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Found 14 results

  1. Blacksmithing goods at favorable prices. Any iron tools 40ql - 5c, 50ql - 10c; Horse shoes 50ql - 10c each or 30c for 4 Iron file 55ql WoA 37 CoC 70 - 40c Iron saw 55ql WoA 31 CoC 51- 30c Iron carving knife 42ql WoA 35 CoC 61 - 25c Construction material Ribonsx100 - 1s Large nailsx300 - 1s Fence barsx100 - 2s an order is possible... Delivery by ship to the coast of any island or pickup from Harmony I12 In game PM Spugovking
  2. Looked and didn't find this other than other people wanting more pic selections. We all know how long it takes to Plant, push, pull, turn that Shop Sign only to find we need to change the Name or the Picture at the market for a new spot instead of "This spot open". Please make a simple change to allow Shop Signs and even others signs, for that matter by owner(who placed it) or the deed holder to change the names and/or pictures to other types without having to pick up and then have to replant. PLEASE. Even if you make the hanging part removable with another plate that can be changed and/or replaced. ..., Just an idea.
  3. There are several threads that all talk about range issues in one way or another. I thought I would lump them together a bit. 1. Please increase our pickup/load/access container range while mounted on carts & wagons. Currently it is noticeably less than when on foot. 2. Please increase (even more) the ranges while mounted on boats/ships. 3. Please allow us to open cargo on carts, wagons and ships, if near any part of the vehicle. Not have to run over to the captains seat to access. 4. Please increase our range on felled trees, to chop and pickup (mounted or not). If not, just "Wurm logic" then down to a tiny 1 tile sized graphic, once they are chopped down. Of all of these, the mounted range to pickup items or access containers is what bugs me the most. With vehicles no longer following slopes, it can be frustrating when on a steep slope and you have to turn this way and that way, just to try getting the item viewable under your cart, to pick up through the cracks of your floor boards. If there is some really important reason why not, please let us know, so we can make suggestions on fixing that issue too.
  4. WTS Rare Large Crate. Pick up only, Summerholt area. Message/PM offers.
  5. I added some citizens to my deed, and decided to lock down the permissions, so they couldn't take my expensive items. A member of my deed mentioned that he was unable to transfer items from a wagon, to a FSB (and bsb) in a building. I checked the building permissions, and "citizens" has Pickup Items, and May Enter. I decided to ask in CA Help, and was told that the bsb and fsb could need a lock, so I could permission it on the item level. After doing that, no such fix. I demoted my alt to citizen so I could further identify the resolution. The resolution is that citizens require Pickup Planted in order to move items from a wagon/cart to a fsb(or bsb). I think this a huge bug. As a prime example, I want people to take food from my hota, but not be able to take my hota. Pickup Items should allow them to transfer items directly from a wagon to a destination. Do note that going from inventory to destination does work as intended.
  6. 5s or 1s per. Will COD, or COD container upon buyers request. Delivery fee is buyer's responsibility. Will deliver myself on request, delivery price negotiable. Pickup is also available at Bashkin's Wharf which is on the community map a short ways from Blossom. Please PM Kanashio in game for more info or if interested.
  7. Selling 20 sleep powders on Xanadu. 1.2s each, or: 22s for all of them if I deliver 20s for all if you pick them up! pickup at Aincrad Harbour - D24 Xanadu. Will only deliver if you are buying all 20, as am a bit busy in RL at the moment so it is hard to be on for extended periods of time. Please PM me if interested.
  8. When you set permissions to allow loading in the deed settings it does not override the pickup so it makes you have to set both load and pickup to load crates.
  9. WTS Grooming brush 70ql COC 69 1s Exquisite Meditation rug 42ql COC 72 1s Needle Iron 90 ql 76 woa 62coc 1.5sil rope tool oaken-wood 73ql coc54 60c scissors 10ql 73coc 1.2s Offers welcome pick up deli west coast. COD available
  10. Want to Sell rare short bow Ql 90 Nimbleness 72 COC 88 buy out 8 silver offers welcome serious only pick up only deli
  11. as the title says i'm buying 10s
  12. As the title says i'm buying dirt, and i need approx. 10k of it on celebration server. _________________________________________________________________ Order status: 0k // 10k_________________________________________________________________ Delivery to: Hillbilly Hermitage http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png - i34 http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ - X28Y44 I can also pickup, but only in the area around and south of AP. It's possible to borrow large cart with rafts + 2 horses if you're coming by boat. Pricing: large cart with 7 rafts (~310 dirt) / 1k dirt Pickup: 24c / 80c Delivered: 44c / 1.5s 5s bonus if you can deliver all 10k! If you can only supply a part of the order of 10k dirt that's also okay. Allthough minimum accepted amount will be ~310 dirt (1 large cart with 7 rafts filled) Contact me via pm on forum or ingame (Guruen) to discuss details.
  13. Selling 6k dirt and more being dug up at 85c each 1k. at 19x 52y. or can meet at my coastal access at 17x. post here or msg me in-game: saldog.
  14. I am selling 16,000 dirt (soon to be more) at 1 silver per 1000 dirt. This is pickup only at x10, y10 on the coast between Makar and Crescent Bay.