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Found 6 results

  1. Oak Hill Ranch Located at N17 - West of Harmony Bay Just a short trip up the road on the top of the bluff! Selling Horses and More! All Horses sold with no bad traits, other animals available on limited availability at this time. (Please ask about availability on Hatched Chickens, Pigs, Dogs, Bison, Sheep, Cattle, and Seals) Please note: No delivery is available at this time, please pick up at Oak Hill Ranch. Meeting in Harmony Bay for transfer is available. Prices are as follows: Horses with no traits: FREE!! HORSES with ---- Any number Normal Traits AND/OR 1 Speed Trait = 1 Silver 2 or 3 Speed Traits = 1.5 Silver 4 or more Speed Traits = 2 Silver Speed Traits in descriptions shown in GREEN SPEED TRAITS Fleeter Movement - +10% speed Strong Body - +10kg weight limit. Lightning Movement - +20% speed. Carry More - +20kg weight limit Strong Legs - +10% speed, +10kg weight limit. Other Speed Enhancement = Ebony coloration - +2.5% speed. OTHER TRAITS Fight Fiercely - Higher fighting skill Tough Bugger - Withstands more damage Certain Spark - Lives 50% longer Strong and Healthy - Higher resistance to disease Keen senses - Able to sense when on a water tile Limited Availability Animals: (Please ask about availability if none are listed!) Bison - Cattle - Sheep 2 Silver for Females/1 Silver for Males Hatched Chickens - Pigs - Dogs - Seals 3 Silver for Females/2 Silver for Males Current Available Animals (will be updated daily) All ages listed in RL days FREE HORSES Windbouncer - Adolescent White Male - 34 days old Coffeealex - Mature White Male - 66 days old Thunderrain - Mature White Male - 59days old One Trait Warriorblood - Adolescent Black Male - 57days old - Certain Spark Honeystark - Adolescent Gold Male - 47 days old - Keen Senses Notchcopper - Adolescent Ebony Male - 53 days - Keen Senses Prancerheart - Adolescent Gold Male - 32 days - Strong Body Two Traits Warheart - Adolescent Black Male - 41 days old - Tough Bug/Strong and Healthy Pearleclipse - Skewbald Pinto Male - Young Foal 18 days old - Fight Fierce/Keen Senses Aishastrong - Blood Bay Female - Adolescent 28 days old - Lightning movement/Strong and Healthy Rosecopper - Brown Female - Young 32 days old - Tough bug/Certain Spark Southcloud - White Female - Young Foal 18 days old - Lightning Movement/Strong and Healthy Doggrey - Brown Male - Adolescent 41 days old - Tough Bug/Strong and Healthy Wildgolden - Gold Male - Young Foal 19 days old - Strong Body/ Certain Spark Three Traits Runpie - Male Piebald Pinto - Young 35 days old (Tough Bug/Strong Body/Stong Leg Muscles) Four Traits Warriorsouth - Male Gold Buckskin - Young Foal 19 days old (Lightning movement/Carry more/Strong and healthy/Certain spark) Bloodmack - Male Brown - Young Foal 18 days old (Fleeter Movement/Lighning Movement/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy) Five or more Traits Piecaine - White Female - Young Foal 18 days old (Fight Fierce/Carry More/Stong Legs/Keen Sense/Certain Spark)
  2. Eight years have passed since this idea was first proposed by Klaa. It was then ahead of its time, but with PvP changes afoot I feel the moment has arrived.
  3. I am giving away my animals, so who is interested I can deliver them anywhere on Release map just tell me
  4. Pigs

    Hi there, I was just changing my avatar back to it's non-christmasy look and as i continued to look into the eyes of evil, it dawned on me that i havent seen a pig in forever, atleast out in the wilderness. Are there still pigs out there?
  5. I have lots of horses with various traits for sale. All of them have at least Fleet and Lightning, up to 5 speeds. Also selling pigs, breeding pairs available. They normally have lightning, tough and malformed hind legs. Delivery possible depending on the distance and animal kind for a few C or waste food/meals (one can never have enough pigslobber). PM me here or ingame on Nadineb or Sorciere with what you are looking for and I'll check the current stock and prices.
  6. We are reducing our stock so we can take a break for a while. This sale is for a short time only and our animals are mostly aged/old. We live at Blackbird, in the south east of Deliverance 36y 34x 5-speed horses - 50c 4-speed horses - 20c cows - 5c female pigs - 20c ea 2 x female venerable champion deer - FREE 2x female venerable champion dogs - FREE 1x male old champion dog - FREE 1x male venerable champion dog - FREE 1x female venerable champion black bear - 80c 1x male venerable champion black bear - 70c 1x female venerable champion cave bug 80c Pick up only. To arrange a time, contact me or Lizabeth on the forums.