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Found 2 results

  1. As things currently stand, you go to each gate and set it so trusted friends or friends (whichever one you choose to set) may pass. This adds the individual names to the currently managed gate. It is an easy way to get groups of people to pass gates as current gates do not work even with a deed role set for "may pass gates" (i.e. you create a deed role for a deed and tick may pass gates, yet your gates will not open for a member of this deed unless you actually added them by name to the gate individually). What is problematic is that when you add someone to trusted friends or friends later on, you have to open and manage each individual gate again, and tick the friends/trusted friend list again, to get this name you added after you allowed the list originally, to be added by name to the gates you have. The opposite of this is also true: Previously added people who were added to pass gates because they were part of your then list of friends or trusted friends, have to be manually removed from all of your gates if you are no longer friends with them. You can remove them from your friends lists but they remain on your gates. Suggestion: It would be extremely helpful and time saving tool that can eliminate a big portion of human error, if people who are added or removed from your friends or trusted friends lists, automatically updated on all the gates. The rest of this suggestion is just more clarification on the suggestion above, possibly TL:DR Add Trusted Friends or Friends as a GROUP not as individual names, to gate pass permissions (same extends to carts, ships, wherever you add these people to have access or pass or command), to allow management of groups of people to pass (or command or access), and if you remove or add someone to these groups, the permission is replicated everywhere you ticked this group to either have access or pass or command, or not. This means that this group of people will be the same as people belonging to a specific deed, where you tick a box to allow a deed to do certain thing, and people who belong to that deed can do things you allow. If you move someone to your group of people you want to allow gate pass, they should automatically have gate pass as long as they are in that group, and automatically lose it the moment they are no longer part of that group. Second suggestion: Make one tick box for all the gates on your deed, on top of the original box that pops up when you choose to manage gates, where you can choose to "clear all settings for gates on your deed" . Add to this an option to also open an individual gate and in one click clear all settings, save it for that gate, and then go back and add new permissions for that gate (say your friends or trusted friends or deeds etc.) Currently you have to go into each individual gate and manually tick deny all for each added person, then save. If you have ten people added, you have to tick ten times deny all for each gate, then click save, then find the gate again, open, add the group(s) again, save. The reason this should only be an option for gates on your deed, is that you get all the gates you have manage permissions for, on your list of gates, not just the gates actually located on your deed, so you could inadvertently clear permissions for gates on someone else's deed if you just blanket clear all the gates you have manage permissions for. Adding these suggestions will greatly enhance the enjoyment I get out of Wurm.