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Found 6 results

  1. This rule LockpickingA ) Lockpicking anything that does not belong to you is not permitted. What is considered to belong to you. Does locked chest belong to you if you brought it home from abandoned place? Does chest someone locks in your deed belong to your or the player who locked it? And if not, is it okay to bring locked chest to Chaos for lockpicking? Or is that rule applied only when there is quarrel about the situation?
  2. On 31 January, myself and Elizarya were getting ready to start a guard tower. Elizarya built a pole fence around the spot for the tower while I was leveling the area. She gave me two gate locks so they would be in my name. I attached the two of them... when attaching the second one, I got a message that the other gate was blocking me so I stepped through it and it completed. I set permissions successfully on the first gate (north side - now labeled Top of Bridge Tower 1) and then didn't have the option to do the second one... west side gate. When I paid more attention, I realized it said the owner of the second gate was Mystellenery. Neither of us has any idea who that is and they weren't online at the time. The gate lock may have been one that Elizarya found somewhere but in any case, the first one worked find and listed me as the current owner even though I (Abbynormal) didn't actually build the gate or the lock. I submitted a support ticket (#155890) on it and Tarissa responded and fixed it for us but asked that I submit a bug report on the issue. So here I am This is located south of my deed (mayor is Slyther) called Enuntqua located a ways north of Vrock Landing. The actually gates are located a few tiles east of the north end of the large bridge that was built, I think, by Joedobo. If you should want to find it, there is a road south of the deed roughly 100 tiles or so (wild guess)... follow that road west and then south to the bridge, then go left (south) about 17 tiles along the gravel path there. If you need any other info, please contact me through the forums or on Abbynormal (my main character). Thanks and I hope this helps.
  3. Tich's posts regarding changes to the permission system(s) got me to wondering if the new "ownership papers" could be player-crafted from papyrus, ink, and reed pens. Not to mention a new full blown Scribe skill. Unsure of Scribe as a skill name: scrivener, calligraphy, etc? One possible means could be similar to house building: filled pen activated with papyrus in inventory. This does not need to be limited to mere writing up of ownership papers. Bills of lading, receipts, invoices, etc. Nothing fleshed out; though, one possibility that comes mind are "Letters of Mark". Documents that basically made the usual acts of piracy legitimate when conducted against someone's enemies. In Wurm these could be used a single usage permission to allow a skilled third party to lockpick chests with missing keys on pve servers. Though some of Tich's remarks might render this a void concern anyways. Another possibility for "Letters of Mark" could be allowing an individual from an unconcerned kingdom to participate for either side in a war between two other kingdoms.
  4. You cannot Load Cargo a large cart that you own, into a ship that you own, because "The guards kindly inform you that you are not allowed to load cargo here". Since you can do almost everything else with things that technically belong to you through the item ownership system, I would believe this to be an unresolved oversight. Relevant seems to be the position of the boat or the commander, e.g. a large cart that is off deed (in perimeter) cannot be loaded while the boat/commander is on deed. I guess with the frequency that Load Cargo is used, it would be appreciated to look over the Load Cargo function and deed permissions VS item ownership.
  5. While I was sailing across from Elevation to MRH, I took one of my friends boats to get there and back. I noticed when I crossed servers, the boats owner changed from him to me! Might be a minor bug, but worth pointing out.
  6. So I purchased a small sailing boat yesterday, and upon trying to transfer ownership, we discovered that the maximum character length apparently is 20 characters, whereas my name is 21 characters. So its impossible to receive ownership.