventure and good times awaits you. From massive sieges, unique hunts, exciting and daring traps, profitable raids and regular pvp, you will always have something new and fun on the horizon. If you are a new player, rest assured you will be in good hands. With the right equipment, shared experience and mentoring you will be a beast in no time as proven by countless veterans who have been mentored by our glorious chief Dragonpen throughout the years. You will get the fast start and veteran advice needed to make an impact and have tons of fun. For veterans thinking about joining. You know very well things will be happening and fun stuff going down all the time. Perhaps you would like a fresh start, less drama or more action, you will find it all in LoP. If you are tired of back and forth bickering between kingdom mates and just want to have some fun this could be the place you have always wanted to be. Make your mark on Elevation. Ask yourself one question "Am I a pirate?"