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Found 5 results

  1. If you need any jobs done such as an order or stone bricks clay mortar planks ect let me know. This is for bulk orders like 1k bricks ect.
  2. If you are in need of some material or need a worker, I am here to solve your problem. Below I will leave a list of my main and alt skills, some material prices and jobs. Call the Dominio Workers! Main Skills (Both): EvzenBlade (Main): / YukiTatsumi (alt): Digging: 83 / Digging: 61 Woodcutting: 56 / Woodcutting: 22 Mining: 73 / Mining: 61 Mansonry: 78 / Mansonry: 60 Paving: 34 Carpentry: 84 Fine Carpentry: 50 Black Smithing: 66 Smithing: 33 Nature: 54 Farming: 66 Animal Husbandry: 40 Animal Taming: 35 Gardering: 70 Firemaking: 55 Values of some materials (according to the market): Bricks (slate / sandstone / Stone): 2s/k Mortar: 2s/k Ash: 1,2s/k (50QL+) Support beam: 3,5s/100 Concrete: 3,5s/100 Plank / Shafts / Pegs: 1s/k Small and Large Nails: 1s/k Dirt: 50c/k Works on your deed: Leveling (Rock): 2s/1k of rock leveled Bricks with rock: 1s/k Mortar with sand/clay: 1s/k Other services to negotiate If you have any questions about work and ordering, I'm on Wurm every day or even on the forum. I await your contact.
  3. Auctioning this beauty behalf of Neowyn! [20:14:14] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 60.70144, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Neowyn, has been etched in the stern. [20:14:14] A adamantine rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase vehicle speed (10%) [20:14:14] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Neow.n'. Start Bid: 50s Buyout: 70s Min Increment: 0.5s No Sniper Protection No Reserve
  4. Approximately - 110 / 150 Silver Budget to stock up 5 char's. ** Update: (Spree Ended - spent: 72 silver.)** Thank you all so far. Tonight at 00:00 Midnight gmt - I will be stocking up for me main and alts, and Trusted villagers, If you want to make some money here's the items I will be buying from glasshollow merchants: approx. 10 to 20 x 70+ ql street lamps. Kingdom banner's for deco, 1 x 70+ pelt<Brought possibly more Kingdom guard towers, (not Freedom basic)< None was available/on sale, 2 banner/flags with serious level of damage on Trader.. And this list of tools at 70ql+ possibly with enchantments Small anvil<Brought. Large Anvil< None was available. 1 CoD'ed File < brought Fishing Rod<Brought Scissors< Brought Trowel< Brought spindle<Brought needle<Brought leather knife< only low ql crap available awl<Brought Barding<Brought Armour - leather/chain <Brought - Leather Studded. 2 x Meditation rug (only if Has CoC) spatula<Brought. Window shopping items found! 2 x Yule goat <Brought *Possibly 1 or 2 of these weapons: Large axe,<Not Brought. Maul's,<Not Brought Metal Shield(large), <Brought Halberd.<Not brought. If I spot these items listed below I will Defiantly be buying them: 1 x 90ql+ shovel With either or both coc /woa <Guess what... again none over 70ql 1 x 90ql+ pickaxe with either or both coc/woa <Brought 1 x 90ql+ Longsword With FA <flaming Aura> and or woa/coc <Brought 2. (multiple lamps at 90+ql)<none available/listed. Lantern at 90+ql < None listed/available Merchant Contract.< Brought. Note multiple chars will be Created with the name Shopper within in the name thanks. Overall - Disappointed with Glass-hollow market, post was 12 hours prier notice, yet half the items I wanted had to settle for no enchantments or lower ql. left with 75 silver leftover and half the good needed. (Yes I know most things can be CoD'ed , this was a trial bulk purchase run with an opportunity for players to make a lot money,.
  5. RAMA EMPORIUM OPEN ! Some of our products & services listed as below. *** We would be glad to work on any other orders which are not on the list. *** We are located @ Xanadu 14-S . Also you can search Rama using left panel from this map ---> We may deliver to short distances but for longer routes - depending on location - extra fee may apply. We will take our crates back or exchange with yours after delivery. If you want to keep the crates, 15c per large crate will be charged. And again, please feel free to ask any other orders which is not listed, after a price check we may talk and decide on price & availability time together. Also doing imp. orders too. You can PM; Alpykun - Albedoesp - Aono - Atuan . Let's do some trading together ! Blacksmith Ql Price Lantern ( iron ) 70 12c Lantern ( iron ) 80 55c Lantern ( copper ) 70 22c Common Tools 50 10c Common Tools 60 25c Common Tools 70 35c Iron Lamps 30 8c Iron Lamps 50 10c Iron Lamps 60 25c Iron Lamps 70 35c Horseshoes ( set x4 ) 70 80c Bulk Ql Price Bricks x 1000 - 1.7s Out of Stocks Mortar x 1000 - 2.5s small nail x 400 - 70c large nail x 400 - 70c rivet x 400 - 70c hook x 400 - 70c ribbon x 100 - 70c frying pans x 100 - 70c sauce pans x 100 - 70c iron ore x 100 70 40c iron ore x 1000 < 70 90c plank x 500 - 70c shaft x 500 - 40c Dirt x 1000 - 90c Out of Stocks Woodcutting Ql Price 100 x logs Low (Bulk QL) 20c 100 x logs 40-59(avarage) 50c 100 x logs 60-69(avarage) 70c WS Ql Price All Weapons 60 30c All Weapons 65 40c Plate Armour Ql Price Set 60 1.2s Set 70 25s Shipbuilding Ql Price Knaar 60 9.8s Rowboat 60 55c Sailboat 60 80c Carpentry Ql Price Large Crate 40+ 15c Small Crate 40+ 10c BSB / FSB - 12c Farm Ql Price Harvested Unit x 1000 82 1.2s ( pumpkin, garlic, cotton, wemp in stocks right now ) Gems Ql Price Normal Gems 1199,19 11s Black Opal 40,19 4s Gem List Below