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Found 3 results

  1. First off, thank so many of you for helping throughout the game to improve! There are so many kind people on these servers, I am fortunate to be a part. Located at G-9 on Melody, right on the water. Vendor is at the docks, by the Fo. Also a Wurm Trader. Delivery is free to coastal Offering enchanting services with 3 avatars that can enchant. 3 tiles per day. Imping Service to 90 for Mason, will travel Products Ovens Regular stone 90ql - 2s Rendered 90ql - 2s Slate 80ql - 1s Forges Regular Stone 90ql - 2s Rendered 90ql - 2s Slate 80ql - 1s Smelters RARE RENDERED 90QL - 13s Regular Stone 90ql - 3s Kiln Rendered 90ql - 2s Kits Guard tower - (500clay, 500bricks 100planks) -2s Colossus - (2000 clay, 2000 colossus bricks) 6s C.R.A.P. 1000 51.25ql Woad - 1s (with bsb) 1.5s Activated strange devices - Turrets (Fire/Frost) - 1s Creature Cages 50ql 1.5s Waystones 20ql or higher - 50c Carving knife iron (skiller) 33ql 84coc - 70c Hammers iron 70ql with 57-59coc - 30c 82ql whetstone 71coc - 70c 82ql whetstone 51c - 30c Brown bear helm, 89.80ql -70c Pickaxe iron 70ql 66STS, 41c - 70c Pickaxe iron 60ql 61c - 50c Pickaxe iron 60ql 65c - 50c Demon Helms - iron 69 & 70ql - 1s each More to come...
  2. Putting bunch of green tea-leaves in frying pans in ovens to turn them to yellow tea leaves for skill(by drying) ends up with wasted time and materials resulting into oolong tea leaves because of the passive oxygenation(with leaves just laying around out of fsb or inventory just taking time and laying around in container or on the ground in a pile)... Either stop oxygenation in ovens or allow both green tea-leaves and oolong tea leaves to turn into yellow tea leaves the same way, 2nd option is probably best and saves whoever had this bad experience already. Oxygenation and oolong turning gives no skill afaik so nothing to gain from this, besides a fix to already existing weird behavior and bug/feature causing irreversible results.