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Found 11 results

  1. Precision Perimeter Control Allow us to control the size of our perimeter in each cardinal direction, much like we control the rest of the deed. Additionally, let us shrink our perimeter to a minimum of 1 while still allowing the first 5 to be free. This means that there would still be an absolute minimum of 2 tiles between deeds, instead of the current 10 tiles
  2. So I just got an existing deed. At some time before I got the deed, it was resized down and one structure was left in the perimeter, except for 1 wall which was on the deed/perimeter border. The rest of the building has collapsed except for the walls on the border and they are still at 0 damage ( as they are considered to be on deed. This is causing a problem with I'm trying to expand the deed in a different direction because it is saying "[22:42:33] You need to have manage permissions for the structure Ponderosa Stable to found the settlement here.", even though I'm not expanding in that direction. Is there a way to resize my deed without a bunch of hassles? The only thing I can think of is reducing my deed by 1 tile, waiting for the entire building to crumble & resizing back up. This will cause at least a few inconveniences and possibly other permission problems, since I do not technically own any of the buildings on deed. 2 Structures would have 1 tile in the perimeter ( I'm not sure if that would cause a problem with permissions, but would be a pain with needing to repair 10+ walls and close to 20 fences while waiting for 2 walls to collapse.
  3. I couldn't find anywhere in the 100k plus listings so can we merge two or more deeds in settings by doing away with one side of the outer perimeter? For instance..I would drop the West side perimeter and they would drop the East side perimeter so there would not be 10 tiles unprotected tiles between us. Reason would be mostly for creation of a Market area.. attached to the main living area. With a setting of "Merge Deed with _________ , drop West(drop down select) perimeter." Just simple and you could even charge the outer perimeter cost if you're concerned with money lost on monthly payments. Just an idea.
  4. This is an idea I have been tossing around in my head ever since PMKs were being discussed. I had a very fine draft, but misplaced it. As a result this is a very loose framework with many missing pieces. I'm posting this as is, with the intention of adding more over time as an evolving process with input from other players. I'd like to request that pure 100% pvp players stay out of this unless you plan to constructively add input. Player made republics (PMRs) would be the non-pvp equivalent of PMKs for the rest of the freedom cluster and would serve roughly same function but tailored to the forms and needs of non-pvp game play. Essentially their purpose would be to facilitate larger, more robust social groups and to encourage the creation of a group that has more longevity than a single large deed or cadre of individual players could provide. Most non-pvp large social groups revolve around one of two models. The original was the 'big deed' which required one or a few big spenders to own everything. Non-owners had very limited rights and influence as owners protected their investment from thieves and griefers. Many newcomers are unwilling to join a deed because of the lack of freedom and for fear of oppression. Eventually, the best move off to their own deeds or the owners become inactive and the community collapses. The alliance system allowed a new model where people that left the main deed to form their own deeds could still stay linked with a central chat and had some limited extra permissions. It also allowed coalitions of independent deeds to join up for social interaction. Unfortunately, the permission controls were less than ideal and perimeters were a problem. The desire to maintain an area of open country kept many perimeters large and thus tightly held alliances were very spread out. Some groups formed their own alliance (of their many satellite deeds) to allow access for themselves but would not join others for security reasons. My idea for a PMR would be centered around combining the best and avoiding the worst of the above. It would try to be more than durable any single deed or player, try to maximize the liberty of as many as possible all while encouraging players to settle in close proximity to maximize interaction. It would also open up a potentially exciting new social gaming experience with internal politics, factions and intrigues as Republics grow and age. And just like PMKs, Republics would get their own artwork. Founding the Republic: Just like a PMK it starts with a declaration in front of a minimum crowd in local. Each person nearby gets a pop-up asking them if they wish to pledge to the Republic and how much. If the total pledged is over 1G, the monies are removed from the player's accounts, the "Object is placed (see below) and the Player that initiated the action is made "Doge" (see below). Anyone that contributed more than 5s can opt to automatically be a member of the republic. Any deed held by a member joins the Republic. Citizens of those deeds automatically become members of the Republic. The Republic "Object": needs a name: PMRs would be founded around a