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Found 5 results

  1. A little over a year ago I bought Wurm and joined some friends on a server called Redneck Solutions, we had fun in the beginning learning the game, crafting, competition and comraderie all in one, I looked forward to playing. Then it turned kinddah ugly, you find out on private servers thaty the people who have the server have clicks and they can pretty much do whatever they want, like spawning 15 Nogumps and a gazillion trolls around your property because they want your group to go we did..(And we all did the happy dance when they imploded and disappearred) to move on......So then you get your own server and it is a headache, especially PVE and dealing with new folks and keeping everything lies an oxymoron....friendly game.......well I come and go at this quite steady, really feeling underappreciated for dealing with new people and it is a struggle to have an independent open to the public server and cover all bases. Finally this chapter closes, alittle under duress and some friendships may never be the same. part of the group stayed with Redneck, but the majority left, some went on to the new map in the PVE after a bigh ole fat wipe, and some moved on.....So now we try server hopping, man there are alot out there that have good and bad points, same with some of the people. Tamureil, Mythmoor, Skotopolis, Highborne, and a few other I am sure I lost count...Its almost like feast or famine with this game. Finally settle into Fields of Conquest PVP, play for a while meet some folks, but never a steady stream, never the same....always feel like your just playing to beat maybe to go try something new....Well if you are a noob, do not go to a very active PVP server, more lessons learned over the next couple of days.....then I think did I really buy into this to be this frustrated.....I mean the level of tedium in the game is fierce even on the modded servers, and thats another thing, this server has this mod and that one has this and generally there is no where to find out and the maps are all different does anyone have a link?, It is completely maddening and its not fun anymore....well I guess some people were right PVE is to quiet and PVP if its an active server might not be your cup of tea, for there are surely days when you feel like you have been jumped by the mob. All in all it was great and it was depressing at times...I just can not find a happy medium I guess....any suggestions? there are aspects of the game I like but there are some that are not so nice....
  2. Hello everyone, I'm looking for Spanish players. We are a group of 6, playing in a private server (Valoria) and we are looking for people who want to play with us. We also have a Steam group:
  3. i just want to know who here plays wurm and if from south africa
  4. Heya! What happened: Did tear down an old villagers house, was not used for nearly 2 years, the bed was on the second floor, dunno if that player did use that bed bevore his vanishing. So i started to use that bed. What you expected to happen: Did dual client with my main + priest, and ended up logging out my main and my priest in the same bed, did realize that the next day since both were in the same house when logging in. I did test, drain both their sleep bonus, wrote down how much they have, the ammount after sleep, both received the same ammount of SB from using this bed. When a char uses this bed, the message, that its spirit is using it, wont show at all. Loading/Unloading didnt "debug" the bed. Steps to reproduce: No idea. It is located on Indy: Moonlight Marina, S18 at coast, in the Inn, the one bed with the sign "unlimited people can fit in". What should i do? Just chop it up? Keep using it? Lock it up? -Kamie *edit: when using other beds, Kamie does use the beds and blocks them for other to use **edit: it takes dmg when used like normal beds do, i didnt check if the dmg doubles if more than 1 person uses it
  5. Hey all, I'm Dal, a new player here in the Wurm universe. I've recently discovered that I can't deed or set a spawn at places that I build since I'm a free player. I plan on subscribing eventually, but not yet, as I havn't learned enough about the game to know if it's worth it for me to pay. However, I'd really love to get to know the game and community better so I'm looking for an honest person/group of people that can accept me as a teammate and companion. I wont do anything stupid, except for probably dying a lot, as I already have. But I'd like to learn more and start to build some things, which is something I'll have a lot of trouble doing on my own, especially without a spawn point. So thanks for reading, let me know if you have an opening anywhere. See ya, Dalindir