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Found 7 results

  1. There is so much missing from this profession to make it used by the people that it needs improvement, these are my ideas and additional ideas by Eleraan please if you have any more great ideas to tag into this as well let me know! New items: Glass (made with sand and ash mixture when both are glowing) Pliers, Scissors Spatula and Pelt, for improvement tools. (would use metallurgy for it's skill) Small Glass Bottle - 2kg Variant of the jar. Large Glass Bottle 10kg Larger version of the flask. Wooden Tankard - 2 planks, 1 small nails, 1 ribbon 1kg Yeast made from mushrooms, fruit and berries, (and potatos) used in tandem with herbs and woodscrap to increase the complexity of a fermenting beverage changing it's affinity and timer. Beer Tap, Using a carving knife on reed fiber to create. Used to 'tap' a barrel for dispensing a set amount of liquid using the 'fill' option, similar to a measuring jug. Once tapped a barrel would not be able to be opened until it's contents are gone. the tap is used up after one use. Herb Drying Rack - Made with 5 planks, 2 small nails and 10 pegs. Would be used to dry herbs and spices for use in brewing and beverage making. Tea Bag, made with dried herbs, and a satchel to steep tea and make more complex teas. New Herbs Green Tea - Grown in a planter, found while botanizing Black Tea - Grown in a planter, found while botanizing Ginseng - Grown in a planter, found while botanizing New Crops Chili Peppers, used for cooking as a spice (only grown in a planter box) Black Peppercorn Used for cooking as a spice (only grown in a planter box) Edit- Trellis' could work really well for this as well. New Tree Coconut Tree (season is the hottest part of summer) - High difficulty tree for forestry New Alcohols Pineapple Flavored Everything Fruit & Berry Flavored Vodkas Fruit & Berry Flavored Whisky Fruit & Berry Flavored Moonshine Fruit & Berry Flavored Rum Coconut Flavored Everything Using the Drying Rack, and the ability to pick seeds from existing herbs to make lots of different flavor profiles to be used in beverages and have this be the determining factor of what beer becomes instead of what woodscrap is used to do, and have it be more complex recipes or even new recipes for our alcoholic beverages.
  2. Personal Goals Revamp So this game has this wonderful motivational goals list that is randomly generated from varying difficulties of tasks. Everyone has a different set of tasks. The player is supposed to have these "goals" in the back of their mind when encountering things in their normal Wurm life as things they should complete them eventually. This would be a really big incentive to do things out of the ordinary and inspire me as a player to branch out and do skills I wouldn't normally do just to obtain the "goal". However, there is a problem. A quick look over my "personal goals" and going down the list, many of them are possible. Some are very challenging, like cutting an absurd amount of trees, or making a ton of wine. But one of mine in particular is literally impossible to complete on freedom. "Become a demigod". From my understanding of demigod, its impossible to obtain on freedom. If I were to go to the place it is possible (Epic) - my "personal goals" would reset. So though I have this list of really good motivators, I can never complete them all, and thus, never receive the reward that is fabled to exist at the completion of the personal goals. Now, with that out of the way I do think it should be nearly impossible to complete them all(keep the tasks challenging but possible given enough time). Alternatively I suppose the reward for completing the personal goals could change to something still rare, but a little more mundane(Maybe a rare cosmetic item that is non-tradable(instant Wurm status-symbol)... or even a rare title). This subject has come up with me several times with other players, and I wanted to bring it to attention that it should be looked at(if it isn't already) to encourage more players to be spontaneous and branch out from the normal daily Wurm-grind! What do you think? -Lei
  3. So we have the cooking overhaul. It's awesome, I've been spending time lately solely on finding new recipes. I managed to find my weaponsmithing affinity, a channeling one and now looking for other good ones. Also made a pizza for which my villagers love me now. There are talks going about reworking the meditation system. Good idea as well, it needs something done to be more appealing and less punishing. What about overhauling the building system? 1. New materials. First of all, there have been suggestions, ideas, questions and whines about log houses. Why not? Easy, quick way to put up a shed in the middle of nowhere without having to find iron. Especially useful to new players however it would surely need some restrictions otherwise we'd have tons of these around the wilderness. Probably more than there are now. Second of all, I've seen a suggestion about round cobblestone walls somewhere today. Why not add all types of cobblestone? Sure it would need more mortar to stick together but it would sure look nice. Third of all, imagine a nice wall that looks almost like timber framed walls but it's tougher and more like a house wall rather than a barn wall. Basically a concrete wall with rock shards or steel beams inside for strength. Teepees and huts made out of sticks and covered with leaves or hides. Basically would work like tents except they'd be available to be made in the wild. 2. New features, structures, types of walls and constructions. So far I came up with just a few nice ideas such as: - a basement (decreased decay for foodstuffs, speeds up fermentation, it's like a cave right underneath a chosen area with a floor above it and the walls reinforced) - round walls (I believe it would be rather difficult to achieve but imagine if we could finally make round towers on our castles) - shipyard (a building in which you can dig so ships can sail in if the roof is high enough) - grainmill (a wheel in the water (borders right next to a wall need to be at least 30 slopes down) OR a windmill instead of a roof that grinds cereals faster the stronger the wind blows and with both - a huge grindstone inside which you can open, throw some wheat inside and it is ground into flour over time - press house (same idea as the grainmill but it has a huge press inside that can turn strawberries into juice over time) - castle wall (double as thick as a normal wall, can withstand double as much damage but uses 2,4x more resources so instead of 20 bricks for a wall it uses 48) There could be way more adjustments, advancements, new tools, resources, walls, buildings etc etc. For now I just want to leave this idea here for people to discuss.