central non-deed structure. Can not be placed on a deed or be deeded over. It would serve as a respawn point for members of the Republic. It would create a "Republic" channel that all members or the republic (those granted or deeds that joined) would have access. It would also project a 'republic perimeter'. At the object any player that is not a member of another republic can add their name to a list of potential candidates for joining. The Republic Perimeter: This functions somewhat differently from normal deed perimeter. The idea here is to encourage players to cluster their deeds inside one shared perimeter and to allow larger groups of players blanket control over a block of land around them, rather than a patchwork of perimeters from deeds. It overlaps all Republic deeds and perimeters. It continues to prevent deed placement (see below) and block non-member perimeters. Its expansion is blocked by non-member deeds and their perimeters. It is configurable in size on each cardinal direction from the Object. Paid for out of the Republic Coffers. Ideally tiles paid for by member deeds would not be charged to the Republic. What you lose by joining: Under default settings, if part of your deed or perimeter overlaps with the republic perimeter you would not be able to expand your deed or perimeter beyond its current size without consent of the republic. Reducing its size is allowed, but you forfeit the right to expand back to the original size later without consent. The idea here is to avoid perimeter wars within the republic. The Republic Government: Similar to historical republics, PMRs would be ruled by a minority. The primary mechanism is 'by decree' where a member proposes a change in settings, there is a voting period, and the result is automatic. One of two systems to distribute votes could be adopted: Democracy : Each deed owner and (anyone granted the right to vote) each has one vote. Plutocracy (default) : Any member of the Republic can donate to the Republic Upkeep and has a vote proportionate to their contribution to their current coffers. Both minimums and maximums per account can be set by decree. Upkeep from the republic is taken from all contributors equally, so share decreases over time without additional input. Vote sizes would be available information in some way, perhaps as a list in the voting interface. Any member (even those that can't vote) can submit a motion for deliberation. Voters can cast their vote at any republic deed token or at the republic token. Votes last a week during which players can change their vote. Simple majority of cast votes wins. Possible Decrees: It is the intention that every setting and option for Republics can be set by decree. Each member can have as single submission for vote at a time but can withdraw or change it at will. Officers can have two. Those marked with R can be revoked by decree as well. Those marked F can be set for fast resolution by the Doge. Some would create blanket rules for the entire Republic. Grant Universal Suffrage R: All citizens of all deeds in the republic automatically get to vote. Change form to a Democracy/Plutocracy: This swaps the system of vote distribution between the two options. Set Village Tax to %: A default of zero, this increases all member deed's upkeeps by the %, with the extra going to the Republic's coffers. Deedholder's get credit for all monies taxed as contributions if the republic is a Plutocracy. Possible values between 0 and 5? Disallow Village Perimeters in the Republic R : An option for the more dominant republics, this suppresses all deed perimeters to their default 5 tiles within the Republic. Member deeds outside the Republic's borders are not affected. Set vote cap to %: For Plutocracies, this caps the influence any given player can have regardless of their contributions. Possible values 1% to 20%, with 20% being the default? Change the name of the Republic to ______: Generates a server wide event message. Set <non-member> to KOS across the Republic: R F ? Some would create or assign special officer roles and titles to allow specific players to perform special duties. Grant <member> Surveyor: R F This player would be allowed to start the deed placement dialog inside the Republic's Borders. and set all the necessary features, but hand off or designate the actual deed to another member of the republic. This officer position would allow the Republic greater control and flexibility in allowing its members to place deeds without voting. Grant <member> Doge: R This sets the 'leader' of the PMR. the leader's primary mechanical function is to allow bursts of activity in the government. Many proposals (marked (F) ) the Doge can set to take a single day instead of the normal week. Some important proposals can not be set for rapid voting. ? Some would allow members specific permissions, often a one-time event. Allow <member> to place a deed. F Normally the republic perimeter would prevent deed placement. This gives the named member the right to place a single deed. Expires after one week. Allow <deed> to resize. F One time. Expires after one week. Essentially it allows the deed tool to ignore the republic perimeter during a single resize session. Grant <member> a boon of a silver coin. Used as reward system for good citizens, by vote a small amount can be given from the coffers to a member. ?
