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Found 6 results

  1. Perhaps "paving" isn't the right word or skill as I'm not suggesting using this for a road material necessarily (though might make some nice pathways on a deed). My thinking, and hope, is more for my stables and/or riding barn. Using gravel at the moment but wood chips/scrap would be nicer I think.
  2. long time ago was available to bind "pave", but it was removed when new paving types was added (all by the same stone brick, so too many options with one item), but currently we using different types of bricks to make different type of cobble paving, so binds "pave" and "pave_corner" are desired (especially at the time of highways another missing keybing is "smelt" , when we smelting tons of garbage it will be very helpfull, because clicking menu hundrets of times is painful. and one more: "bash" if you want to rebuild fences in your area, or destroy useless forge or mailbox or any other bashable thing, wasn't you tired of clicking that menu ?
  3. Hello! On one server I saw mod, who pay players bounty for mining, paving and other. On forum I can find only mod who pay bounty only for killing mobs. Can anyone help to find subj?
  4. I recently found two issues. They might not be bugs per-se but related to mechanics that seem broken to me. Issue #1: # What happened [12:05:54] You are too close to the bottom of the bridge to drop the dirt. # What you expected to happen The ability to drop the same amount of dirt that I just dug out of the very same corner. I figured it would behave like a fence, since I can dig on the other two corners of the tile, should I not be able to also drop dirt on it? I suppose my only option now is to destroy the bridge and rebuild it if I want to fix the digging I did, which exposed issue nr 2 (see below for details) # Steps to reproduce Dig and drop dirt on the opposite end of the same tile that the bridge attaches to. Issue #2: # What happened I cannot reach the tile that the first bridge part sits on. I tried digging the corner out to see if I could expose the tile somehow from under the bridge, only to realize 1. I could not and 2. it created issue # 1 (see above) so now I cant cover it up. # What you expected to happen Some ability to target that tile so I can pack and pave it, since apparently it bleeds through to the other side of the bridge # Steps to reproduce Just try to target this tile. (picture shows some of the bleed through of the dirt tile behind it)
  5. Paving tool - Used to apply bricks/slabs/etc... to packed dirt. - It is not a container and it takes bricks/slabs from inventory. - Can be configured to do a certain type of pave action by default. - Each tool should have a unique memory so you can have multiple of these in a toolbelt. - Make separate icons for each paving option and this icon is displayed as its changed. - Add a pave action keybind. It would use the pave tool on a packed dirt tile and apply whatever pavement the tool is configured to do. Why? I don't like Wurm's menu system.
  6. Tired of spending hours building roads, floors, or pathways for your village, town, or settlement? I am assembling and installing Cobblestone, and Slab Pathways. Leave a message with your village and a way to contact you in game below. Prices Negotiable