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Found 17 results

  1. i cant seem to log in through the game client but my password works on the website and forum. any idea whats causing this?
  2. I cannot log into my account on the client. I can log in here just fine but not to my character. It says "Incorrect password" no matter how many times I change it and despite the fact that the exact same username and password are what are used to be logged into the website to make this very post. Someone please help as this is getting very frustrating.
  3. What the title says really! I changed my password because I realised that I had no idea what it was! Now when I try to log into Wurm it says it's the wrong password. How long until the system recognises my new password?
  4. Ok I have tried.. the reset the password link cause silly me thought I wrote down the latest password... I have tried all of them some connected to another account under another email..... Oh please please make the reset password button work.. I am sure the GM's are rolling their eyes when they see my name asking for a reset.. Also have a question along a similar line. if I create a new email just for wurm and can I migrate al my accounts there.. all of 3.. so they have the same password? would that mean I wo uld have to change passwords again etc.. sigh
  5. Removed,,found where to set my password,,,kind of hidden if you ask me.
  6. I am attempting to reset my password, but it will only reset it for one of the several accounts on that email. Gmail Not sure what else I could say without giving away the email and password. I can't use the shop right now.
  7. I'm new to the game and just made an account, the problem is I tried changing the password after learning the community password is different from the avatar in game password, and apart from the fact it was confusing as it said "old password" suggesting I already had a password for the avatar that I wasn't aware I had set up, I tried to change the password to activate this new avatar password and have it emailed to me, after checking several times, I knew I had entered the correct email, however I was instantly prompted with an error saying "email unknown". If a mod or admin could manually email a password change/reset that would help, providing it doesn't link me back to that page or the password reset page as I had similar issues with that aswell, on the password reset screen I was just being looped around between entering my email and entering a security question, I thought I'd wait the hour anyway that it tells me to do but nothing happened. My username is "Drifter"
  8. Despite choosing to "remember" my login, I keep finding myself being logged out the next day I visit the forums for a while now, and I've changed my password twice since the last "zomg it happened again" notice. Have you just decided to silently shorten the expiration date on these cookies, or...? Oddly enough, why only a post on the forums? Why are you not informing all players in any ways possible, to make them aware of the security leak that has apparently been abused at least twice? Official news item, E-mails. Yet, just a post in the GM Hall forum. Some people only knew by word of mouth, which is somewhat inappropriate. E-mails about the opening of Xanadu have certainly been sent out, why not a note that your password might have or seemingly certainly have leaked out? Or at least encrypted (thus decryptable data), or maybe just hashes that can be used in brute forcing or word lists etc.? I had not been giving it this much thought at first, because I was under the impression that the matter was handled appropriately, but I'm not so sure anymore. It's completely understandable to not disclose any details while investigations are still running, but it's closing in on a month now, and nobody talks about it anymore. So.. what's the status on this? What's the conclusion of the investigation?
  9. The GM recommends the use of password generation and storage software and provides a link. Many of us like myself already use this. We are not told the maximum length the password may be or what characters may be used. The software uses these settings in making passwords. So what are the password parameters?
  10. Well if you have not seen this post then i suggest first thing you do is go look.. Okay now after seeing this it makes me wonder how secure we are here. We have volunteer staff for just about everything how do we know this will not happen in the future? Not saying anything bad about any of the people but like for instance the website getting reworked is it wise to use a player volunteer to do that work? I would feel safer if Rolf himself was to handle the critical parts of your sites and security and not delegate it out to players.
  11. ok, I have a couple +/- a bunch of accounts. Account maintenance is a pain, but could easily get better. Right now, you have 2 different help commands for changing email and pass. This should be combined into one. Also, when you type /help, the description for /changeemail is outdated. It absolutely doesn't matter if you type your password in the /changeemail command, since a popup for pass is required regardless. Also, if you take over an account, or want to change one of your own accounts, there is a very specific order you MUST follow, to be able to use the same email for multiple accounts. If not, you feel forced to make new email accounts. so, for the current system, follow these steps: 1. Type /changeemail (nothing else after, as this pops up the change window). 2. Use your current password where prompted. 3. Enter in your new desired email, CURRENT password and NEW question/answer. 4. Only AFTER successfully changing email, do /changepassword <current pass> <new desired pass>. Now you are complete. This will allow you to do 5 accts per email. If you change pass first, you then have to use a completely new email address when you change email. I have tried many times and confirm this is an issue. I suggest you just have one help command that brings up a single window, where you can change email, pass and security question/answer all at one time. I would also like to see the limit of 5 accounts per email lifted. It makes life a little easier for multiple account holders. Not a huge issue, but I would like to only have to worry about 2 emails. One for my active accounts and one that I use when selling an account. Thank you for all your improvements! Also, due to visibility of security question/answer, anyone that has sold an account needs to make sure they do an email change, which allows you to change those security questions. You can't change it without the email changing at same time. You can always change your email back.
  12. A friend of mine had forgotten their password, we had planned to purchase them Premium time for the game and the reset password worked fine for logging into the website. However, attempting to use this password on the client returned a "Incorrect Password". So, we found where to change the password on the website and tried again with the new password. Still no luck, "Incorrect Password". We have reset and changed the password many times with multiple attempts to login between each change. We don't understand why the password(s) are working on website but not for the client. Has anyone else had this issue or know how to resolve it? I've also purchased premium time about 2 hours ago now, and while the information shows I have it on the Shop page and recieved my ingame Silver for first time Premium, the game still tells me I haven't paid for the time.
  13. Ok so I ran into the problem where I forgot my password However!! I followed the steps to fix this error and when it sent the rest password email I did such actions and then I got a new password (random letters and Numbers) and when I attempt to login it says password or username incorrect? so if anyone thinks they can fix my problem whether its my ignorance or computer error. please help I haven't done a whole lot on my character but I don't have the time to put in to doing it all over again plus my keys are on that said character with my stuff locked in a chest, in my house, and inside a gated town.
  14. When i put my password in the real servers it log in but when i open the test realm it is a bad password i change it and log in it dose not work then i try the real servers and it works Please help me i feel so board then i try my alt it works at lest i got my alt but i need help realy bad please help
  15. I'm member of the game since 2010 and i dont play since then, i remember my nickname but not my password, when I try to change it from the website I cant because there's no secret question, so I cant answer it. Please, if someone can help me. I don't know if this is the correct place to post it.
  16. Vynasaur

    Soo.... apparently, whoever I sold this account to did not change the email. I was trying to reset the password on another account, and it reset this account's password as well. If you are the owner, forum PM me, please.