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Found 4 results

  1. South Harmony, very nice place -
  2. One possible gameplay issue with VR that comes to mind is the action timer lengths. Personally I like being able to read or watch something else while waiting, usually on another screen. If there was some kind of picture-in-picture feature, say a craftable tablet or scroll that functioned as an ingame web browser.
  3. Looked and didn't find this other than other people wanting more pic selections. We all know how long it takes to Plant, push, pull, turn that Shop Sign only to find we need to change the Name or the Picture at the market for a new spot instead of "This spot open". Please make a simple change to allow Shop Signs and even others signs, for that matter by owner(who placed it) or the deed holder to change the names and/or pictures to other types without having to pick up and then have to replant. PLEASE. Even if you make the hanging part removable with another plate that can be changed and/or replaced. ..., Just an idea.
  4. I would love to see some picture options on small signs to use in crop fields. I have lots of crops and its not essential by any means but it would be a nice extra if I could add a small sign to the end of each row with a picture showing what crop is growing, it would be very easy to see what seeds need planting, or a nice way to let others in a village know what should be planted where (I realise that could be done with a plain sign renamed but a picture would be more pleasing visually). I loved customizing my village with the shop signs and would love to be able to do more with the small signs. What do you think?