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Found 4 results

  1. Work in progress! check later for updates, maybe... Sorry for the huge wall of text, i ll try to make it readeable for everyone First, this is not a suggestion because suggestions forum only rarely work (after years of several peoeple asking the same, ironicly most gone when the change is live), is about talk as community. The third, some people will dont like my ideas and is fine, i ll not calling them toxic (always hated that meaning) because people are people, always will have not desired traits or behaviors but a game not play itself, at least not wurm, so people are the most valuable and the pillar of the game. Lets start: Ban all RMT, specially toon selling. Let the old account out of market. This could end in many posibles ways, even several at the same time. People leaving, but they cant sell the toons before that unless they know before the date of RMT ban, date will leak not for all some will make a litte profit before the deadline like always. Forget about pvp, oh wait this is already half way, keep it until the last of them move to freedom or quit. There are some intersting ideas about epic, make the home servers pve and make elevation xanadu sized without posibility of plant deeds, a really survival hunt server, with campaments or other rewards (money, exp, sp, etc) not transferible to freedom. Also keep the ratio of skills transfer 1 to 1 to freedom (discutible 75% is fine too). check and recheck all craft recipes, one by one, several times, make them more logical about materials use, reducing drastical the amount of pieces and adding anothers (less bricks and mortar to doors/windows but now need planks) Hoarding, one problem with wurm is the amount of materials and transport. With less materials in recipes, previous point, people will start hoarding less. My guess is people still will buy bulk per thousand, but maybe start selling less amount, useful for newbies and nonprem toons Multi toon accounts, here have a problem some things need 2 peole like bridges. one player would have up to X number of accounts , we can discuss the number later. Same account will have a limited number of toons lets say 3 or 5 including unused slots. This also mean need 2 accounts to play 2 toons at same time. With the previous point, normal/free account and premium can be revised and remaked, both benefits and prices. maybe account with more slots will be more expensive (have toons on the slots or not). Non prem is restricted to one toon and can select which one of have more than one, also slots can be purchased with silver or shop. Maybe some offer for 2 toons, for crafter and priest. batteries not included sorry. Shared toons, is debatible, my proposal is not ban it but pay an amount of money to transfer it to another account temporary, fixed by the amount of total skill and time. No RMT most money is from market or shop. Can ban it without any problem, but again we can talk about it. it use slots on both accounts until share end. Epic have crystals to teleport between islands, put them on freedom, can put price it 5c plus extra money (again amount discutible) per another thing, including empty vehicles and animals. This not change normal sailing Dont allow travel with things in vehicles, this include any container. New UI, modern one, not the theme but functionality (resizable, drag and drop, scalable for higher resolutions) with a nice font (a few are preferible but they cost a lot for a small company), This is not the theme but ui just features. Seriously get somebody of the dev team to a good UI/UX course at least basic ones. Skills ticks and timers, recipes already need less materials, so make things will be faster. skill gain is a very controversial topic. How already revised all the recipes, can do the same with every skill and their timers, make it easier for newbies and veterans reducing timers and give more skill, again amount and failure rate are debatibles Some idea is put a x2 or x3 for everybody, if you want more grindly get an option to disable it, More over put special weekends or some weeks in the year for events cough impalongs cough. keep sb bonus as it if, just increse the normal max to 10hs plus 25-30hs as headroom not obtainable by sleeping but missions, journal or when devs screw something Uniques, make them not peneable, not go into caves at all because size, sorry goblin leader Loot shared server wide (blood and other drops), with more chances of other drops to fighters Adversiting and Media, get somebody or a few people, everybody familiar with one or more mediums, and for god sake work together and have a central point where share things so everybody can pick what need to work and share in their medium, even better make it public so anyone who isnt part of official team can get material to work, free adverstiting, chummer. Adversiting is expensive, but some people arent part of media/wurm team, that work in related content, emphasize them to cover community events, they are the only adversting at moment, help them! For dev team, we need people who isnt afraid of changes, moreover people who want try changes, if reverted later or not is other topic, im up to revert things if not work but with wurm need test it live to see how players react to them. Updates can tested on test server but not enough players there, remember the previous point about epic? can be used to test new things, also can encourage people play there with nice skill transfer, maybe something like rifts when you get points and can buy transfer of one item to freedom, etc Suggestions, get an iD for every suggestion and a track system, so can categorize ideas with similar ones. This also mean make public status of everyone (accepted, rejected, unreaded, etc). A real suggestion system, yay! Transparency on desitions, mostly about bans and other things. make it public including reason, account and toons in that acount. Also can use similar system of suggestion to keep track of support tickets too. This is all i can think at moment, lets talk about them or share your owns ideas here!
