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Found 3 results

  1. Since I'm trapped away from a wurm capable computer for a while I'm going to put up some ideas on improving the game's AI mechanics. In this one I am looking at wolves in particular as there is the potential to really extend their behavior without too much more load on the server. Essentially the model relies on each mob having some stats (which we know it does alreadt) and maybe an extra kind of entity on the DB (pack, essentially a party for mobs). Firstly we need to look at how wolves work at the moment. They are essentially wandering low level mobs, easy fur and meat. They inconvenience new players but even a couple of days in wolves do not pose much of a threat. The idea is to alter this slightly to make wolves have a different threat level based on their current AI. Wolves are now changed to hunger motivated predators. If a wolf is hungry (hunger below 75%) it will follow its current AI when a player is nearby and home in for the attack. However, if its hunger is above 75% it will ignore the player unless the player gets much closer (maybe giving a new AI color of orange?). Wolves will actively hunt for certain passive mobs when hungry (below 50% hunger), ignoring animals on deeds (wolves tends to avoid human settlements) but becoming substantially more mobile. When a passive mob is killed by a wolf all nearby wolves (20 tiles?) have their hunger taken up to 100%. During these hunts they will be as hostile as normal. This brings us onto packs. Wolves are pack animals, it's why they are successful predators! The AI pattern above works well for a lone wolf (hence why it will now be considered the lone wolf AI) but a pack is a little different. A pack is comprised of one pack leader and 1-8 pack followers (database entities). The leader is determined by Champion Status, Greenish Status, Age in that order, ties result in a contest between both mobs with the loser taking on the lone wolf AI and leaving the pack, moving 200 tiles away in a passive exile state. Pack hunger is synchronised. Packs are led by the leader (pack members will stay within a few (5) tiles of the leader when moving). Attacking one pack member will bring the other members of the pack after you. Packs hunt together and move togetherish. If one of them kills prey the hunger fill mechanic means the pack will be fed and pacified for a time. Pack formation takes place when a lone wolf meets a pack (moves within 5 tiles of the leader) with an open slot where there will be no leadership conflict (the lone wolf joins the pack). This means it will be much harder to find a single wolf but a lot easier to hunt a group. Final Notes : Wolves are much more situational, their hostility linked to their hunger and they form packs to hunt becoming much more mobile in the process. As a bonus champion wolves will usually be accompanied by a pack because of the high priority rating of the champion status. This will tax the server a little more, mostly because of the pack joining mechanic and the initiation of combat with a pack member. However I do not suspect it will be too much. Something important though is players will have more competition for passive mobs, so the addition of more passive mobs (and more kinds!) would be a good idea!
  2. Cannot connect from either computer with stable or unstable client... Just get message: Update failed, Error opening connection to pack server. I have never seen this before. I cannot even connect.... Anyone have any ideas? Other people don't seem to be having trouble. UPDATE: finally went to a cafe in town, and Viola: instant connect Apparently my ISP is not talking to wurm just now? Update: 10 hours later still cant connect. Researched more and went to irc.. followed directions to add wurm to host file and changed my dns servers to google... no joy no joy..
  3. I have been trying to get Wurm to work all day with many if not all of the usual methods: 1. Uninstalled wurm and reinstalled from scratch - Failed 2. Uninstalled and reinstalled java from scratch, Then wurm again - Failed 3. Uninstalled & reinstalled wurm, Unticked the update boxes, and downloaded the graphics.jar manually and put it into the packs folder The 3rd method worked ONCE, but only once, After i had closed the game i tried to reopen it and the launcher had automatically updated slightly despite the graphics box being unticked, it then stopped on the same file "META-INF/MANIFEST.MF" I then uninstalled and reinstalled everything in line with the 3rd method assuming I would need to do this every time I wanted to play until an official fix was released, but regardless of anything new I try my launcher forces automatic updates and stalls on "META-INF/MANIFEST.MF." Numerous further reinstallations and going around in circles had me making new directories to install to, redownloading the packs manually and putting them in the "packs" folder (which i had empited from all folders beforehand) but its always the same now, I cannot understand why it worked once and now the launcher forces and update. Any methods to get it to work (no matter how convoluted) will be appriciated, and news from Rolf & Co about fixes (seeing as many seem to have had this problem, but most could fix it) would also be nice.