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Found 3 results

  1. I made 4 marble high iron gates on my deed. I attached locks to each. I gave Manage, Pass, and (Un)lock permission to Citizens of my Deed and select others. The permission window shows I Pass permission but not Manage nor (Un)lock. This is no true! I should have those permissions since I am the owner. I must have those permissions to give them. I do have those permissions in practice (I can both Manage and (Un)lock those gates). WHY does the permission screen say I don't have those permissions? {I can give myself those permissions on the permission screen.}
  2. We have a workshop in our village so people can make things. Today someone noticed that it would be very bad for their karma if they continued work on a high bookshelf for a mission while in the workshop. We did a little testing, and the only way he could work on finishing the high bookshelf was if I gave him the permission to Modify Building. I trust him not to remove the walls or anything, but that seems to be a bit of an extreme measure to allow someone with pickup items, pickup planted, and May (Un)Load permissions already to have to let them have the option to change walls or floors just to make a bookshelf. We didn't test it yet on other things, he ran out of nails. Many thanks! **update** he had some planks and tried other carpentry go unless he could modify the building. =)
  3. I was planting sprouts and wandered onto a deed by mistake. Was very surprised to be given hunted status for attempting something the deed owner had not given permission for. I am set as lawful. What used to happen is it would simply say you are not allowed to do that, or say that your current settings do not allow you to break the laws of the deed. The event log gave me the hunted status message before the not allowed message. [18:45:41] You have received the hunted status and may be attacked without penalty for half an hour. [18:45:41] This action is not allowed here, because the tile is on a player owned deed that has disallowed it. I post this because the issue probably extends to all other actions forbidden on deed.