  5. Okay, I get that tents on deed could be problematic to code for. Fair enough to say this is my land, no camping here. And I get the no-build writ rules for non-citizens in perimeter. Technically a permanent dwelling place. But I can walk, ride or drive a huge wagon onto any non-walled deed to logout. Tempting if there are spirit templars in residence. However I can't drop a tent to put my food into and hitch my mount to, on perimeter, and walk onto a templar deed to logout. If perimeters are abutting, I have to walk a long way to drop a tent. I can't drop a tent as a respawn point if I'm being aggroed, or suspect I might on relog, unless I'm off perimeter ? Why ? Is this something to do with the way respawn points are coded ? Because I can't see why carts and wagons are more acceptable as a traveller's lifestyle. Would people seriously be more unhappy with even a large number of tents in perimeter, than they would with a wagon-train parked on their templar deed ? And if someone were to say, make a hunting deed with a huge perimeter, it's absolutely a no-tent zone. Why ? In perimeter, the rules state there are no permissions governing actions beyond not building a house there. Anyone can build all sorts of clutter there; looms, forges, large chests, animal pens, fountains, probably even obelisks and such ... hack down trees, terraform the land ... but not drop a tent. Why, please, is this so ? It does not seem internally consistant. [if my interpretation of the rules as they currently stand is outdated or inaccurate in any way at time of posting, I apologise]
  6. I had always assumed we got credit for any paid perimeter tiles when you later expand but come to find out we don't. I am not sure how long this has been this way but I feel we have been cheated out of this for long enough we need to get credit for the paid perimeter tiles when we do expand later. As you will see below the new deed i have on Xanadu should only cost me 1s to expand but with the oversight/bug whatever it is we are being charged the full amount again. As you can see here it should only cost me 1s according to the deed calculator but since we are not getting any credit for the perimeter tiles when we later expand i am losing 61s and that is a lot of money and needs fixed. (made with the new deed stake)
  7. I have been interested in some comments and ideas about the role of perimeters in Wurm, for the most part it seems that people are of the opinion that they are buffer zones and no man's land. If so, I have a few questions about this (note that these are genuine questions, since I do not understand the inconsistencies in the application of perimeter issues): 1. Buffer zones between deeds: If perimeters are buffer zones to stop people having wall to wall deeds, why can anyone build fences in them? You can build from the edge of the perimeter in your deed all the way around your property, so in effect, you can have wall to wall deeds, perimeter or not. This is a way some players use to take as much land as they can around their actual deed. This brings along some other questions. Since there is no way of ensuring roads are built through perims, every perimeter can be filled with fences, so the buffer zone is mute. If someone builds a fence and connects it to a one by one shack just on deed, the whole perimeter is a legal enclosure so cannot be passed or used by other players. If someone builds a wall right on the edge of your deed say the first tile of the actual perimeter just off your deed's edge, and perhaps encloses your perimeter on one or two sides of your deed, you cannot even build a road over the perimeter around your deed as someone else has made a wall (which in most cases has a house inside of it to make it a legal enclosure). 2. Protect future expansion rights: We all pay for a five tile perimeter, and can make it bigger still if we want to expand our deeds in the future. Say we only get the 5 tile perim: If someone else has a deed with their perim touching your perim, you basically are not paying for the future right to expand any more. You can't expand as you cannot have a perim smaller than 5 tiles. 3. Property in the perimeter of a specific deed: I am wondering why we do not have any further protection of our animals and property in the perimeter of our own deed. If we place animals there, it is clear that these belong to that deed as it is in that perimeter, especially if the animals are branded to that deed. 4. No man's land? Perimeters are referred to as no man's land, but someone is paying for it, right? I also know that if you have a tower on your deed and put someone on KOS, your tower guards will protect your perimeter also. The spirit will also protect your deed two tiles into your perimeter. If this is truly no man's land, why would they bother with this? You can also not have someone KOS if a highway runs through the perim around your deed, and you have a tower on your deed. In fact, then, it is not really no man's land. It influences what you can and cannot do on your deed. If fact if you own the writ of a house in your deed's perimeter, it won't take faster damage, and further the fences in the perimeter (any fence) do not take faster damage either. It would seem that the deed owner already has some influence about what happens in the perimeters, and it also influences what you can do on your deed as well. I would like to understand the role of perimeters and why they are needed or what the goals are, a bit better, in relation to the observations I have made in the post above. This post is in woodscraps because it has nothing to do with wanting to change current game mechanics, it has more to do with wanting to understand the role of perims.
