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Found 7 results

  1. Jet blacks are naturally faster than other kind of horses, so a 5 speed jet black it is basically a 6 speed horse. Pickup only on Xan Q25.4 Jet blacks pure 5 speed, halter rope included: Ironflea: female 5 speed adolescent foal (date of birth: 16/03/2017). Father: Ebenwar. Mother: Pickmountain. Honeynafa: male 5 speed adolescent foal (date of birth: 20/03/2017). Father: Eastlightning. Mother: Abiahappy. Flashdog: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 21/03/2017). Father: Eastlightning. Mother: Abiafast. Warstrong: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 23/03/2017). Father: Ebenwar. Mother: Chaserblood. These two pairs are perfect for breeding. Starting bid : 2sMin Increase: 50 copper.No reserveBuyout : 4s.
  2. WTS 2x triple shoulder pad, leather (75ql) Examine: A decorative shoulder pad. These armor pieces come in a variety of materials and designs. Buff: The Triple Shoulder Pad gives a buff to leather armor glance bonus versus two-handed. Final price reduction: 8.5s for the pair (comes out to 4.25s per shoulder pad)
  3. Two lovely 5 speed foals called Southdance and Northcall, male and female. These two are unrelated and would make a great pair for your cart! They're both brown and have all 5 speed traits. Southdance will also fight fiercely if required. Located in Hindleap, just east of Summerholt. They can be delivered as far as Greymead or similar distance. 1s for them both.
  4. I have two more Green Hat Gnomes for sale but i do not want to sell them one at a time because i like to use them as pairs when i decorate. (strange thing i know but i will not sell only one this time) 2x 99ql - Green Hat Gnome - 20s (10s each CoD from Xanadu) [23:30:24] A small serious green gnome stands here ready for christmas. Ql: 99.0, Dam: 0.0. [23:30:24] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Rolf'.
  5. Seal Breeding Pair Located SE Xanadu [23:44:01] These creatures love to bathe in the sun and go for a swim hunting fish. [23:44:01] She has a normal build. [23:54:13] He is a bit round. Female is Aged, Male is Mature. Auction Duration: 24 hours Starting Bid: 50c Minimum Bid Increment: 50c No Buyout No Reserve No Private Bids Sniper protection 2 hours Must be Picked up from Devil's Harbour (T24) Notes: Eats fish. Must be tamed in order to lead. Easy to tame. (Succeeded on first taming attempt at 15 taming skill with low quality fish)
  6. Doggies are fairly rare on the Celebration server, but now here's your chance to have two of your own to breed! Starting bid: 1s Minimum increments: 50c Buyout: 10s Reserve: none Auction ends: Monday, January 21st, 8:00pm central time zone (Tuesday, 2:00am GMT) These dogs are located on the southeastern part of the server at Judarian Acres, but the good news is, they can swim! They're the only non-aggros other than horses that can (as far as I know!). Happy bidding, and I can't wait to help more people get their dream Wurm pets! Auction is closed, thank you for bidding!