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Found 2 results

  1. Dragon pen

    Today I was surprised by a big red dragon while climbing down my tunnel. He has now taken residence there, and I have to climb to my place since I can't get past him. I thought I would go teach im a lesson, but I don't want to kill it since it's really darn pretty. I can't have it in my tunnel either or I will be climbing up and down to and from my place all the time. So I thought of putting it in a different cave. But then maybe I want to look at it from time to time. Keep it as a sort of trophy you know... So I came up with this plan: 1. build a tunnel. This will be the tunnel I lure the dragon in. 2. at the end of the tunnel dig a larger underground space 3. in the middle of that chamber build a house with a floor on top. 4. build another tunnel to that chamber. This will be the one i come in after I lured the dragoon inside, to see it. 5. make a bridge from the house in the middle to where tunnel2 meets the dragon room At this point I should be able to walk on my bridge on top of that house and the dragon should not attack me, since he cannot reach me. However I have the following concerns: 1. I read that they can "mine down" walls. And was wondering if he will get aggro of me and break into tunnel 2 before I reach the bridge. 2. If 1 is possible maybe reinforcing the walls would help. 3. Was also wondering if he can randomly decide to destroy my house and my bridge. In this case the whole thing would be rather pointless This is a sketch of what I had in mind . (deed planner 2.8.9) Btw, I won't be hiding it or anything. I am on epic and there are a lot of uniques atm that no one wants to kill. Because we're such nice people here! I will open the place to the kingdom so people can also visit it. Or visit it and kill the dragon... whatever. What are your thoughts on this? Does it seem possible, and has someone tried anything similar?
  2. We need a way to stop your neighbour with 10 billion horses to take a horse crap on your game preformance, freedom or not freedom... breeding horses should not affect spawn rate of random animals either. (as in, a deed with 50 horses for breeding makes almost no animals spawn in a large area around it, ever... for neighbouring deeds this can be pure ######, especially for hunting. so i suggest something like this; As some limitations go, it has to be built inside a house on the common ground (so its not retarded with render distance, think a barn), it would come in 1 tile sizes that can hold 2 or maybe 3 animals. (be it cows, horses, whatever...) These animals would become part of the model. (so no animal cap count while inside, no "walking around" rendered, minimal animations, low rendering distances, no smoke particles for "hell" versions etc etc so its real effin smooth on both netcode as vis rendering and the animal itself wont prevent random wild animals to spawn in the wild around the deed) actions able on it might include; Hitch or mount or whatever (when leading an animal, puts the animal inside) Unhitch left, mid, right when appropriate Open (a small container to hold food, it would be eaten every tick that would balance out considering all the animals need food etc, think a troff) Maybe animals left inside these things for very long periods of time without grooming or walk time would get diseased? maybe the "troff" part of it would fill up with "filth" (poo) over time, if not cleaned animals become diseased or the troff cant feed them for very long times? it should be that you cant breed animals while they are inside, but you can take them out, breed and put the preggy animals back inside preggo animals poop their children next to the structure for them to run around freely (because where else will they go lol this isnt dwarf fortress, and they are in a house anyway)