  8. I had an 82QL Stone house in the perimeter of a deed who planted and extended its perimeter over the house. When the deed was founded, it had 5-10 damage or so on the walls. The house was gone in the course of about a month and a half after the deed was founded. I had the writ on me, so someone has logged in nearly every day to flag it as not abandoned. Logging started 2013-02-03 [19:26:00] You see a door with a lock. The lock is of good quality. [19:26:00] QL=82.176, dam=25.867397 There is a 40-50QL Wooden house in the perimeter of my deed which already had 20 damage on it (assumed abandoned) when founded over. It has been 2-3 months and now only has 70 damage, max on it. This house has been here for a long time, and apparently the Stone House decayed much faster than this Wooden one. I don't think the owner has been on in the past couple months. Logging started 2013-02-12 [18:07:22] You see a door with a lock. The lock is of okay quality. [18:07:22] QL=46.118164, dam=35.713398 Both had no roofs. Is it just me, or is something really wrong with decay in perimeter? Are Wooden Houses not included in the coding?
  9. So it is illegal to break into an enclosure that is fenced in with a house, but yet it is perfectly legal to expand a perimeter over the same enclosure performing basically the same action (by not being able to repair the house) just taking longer to do it. Obviously this would be extremely rude, but completely legal by the game rules and the one with the "protected" enclosure could do nothing about it. So by means of allowing a semi grace period it is acceptable to break into someone's enclosure?
  10. To those it may concern, I hope that you are willing to talk. My friend (Novatic) and I (Jadedragovan), had found a little bit of land we were hoping to cultivate to our own uses. We realize it is fairly close to your current territory, as well as near Hope. We're not looking to start any quarrels or trod on anyones toes. We've already been okay'd by Hopeians, even helped with our initial building. We've noticed your very recent extending of your perimeter right up to the small mining shack we've erected. While we do understand that you feel impeaded on, we'd like to assure you we have no intention of extending back further. But with your 'land grab' it really cuts into the small bit of land we had intended on using, which would be more towards the road down by us, not pushing into your area. We even took your settlement into consideration when mining. Aside from a small 2x3 'lobby', we wrapped the tunnels back under the flatland area between the shack and 'Oak Veil Winery'. We are more than willing to talk this over with you, in hopes that you might retract your recent expansion of your perimeter enough to allow us to place down an appropriate sized claim of our own. We're on mostly in the evening/early morning EST and you can talk with either myself or my friend. Again our names are Jadedragovan (myself) and Novatic (my friend), and we hope to work things out and be pleasant neighbors~!
  11. When attempting to resize the North South vertical the deed form complained that I cannot expand in that direction because it infringes on my West neighbor! For adjustment by one in NS dimension I have to adjust the EW dimension by one for survey to succeed. It seems both perimeter and deed size survey checks are using the longest deed dimension as if square rather than rectangular when it should use the narrower dimension of the rectangle since that is the bounding side. It may also be initial sizing that is bugged, but I started small so can only verify resizing. I live on a mountain and the 'infringement' is for a waterfront property whose perimeter line is at least 5-10 away from my perimeter, but I always fall down the cliff trying to verify the actual line. I am currently building off deed/perimeter structures above the cliff in the wild between us in hopes this gets fixed as this currently limits my NS length and my EW width despite a large gap between W perimeters. I am willing to attempt resize while a dev/GM watches online if needed for debugging, eastern US time zone 8pm-12am. If not fixed I guess I will have a priest alt deed a fitting southern square while my main deeds the remaining northern section where there is no western neighbor, but that is a poor workaround that leaves a 5+5 perimeter in the NS middle that I want to be a proper deed.