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Found 4 results

  1. Animals packing grass seems out of hand. I have 1x1 pens with single animal (for example i had 16 cows in 16 1x1 pens) and animals are packing the tiles constantly, even when feed and piles of grass a few days later they will still pack the tiles. Wagons/Carts perfectly positioned for 1 tile per animal even on long grass seems to get packed within a day. The only way i can keep animals from packing grass is to park them on enchanted grass. Animals *still* bunch up on the corners, but i know that is a known issue and is not what i am talking about. so to be clear one (1) animal in a 1x1 pen or hitched over a single tile regardless of health or satiety and without negative conditions where the grass is long (or steppe) on a deed with a good animal ratio and even when pile of grass is present on said tile are still packing tiles. I just fixed the tile below (after wasting a vast amount of time to make sure every animals was full and healthy and replanting this time with steppe to see if any different) and no, there are no negative traits on the animals down there, and yes, i feed them before replanting, and yes i made sure they ate multiple times before replanting, and yes, they are/were all healthy, and yes, i tried leaving piles of food.........................................there is something wrong beyond control in game. I have been raising animals a long time and this is far worse then i have ever seen. Note on the left side (cannot see in picture) are 12 horses and 6 hell horses all cared for and all on enchanted grass, there has not been a single packed tile, it is only grass/steppe that is being constantly packed this is really starting to degrade game play and cannot possibly be intended
  2. Been seeing it for a while on my deed, apart from a relatively high ratio of packed tiles lately, some tiles, both with and without animals have been reverting to normal grass. Thought it was "old enchants finally dying" as the deed is a bit old, but now a friend whose fields we JUST finished enchanting a few days ago, took maybe 2 weeks to do the whole thing, 2 tiles reverted to grass today. Bug or ninja patch?
  3. 1) Begin Packing a tile 2) Queue up a "Level" action on an adjacent tile 3) Packing animation continues during Level action This might be related to the fact that there is no leveling animation. I searched around. Not sure if this is a dupe report. Didn't see anything. edit: Oooh. This isn't consistently reproducible. I just had it not happen. Will continue to investigate.
  4. FOOT PATHS I would like to put forth a new suggestion for a type of pathing: Foot Paths. Foot paths (or dirt paths) could be a simple form of pathing requiring low Paving skill. You Want To Do WHAT To My Game!? This begs the immediate question: "Why does Wurm need foot paths when we already have dirt paths?" Presently, dirt paths are functional, but rather unsightly as packed dirt paths. Foot paths would offer a more attractive solution to people that would like to add pathing while altering the landscape as little as possible. Often times, caring players that wish to make paths through forests without causing much damage desire to add simple pathing (such as gravel), but with less intervention. Ok, I'm Listening... Here are a few points to consider in favor of Foot Paths: Low Paving Skill Requirement - new players can easily take advantage of paths that are inherently non-interventionist. Attractiveness - Foot Pathing could offer a more attractive alternative by including shrubbery/grass along the tile edges, and helps new players contribute in a way that veterans can appreciate. Easy Implementation - adding foot paths should be as simple as adding a new art tile to Wurm. The functionality need not differ much from present dirt paths. Terrain Variation - foot paths could have numerous art style choices to add flavor. Players could create foot paths to support desert, forest, steppe etc tiles to keep a similar look. Path Turns - foot path art, ideally, would cover approximately 1/3 of the present dirt tile and include straight, wavy, and curved paths to allow players to create an appearance of pathing utilizing Wurm's present tile method. Show Me The Goods Examples: Steppe foot path: Forest foot path: Desert foot path: Grass foot path: So How Does This Work? The idea is to take the appearance of the present dirt tile and alter it so the outside 1/3 of the tile displays the surrounding tile (sand, steppe, grass), and have the inside 1/3 appear as dirt. Please see the image below. I think that Foot Paths would be a nice way to add variation in current pathing options without requiring a lot of effort from developers. Please consider foot paths as an option for Wurm. Feel free to leave feedback, and thank you!