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Found 14 results

  1. Image says everything. Rare frying pan: 2.5s Rare large anvil: 6s
  2. Hello there, I'd like to sell 4 rare fryings pans (Creation ql). 3s each at creation ql. 4s each imped to 90ql. The pans will be mailed from Independence, buyer pays the mailing fee.
  3. Ferry Service I notice it's frustrating to get home if you died without a deed or tent. Therefore I am selling transportation to anyone who needs it. If you die, your alt dies, or you make a new character, I will take you as close as possible to your destination on Xanadu for a fee of 1c per tile longest East/West and 1c per tile longest North/South. An example is below: Note: I am using a rowboat so delivering bulk materials is not possible, unless you have 10 satchels of vegetables in your inventory and you want a ride. Also, the limit for passengers is 2 at one time. If you want a quote of price from one place to another place just whisper me in game or send a forum message for the cost. You can pay after we arrive, but if you don't pay I will list your name here for all to see. The cost is cheap but I'm a new player and I need to make coins. Whisper me or pm Horkinpork in game to catch a ride! Panfilling Service I offer my services as a panfiller at 1s/1k pans filled. It takes me about 1 hour to fill 2200 frying pans. I've done 18000 so far and my customers were satisfied. Message me here to inquire about this service. I will travel to your place for free if you need more than 1k pans filled. For less than 1k the travel fee is the same as calculated above for the ferry service, at 1c per tile E/W and 1c per tile N/S. If interested in knowing exact prices, message me here. Selling Favor I'm now taking orders for favor in the form of cordage ropes. 1k favor is 2s. If you buy 5k favor or more I can give discounts, the higher the number the more the discount percentage. I can deliver them within a day or two if I'm busy outside Wurm. I deliver for free if you order more than 1k. If 1k or less, the delivery fee is calculated the same way as the ferry service. You can ask me about the price before making an order. Bulk Vegetables / Other Crops I'm also taking orders for bulk vegetables. I need time to grow them, but let's just say I'd rather be growing the crops other people need than wasting my time with skill gain. Since I'll need time to grow the crops I am selling at discounted prices. 1k = 75 copper for any crop Transport Service I'll make your deliveries - up to 10k for the Ferry Service prices listed above, and 10% of sale price. {When moving small amounts I charge only the Ferry Service price and not the extra 10% as with bulk shipments. Example: You need 2 swords to go from Xanadu C10 to H25. The price is same as Ferry Service, 16 copper. Example: You need 4k dirt to go from Xanadu C10 to H25. The price is same as Ferry Service, 16 copper + 10% of your sale price (4k dirt usually 4s so 40 copper in this example.) I take 16+40=56 copper. It means if you made 10 silver for the items I deliver for you, I take 1 silver. It's a good fee for transporting 10k dirt! updated July 31
  4. This is the best storage option in wurm everything inside the fountain pan will not suffer decay http://postimg.org/image/ngg49dt79/ Starting bid 70e Minmium increase 5e Buyout 100e sniper protection 1hour
  5. Alrighty as usual I got some more rares and items to auction off! Will keep em going for a week. Rare Horse Shoe Saddle QL:64 Ql: 72 Enchants: None Enchants: WoA 54 Start Bid: 4s Stard Bid: 1s Buyout: 7s Buyout: Offer Rare Torch Saddle Ql: 50 Ql: 69 Start Bid: 2s Enchants: WoA 80 Buyout: offer Start Bid: 1s Buyout: Offer Rare Frying Pan Ql: 50 Start Bid: 1.5s Buyout: Offer Rare Iron Lantern Ql: 66 Start Bid: 5s Buyout: Offer Rare Leather Pants Snow Lantern Ql: 50 Ql: 99 Start Bid: 2s Start Bid: 2s Buyout: Offer Buyout: Offer
  6. Up for auction is a Rare Frying Pan. 73.76 ql Starting Bid 2s Increments 1s buyout 6s Item is on Release server and purchaser will incur shipping fees.
  7. Up for auction is a Supreme Frying Pan. 75.18ql Made with love Starting Bid 5s Increments 1s buyout PM me an offer I can't refuse. Item is on Release server and purchaser will incur shipping fees. ENDED
  8. I am not sure what these are worth so i am going to auction it off.. Starting Bid: 60s Increments: 5s Buyout: 80s No Reserve 1 hr sniper protection Note: I will accept payment in euro at a 1s to 1e ratio
  9. Pm me here or in game on phan. Thanks =) (Phantasy, Release)
  10. BLACK FOREST SMITHY http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/79993-black-forest-smithy-new-stock-190913-leather-goods-tailoring-new-merchant/ Most items come unenchanted so you can get what you want on it Buyout is set high to encourage bidding rather than buyouts Sniper protection will extend the auction 1 hour from the last bid. This will last indefinitely and all items are covered by it #1 Supreme Needle 70QL Start bid 5s Increments 1s Reserve 20s Buyout 50s Current bid TRADER - 21s #2 Rare Scissors 70QL Sold #3 Set of 5 Rare Frying pans 70QL Start bid 5s Increments 1s Reserve 10s Buyout 25s Current bid Tgod - 5s #4 Rare Whetstone 91 Coc 27QL Start bid 2s Increments 1s Reserve 4s Buyout 15s Current bid Cyborg - 6s #5 Rare Fine Meditation Rug 35QL Sold #6 Rare Small Maplewood Chest 25QL Start bid 1s Increments 1s No Reserve Buyout 10s Current bid Tgod - 1s #7 Rare Whetstone 18QL Start bid 1s Increments 1s No Reserve Buyout 10s Current bid Cyborg - 1s #8 Rare Pinewood BSB 10QL Start bid 1s Increments 1s No Reserve Buyout 10s Current bid Tgod - 1s #9 Chain Gauntlet 95 Aosp 55QL Start bid 1s Increments 1s No Reserve Buyout 5s #10 Soft Cap Start bid 1s Increments 50c No Reserve Buyout 3s #11 Soft Cap Start bid 1s Increments 50c No Reserve Buyout 3s #12 Soft Cap Start bid 1s Increments 50c No Reserve Buyout 3s #13 Soft Cap Start bid 1s Increments 50c No Reserve Buyout 3s #14 Sold
  11. Up for auction is an 80 ql rare frying pan. Start is 12:15 AM 3/21/2013 EST (GMT-5) Auction will run for 48 hours ( 2 days) Starting bid is 50c Minimum increments of 25c No Reserve No Buyout No sniper Protection beer is complimentary. (limit 1 per customer) Special thanks to Eroc on Cele for the fast and friendly service of the imp. * Amendment - Item delivery to winner will be mail with CoD or pickup. on cele *Fixed a typo Let the Bidding commence!