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Found 6 results

  1. Was hoping there might be someone out there who knows it well enough to consider this a small task. I made a paint version of a map i would really love to have created. If someone knows how to do it, id be villing to give them a copy of their choice between these (Xcom+2 DLC,Sid Meiers Civ 5, Landmark, The Line, Life is Feudal) games. Im not asking for a hand drawn biome system, just the landmasses. All i care about the biomes are that they are all present. Same with all resources, all ores, animals, tree types should be available. Some of the custom maps ive seen have had 2 clay spots, a swamp here and there, etc. Making it quite ♥♥♥♥♥♥ for a server map with many settlements, cant really get to far without clay or the like. Link to the fab paint map i just used 7 hours designing (*cough* 2 and a half min) at the bottoom and that should be used as a template. The mountains and bodies of water inland (swamp,sand, etc) are all just there for show. I want a few rivers running in and some water inland aswell, but they dont have to be in the same positions. I dont wanna miss out on anything the default maps have to offer, or gimp the game by not having copper f.ex. Small cap here: -2 main landmasses. Big enough to support many large settlements. -some islands. -All ore and resources available. -All biomes. (all standard biomes) -All treetypes, spread. Not just in one spot. -Somewhat wide river between landmasses, with a large body in middle. -God altars? If possible. I really hope someone can do this! Should the creator go out of his way to make great landmarks or other similar things, he can choose two or more of the games mentioned.
  2. Looking for any kind of work, must be paying. Anything is acceptable. Let me know about where you are, so I can reach your destination. Will do anything for good pay. Best offer gets accepted.
  3. My name is Thorne and I'm looking for any kind of paying work on Deliverance. I'm fast and friendly. Please post here or PM me on the forums. Thank you for your time. Currently on permanent retainer. No jobs can be accepted at this time.
  4. I have a small project I am in need of help with. I have done most of it myself but I can see its not professional and I would like some help with improvements. If you have a understanding of SEO or PPC management can you send me mail. Its not of great importance to me so I am only willing to pay in the range of 20 silver That is a small amount but It is a fun project for some and would only take an hour or so for a person with PPC and SEO understanding. I would be willing to pay more but you would have to give me good reason. Thank you. Gramuly
  5. Looking for serious players to help mine and dig a large area on my deed! Noob players are welcomed! Requirements! BSBs Keys/locks Pickaxes/shovels Food What will i supply? Water barrels only! Job status? Diggers: [font color=red]Not Hiring Miners: [font color=red]Not Hiring Job Description: Diggers: You will simply remove all the dirt from the area I have marked. Level the area down to rock. Simply as that! I will pay you per BSB filled plus cost for the BSB and lock/key! Miners: You will simply mine the rock surfaces down to flat level. This will take some time so i am offering 1.25 times the normal rate of a full BSB of rock shards! Pay: Dirt: 1s per 1k Rock Shards: Price negotiable! Location: Bad Company, On Goblin Pen. Need more info? Look at my Signature! Questions? Contact me in game. Either Getsome (new main acct) or WantSome (alt acct) Other info! You will need to supply your own transportation to Bad Company! I am way too busy to be picking players up to bring them to my deed! You want the job? You work for it! xD [update] I am currently not hiring anyone as of right now due to internet and Client problems with Wurm Online. last week my area got hit with a bad storm which knocked out my power and caused internet problems. I am also having problems connecting with Wurm =/ I will keep this post updated whenever i get this stuff fixed!
  6. My name is TsubasaLegend and I'm looking for any work that pays well, work between freedom docks and Halcyon and between freedom market and liberty metal works ill do for less, my doesn't have to be coins but that is preferred, the payment must be in copper or equivalent to copper coins in goods that can re-sold, I do almost any work from digging and house building to crafting and mining, I look forward to hearing from anyone looking for my services. -TsubasaLegend-