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Found 7 results

  1. Hello What is test option when as implementator right click on ground and i have test option and: "Create an a armour set...." But when i want studded and click send nothing happens. P.S To close . I now have this link
  2. A lot of the time when improving we don't need work messages such as "You start to improve the carving knife" and "You improve the carving knife a bit.", we can see that by looking at the damage and imp columns in the open forge window. At impalongs or community events with many characters nearby being able to turn off everyone else's work messages if we want to see what we're doing and not get lost in a sea of text would be nice. We already have the useful option to disable work sounds. Please add two options to show or hide 'my work messages' and 'others work messages' from event window. Should be toggleable in game without relogging.
  3. Well hopefully the title is fairly self explanatory, but the idea is this: Looking around my deed, I like having lighting at night between buildings, on paths, on the dock area etc. etc. but it all gets a bit muddled with the lights blazing in the buildings too because I have lights placed far more densely in buildings for better coverage. I would like an option in building management to be able to toggle the lights within the building on/off. Preferably this would be an option that means the lights come on automatically if a player enters the building (For PvP purposes would they be triggered by enemies or not? Discuss...) and off again when the building is empty, but I appreciate this may be more difficult. Anything else to consider for this? Any other alternatives/options to include? Or is it just a terrible idea?
  4. Feature Request Perhaps add the ability to flip walls or some other way to fix cosmetic issues as shown below. Not sure what can be done about the walls bleeding into the floors but maybe it has to do with thickness. Cosmetic Issues Pointed ends of straight walls always face one direction and causes an issue like this... Angled part of arched wall only faces one direction and causes an issue like this... Textures from stone brick walls overlap with textures of wood floors and stone brick floors...
  5. Not really a bug but the construction options are not grouped up right on the stone houses. I would think that all the new plain stone options should be at the bottom of all the old regular stone options. Having it staggered just makes it hard to find and more of a chance to pick the wrong one when building.
  6. I was sowing some cotton and I observed that when I had cotton seeds activated there was a "Plan Building" option in the rclick menu on a dirt tile. I accidentally clicked it once and no building was planned (the tile wasn't flat too). I didn't get any odd event messages and kept sowing cotton.
  7. Here is an idea I'd been thinking about, We all know the wurm-like attitude of "deed it or loose it". And considering the latest info (for me) about perimeters being able to take on and destroy in time legal enclosures lead me to this idea. If the place where you already live (with a deed) has too many other deeds around and everyone else around has farm animals, the aggressive spawn rates drop to almost zero in the region. Thus, I would create a large legal enclosure, fill it with steppe (that supposedly forces more spawns) and wait for animals to spawn then go and kill them. The problem is, like I said before anyone could just perim over this and destroy it in time, and in this specific case the "deed it or loose it" saying is just nonsense, because on a deed there are no spawns and even on perimeters, spawns are very limited (could be actually zero, not sure) - so it voids the initial purpose of the enclosure. In clear, i am proposing a second "deed-like type" where you pay a low upkeep (half of the cost of a perimeter tile - because you still need quite a bit of land for things to spawn in your "deed"), have no decay protection, and increased spawn rate for aggressives on it. Basically creating a "perimeter-like" hunting deed that you can own at the same with a normal deed (so you dont need an alt for that). My arguments in favor of this: for an established player, you cannot do anything to prevent people settling in around you - unless you deed also around but that voids the purpose - because of less or no spawns on deeds/perimeters even if you just do an enclosure, some idiot can come along and perim over it as there are no rules to prevent that wurm gets more income because you will have a little bit more upkeep to pay extra to your deed wurm always gets more crowded every day so less and less spawns Characteristics: buyable from a trader for like 5s upkeep: half the cost of a perim tile (normal players will not want to buy this to save on upkeep because of the increased spawns that can be also inside their house if they decide to build there) one hunting deed can be owned by the same character that already owns a normal deed increased spawn rate for aggressives (can be anything actually, not only agressives) depending on the tile surface (if its forest +50% spiders, if its sand +50% crocs + scorpions, etc.) no decay protection - or a 1-2 tile decay protection border for where you build your fences no possibility of a normal deed to be placed there (or perim of one) Please comment Thorakkanath