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Found 1 result

  1. I'm writing this because I can it will make me feel better in the end to just get it out if you like inorge it but I'm venting for my benefit - Booskii 3/10 9pm est Sitting at an intersection with a red light one car in front of me talking to my kids. We were only blocks from home. Returning from my brothers 22 birthday dinner at the $4.99 Chinese buffet. When I was hit so hard that I was forced into the car in front of Me. After several mins to get my self gathered then my kids ! Omg my kids my daughter who is just like her mamma turned around and started yelling and the offending car. My son was crying due to bumping his head. Once I made sure we we're call intact I rolled down the window and asked the lady on the porch across my passenger side to get my kids for me. She obliged by taking them onto the porch . I was approached on my drivers side be a female from the offending car who asked if I was ok and with out reviving a response left my window. It took me a bit more to locate my cell phone an climb out my passenger side and we now have oncoming and the build up trying to both pass on my drivers side. Once out I am able to see the damage as a whole the car I hit though it was me originally instill she also sall the damage. I appoliged to her for hitting her and she offered me a hug. That when it turned. The lady in the porch stated she's walking off!! Her husband took supervision if my kids as she followed her !!! Still in all I am looking at the 4 car accident hers mine one in front of me and a parked car.... My kids were in that car.!!! With such an edrelin dump I felt nothing out side of being irate. You could have killed my kids!!! And you flee on foot??? Cops arrive...lots of cop cars ... An unknown about of time had passes during time I was able to get family to pick up my kids give the officers all the needed info from myself the lady I hit and the witness on the porch when yet another officer pulled up and approached me. "Are you confident enough to identify the person." oh he'll ya!! I was given a lift to a new location in the back of a police car first and only time its really really small in there if you all wanted to know. About 6 blocks away (2miles) she was with the officers sitting on the curb were I positively identified her. 3/15 Met my lawyer and got the police report #No insurance #.288 breath test .08 is over the legal limit @@:!;#&_483$ all my bad words 3/16-3/20 I it has been life as normal with the addition of physical therapy 3x a week for my self and my wrenched back. 3/21 Court We arrived today ( mind you I have an attorney to be in my place but I am and will be to every court date) today was the initional DUI charge but it was pushed back to do adding charges What I'm seeking: Agravaited DUI Injury Damages over 1k (felony) Wanted endangerment Felling the scene of an accident Restuataton Next court date is April 23 new charges will be decided and added 3/21 Checked my mail this evening and She had insurance!!!! 3/29 19 days in... So since last time I posted not a lot has happened. I am stil going to PT a fee times a week as well as meet with the ajuaterto value my car. My lawyer let me know what I am getting for it. I'm ok with the total. Learned how much I completely cloth car shopping but have found one I like and am In the processes of getting it. If I can manage to stop playing phone tag between my bank and my insurance company I should be driving it as early as today. Other the that life is fairly normal. I expect to have a large weight lifted once I get car shopping out of the way. 4/11 A bit delayed but I got a car!!! Also got a new primary job to help pay for said car only got reimbursed 2800 for my old one sadly new one ran 5k still doing my or weekly though rolling a ball up a wall chin nods don't seem to productive imo still in discomfort but trucking like always 4/21 not a huge update but i have changed pt to a chiropractor which is helping some but the upper back pain is still there and he has yet to be able to crack my back he is able to adjust my neck just fine though he is sending my to get an MRI on Monday which also happens to be court we will be presenting out new charges only so another date will be given for the plea 4/25 Had court today and will be seeing all the charges we asked for next court date will come later today also finally after almost 2 months located my issue which in its self is a good and a bad thing i have a herniated disc attaching an image which imo is pretty darn cool! if you look at the above and below you see a normal disk but the one circled you see how it is "poped out" this is what is causing my pain flays