  2. I have 5 friends I speak with on a daily basis on Wurm Online. We spend a lot of time on comms and we often discuss topics which plague our fair community. One of those friends is on the ledge, and wants to quit Wurm. When asked why, his answer is simple: There is nothing left for him to do. After 6+ years of playing, my friend has been everywhere. He has lived in every server, built every type of deed, won and lost Chaos battles, played in the Epic servers, built underground deeds, worked on making tunnnels and canals, built colossuses and basically played any type of character profession that matters. So his interest has dwindled. Upon asking him what would rekindle his love for Wurm, his answer was a simple one: A new island. Being a new player I balked at this. Why would we add new islands when we already have a world that is too big for the small community we have? Surely more servers equals more land, which equals a more splintered community. Or does it? However, he argues that old players need something new. New servers promise this. More lands, more places to explore, perhaps new monsters to fight or resources to be found? Maybe the love of sailing and heading to New destinations to encounter the unexpected. What is your opinion on this? Should Wurm have a fresh new server? Maybe replace one of the current ones? Or maybe something else entirely? What would rekindle your waning love for this world we have made ours? Please comment below. Share your opinions.
  3. Which bugs (or "features" which you consider bugs) would you like to see worked on? The intention of this post is to give the game developers an idea of what bugs/changes we (the players) would like to see. No rants, please provide feedback in a positive manner. Let's keep the replies on topic and refrain from commenting on others opinions. Their opinions are their own, and they are entitled to them just as you are entitled to yours. In no particular order...(will add more as they come back to me...please feel free to do the same with your posts) Harvesting maple sap and milking cows both use a bucket, one overflows without any warnings while the other stops the action and gives a warning. This should be standardized. Taste: Either give it a use or remove it from the game. Or at least reveal the idea/plan behind it. Spawns (on Pristine at least) are off. Haven't seen unicorns or horses in over half a year. There's far fewer players (and I imagine far fewer captive bred animals) than there used to be. There are loads of bison, bulls, cows, etc spawning. I continue to cull all mobs I cross, so I don't "think" this is related to the non-aggressive cap otherwise we would see them spawning with all the cattle and such. I'd like to see wooden short and/or medium spears added that could be used with a shield. Ability to plant flowers on tiles and ensure they will not be overwritten by trees and bushes. (Example: Just move the flower tile status over to the grass indicator. So there could be flowers on the same tile as trees and bushes. aka we can have grass growing under trees now, why not flowers? Ability to cut flowers like grass therefore harvesting them would be a major bonus.) My wife may actually come back to the game if this happened. And the longer she plays, the longer I get to play. Temporary buffs from meals made with meat from mobs. Example: Using anaconda meat grants body control buff. (This would add value to hunting for fresh meat as stored meat loses its information.) Use salt on fish to cure and allow storage in FSBs More interesting mobs would be nice. Anything D&Dish would be a plus in my book. more to come... Hopefully a dev will find value in some of what we post and make a list.
  4. Hi guys, I've been having fun gathering sprouts for a while, but all those sprouts only for myself, seems a bit much if you don't replant or make hedges. So I was wondering if there is a demand for sprouts, and what their market value would be. What would I ask for e.g. 100 lavender/cedar sprouts? You can respond here or send me a PM. I'm really interested in your opinion. Thanks a lot! Nadineb