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Found 8 results

  1. If small wine barrels make a Pile, they can not be added to the crafting window. Sorry i'm facing wrong direction, shows a flat pile of different objects, added pictures below to show the issue. forgot to add, tried both sides, and this is Individually add item to crafting window. When not in a pile, showing the unfished barrel graphic, it works fine.
  2. I often use CTRL+Drag to pick up something like a corpse and drag it into my cart. When I pick up a pile of items, for example foraged items or archaeology fragments and CTRL+Drag the item pile to my cart, always exactly 2 items are left on the ground. Because of this I have to use CTRL+Drag three times to pick up all of the items. With archaeology fragments these occupy the same position but are large enough to pickup easily, however, with small foraged items such as acorns or eggs, it's a lot more fiddly. It would be great if CTRL+Drag picked up the whole pile of items, and did not leave two items on the ground.
  3. I went into Profile to switch off Dig To Pile as I wanted the clay to go straight into my inventory. I clicked the 'Off' radio button, but got the following event message: [08:15:55] You have switched on dirt always digging into pile. When I then dug some clay - it went into my inventory - so the display text is the opposite of the dialog box button/end result. Maybe toggle the event text messages, or whatever is appropriate. [edit] just seen this post - please link
  4. I think grouping of sprouts in my inventory became dizzy after I started to take out less-than-full weight sprouts from crates left offdeed for a long time. However it affected all. Note for example that sprout, maplewood is 0.20kg and after it there's another sprout, maplewood of 0.20kg too; those are full weight afaict. Also, maplewood and grape sprouts seemed to be "special" inside the crate too: the other sprouts were in a group of "sprouts" even if it was only 1 left; but 1 maple and 1 grape sprout were separately in crate.
  5. Hiya, Can someone please fix the chestnut pile bug. Whenever you make an item from chestnut and drop to make a pile of items later when you return to the pile it is now hard to find as it turns into a picture of chestnuts on the ground. Have nearly lost many items not knowing this and finding them purely by chance.
  6. why not have an option on dirt while it's in your inventory called "create pile" that way a player can drop the dirt directly onto the ground without having to go through dropping other stuff first?
  7. Enjoy. No they are not empty. Others can see them. Relog. /lotime and Refresh didn't fix it. Logs have since been moved because I had to continue working but they remained this way for days.
  8. I've noticed the following while making floorboards and i think there's something glitchy here: I've made a woodscrap pile on the grass with 118x woodscraps (weight 2.00 each maplewood) by accident. Naturally nothing can be dropped here (That place is too littered with items already.) Then i take maplewood planks and nails in inventory and create an unfinished birchwood (!?)floorboard right on top of the pile. The pile now contains 119 items (reported correctly as 'pile of maplewood items', 'A pile of items. It is made from maplewood.' although one of them is displayed as birchwood when opened). I added 5 unfinished planks this way on top of the woodscrap pile, and then I stopped addind because there seemed no end in sight and the point was made. The unfinished birchwood floorboard remained thus named in GUI no matter where i placed it (i moved it to small cart and back to inventory). Then i continued on it with another maplewood plank {both in inventory}, its name didn't change, but when i moved it to the small cart it showed as unfinished maplewood floorboard. The same when i added the last plank of cedar, when it still displayed in inventory birchwood or maplewood, but when i moved it to the small cart it became cedarwood. Stable client, with option 'show item material' enabled.