  4. So, we have a cooking overhaul (pretty sure we can freely call it a total overhaul) coming soon and it made me think. The devs apparently are still interested in making Wurm greater than it already is and they're doing a good job, so why not try and come up with ideas for a fighting overhaul as well? Fighting is one of the most important things in the game and a rather big dealbreaker for some new people. First of all it would have to be a little bit more interesting than "stand-click-wait". Make it rely more on a person's skill and reflexes rather than the character's skill (don't make it too big of a difference or fighting skill grinds will step back into the past). Give each weapon type a special move or a special unique ability, like tripping someone over with a shaft or a spear, knocking someone uncouncious with blunt weapons etc. I believe there are a lot of ideas out there. Our main goals in this should be: 1) change the fighting system to make it a bit more dynamic and player-dependent 2) at the same time hold on to the wurmish feeling of the fighting system Pros: 1) new players won't get disencouraged by a boring fighting system 2) pvp may be more interesting 3) troll hunting can become a beautiful adventure rather than troll-meat-meal-ingredients-gathering Cons: 1) people that don't like changes will hate What do you guys think?
  5. The existing cloth armor could have an additional advantage by helping to protect against bee stings. Don't even need a special hat with netting persay.
  6. Edit : I have bumped this as I think it is pertinent to the current balance issues with player deities. A solid system that groups certain spells and restrictions together might work well and allow for a much more balanced approach to player gods. Edit (2016 edition) : Self balancing player gods, self balancing new spell sets, whats not to like? Added in an extra example spirit for mag, again in no way asserting balance. This suggestion is a complete rework of the current faith system, hopefully keeping it lore friendly. Underneath each god there are spirits/angles/demons/whateveryouwantocallthem. Some spirits (my preferred term) serve multiple gods. Each spirit offers a certain set of spells and abilities in return for some restrictions, these abilities are linked to two factors : 1. Faith (gained by praying at alters to your god) 2. Devotion (see below) Devotion being a person's relationship with that spirit, how often they pray at alters dedicated to that spirit (alters dedicated to spirits generate no domain but can only be built in the domain of their god, they decay quickly if that domain is gone for too long), or perform tasks for that spirit (both small and large quests), breaking the rules of the spirit lowers devotion rather than faith. Higher level spells/abilities require both faith and devotion. Non-priests may achieve high devotion levels with their spirit (no cap for premium, 30 cap for ftp). One can make 1 (one) pact per 20 faith, revoking a pact loses the player 20 faith (and all devotion with that spirit of course). Nothing too big for a non-priest but enough to make priests really think about their choices. Each spirit is linked with a craft (or sometimes 2), non-priests will gain a decent experience bonus in this craft for having a pact with the spirit as long as they abide by the restriction put in place by the spirit (essentially bonus is based on devotion). Priests have this craft unlocked for them to follow as per normal, imping and all. Some spirits dislike one another, and pleasing one will upset the other if you have pacts with both (resulting in MUCH slower devotion gain and the inability to get to the highest levels of devotion). This is in place to balance overpowered combinations. When a player priests up they lose the ability to improve and continue constructions, however this is the only universal restriction set imposed. They also gain some "minor" spells of their god, bless and the like. They also gain any spells that their pacts allow them. Example Spirit : Whisp Gods : Fo Main Restriction : Inability to equip metal weapons. Craft : First Aid/Alchemy Bonuses : Increased healing rate in fo domain (>25 allows medium wounds to heal over time, >50 bad wounds, >75 serious wounds) Spells : Heal Light, Heal Medium, Heal Serious, Heal, Light of Fo (devotion >25 required as well as faith), Refresh, Life Transfer (devotion >50 required as well as faith) Example Spirit : Gnome Gods : Mag Main Restriction : -1 CR aboveground Craft : Weaponsmithing Bonuses : Increased CR on rock tiles (including underground) (+1 per 50 devotoin (max of +2 underground or +1 aboveground)) Spells : Magnaron's Shield, Goat Shape, Disintigrate (>25 devotion & faith), Strongwall (>50 devotion & faith) This is just an example spirit and in no way balanced. The pro of this is someone running a priest can choose how restricted they are, gaining more spells for the restrictions. Priests become a lot more personalized and faiths become more useful. It will allow devs to add new spellsets (new spirit) more easily. It will also move priests into the domain of mainable characters, still restricted and different, but with their own unique style of play. The con is that it is a HUGE change and balance will take a long time to set up. What do people think?