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Found 1 result

  1. There have been many threads, many posts and many polls so far. There is one problem though....the results are a mess for pretty much everyhing you might want to find out. Why? because of subjectivity. Naturally, we are subjective in nature but there are some things I invite you to think about: On polls that hint to more work for the wurm staff, of course wurm staff will be against - who wants to do more work? On threads/polls regarding changes on freedom, why do people that play PvP post/vote? I would like to see the people actually playing on freedom deciding for freedom Why on all topics discussing the problems of the game (mechanics and so on) do the (not directly involved) CAs, GMs etc.and their friends need to defend the devs/game? Do they get kudos points for doing so? On changes that would make the game better/more logical - people directly affected will ALWAYS (proven through scientific research) be more likely to post the fact that they resent the change than the ones not affected by the changes. Just a few examples: woa/coc on water, people that have already high skills in blacksmithing will not want this so that there are fewer getting to their levels the suggestion of being told EXACTLY what rares do, naturally the people making a living on these will be against revealing facts about them - so of course you will see more negative comments (or -1s) even on good suggestions, that is one of the major issues of any forum in general almost all suggestions about changing something existing in the game will have such a bias, just look for them! Lastly, the new committee, supposedly meant to provide an interface between the wurm staff and the players will consist of.....wurm staff and players selected by wurm staff. In science we call this a breach of validation. In real life (and Code Club AB is a real company mind you) consultants are ALWAYS external to the team/project/company to which they are providing their services to. Why? If you start with the fear that if you do not make suggestions that your boss wants to hear you might get kicked off the team, who will want to make good suggestions? They will always make 'safe' suggestions, basically not changing much of anything. So what would this team actually do? I made this thread for a variety of reasons, but I will not bore you with them. Who has ears to hear will, who dosen't won't. I will conclude this post with a request. I made this thread to get my message across and maybe give a few people something to think about and not to be told how wrong I am because I know I am not. It is my RL job to think critical and outside the box and to shed any and all prejudices when doing so. So the request is this: anyone that will post in this thread, please be logical, don't flame and most importantly think that I posted in the best interest of making wurm a better place, because I am in no committe, I am no staff, I gain no finanical bonus or anything of the like from this. Now I want to say thank you to the ones that took their time and read this post alltogether. Peace, Thor PS. the questions above are rhetorical in nature, no one should feel compelled to reply to any of them