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Found 19 results

  1. Wouldn't it be a great idea to have your own, or some type of music box in game. The music could be either craft-able pottery discs, or some pop-up menu that pulls from a youtube. (The idea came from a mod on MC where you can post pictures from imgur on your server, and even connect to wurm's IRC inside a MC server (computer-craft...), so if the rather is possible, I know pulling music is too). It would be awesome to throw some sick medieval parties complete with some music. QL could even be based on how long a clip you can play from 1 sec at 1QL to 100 sec at 100 QL or something like that.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm looking for Spanish players. Do you know if there are any Spanish on the servers you play?
  3. Okay, so I was going to install Wurm. I click the "play" button and the little download begins. It completes almost instantly, and I open it. I see a black box flash on screen and nothing else happens. I'm running chrome and the latest version of java, I even reinstalled java to try and fix it. Any fixes?
  4. Hyper-Core Networks Wurm Unlimited Server Lashar is hosted on a Powerfull Dedicated Server 8x Xeon Processor 72gigs ram sitting on a terabit connection in Lenoir, North Carolina, USA Our map is Custom Hand Made with Jenn Kellon Mol Rehan and Horde of the Summoned Spawns with freedom left out allowing ppl to form pmk using freedom isles template old Wurm Online players can request to have their skills ported over to our server with proof of skills send a picture of your skills from ingame to here is a link to our map link to live epic pvp map link to live freedom map please vist our website if you wish to have the in game image map setup
  5. No Matter what I try to do, I cannot get the game to run. I constantly have Client Crashes and it always has the same message: Can anyone help me resolve this issue so I can play? Could not create window with selected width and height. The error was: <Pixel format not accelerated> It's possible you might figure out what's wrong from the log file below, but if you can't, post the full log on the wurm unlimited forums, and someone else might be able to help you. Contents of console.log: Time is Fri Mar 18 09:27:02 CST 2016 Running client version === System information === Executing from D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\ Operating system: Windows 10 (arch: amd64, version: 10.0) Java version: 1.8.0_60 (Oracle Corporation) <> Jvm version: 25.60-b23 (Oracle Corporation) [Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM] Available CPUs: 8 Mar 18, 2016 9:27:02 AM java.util.prefs.WindowsPreferences <init> WARNING: Could not open/create prefs root node Software\JavaSoft\Prefs at root 0x80000002. Windows RegCreateKeyEx(...) returned error code 5. Loading character Sinlog Loading config default Loading props file PlayerFiles\configs\default\gamesettings.txt Executing PlayerFiles\configs\default\keybindings.txt >>> Main thread exiting. Saving props file PlayerFiles\configs\default\gamesettings.txt Keybindings saved. Failed to launch ../../Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server/WurmServerLauncher/WurmServerLauncher.exe Failed to launch ../Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server/WurmServerLauncher/WurmServerLauncher.exe Trying to launch ../WurmServerLauncher/WurmServerLauncher.exe Loaded pack sound.jar (null) Loaded pack pmk.jar (null) Loaded pack graphics.jar (null) Loading props file PlayerFiles\players\Sinlog\playerdata_test.txt Loading props file PlayerFiles\players\Sinlog\stats.txt Preparing to enable console logging. Now logging to PlayerFiles\console.Sinlog.log === Wurm options === animation_playback_self = 0 auto_mipmaps_enabled = 2 auto_run_source = 0 cavedetail = 2 censor_chat = true collada_animations = 4 color_black = 0.0,0.0,0.0 color_cyan = 0.0,1.0,1.0 color_error = 1.0,0.3,0.3 color_fuchsia = 1.0,0.0,1.0 color_green = 0.08,1.0,0.08 color_grey = 0.5,0.5,0.5 color_lime = 0.0,1.0,0.0 color_maroon = 0.5,0.0,0.0 color_navy_blue = 0.23,0.39,1.0 color_orange = 1.0,0.5,0.0 color_purple = 0.5,0.0,0.5 color_red = 1.0,0.0,0.0 color_royal_blue = 0.23,0.39,1.0 color_silver = 0.75,0.75,0.75 color_system = 0.5,1.0,0.5 color_teal = 0.0,0.5,0.5 color_white = 1.0,1.0,1.0 color_yellow = 1.0,1.0,0.0 compressed_textures = false compressed_textures_S3TC = true connectByIpIp = connectByIpport = 3724 contribution_culling = 150 custim_timer_source = 1 customTimer1 = -1|-1 customTimer2 = -1|-1 customTimer3 = -1|-1 customTimer4 = -1|-1 customTimer5 = -1|-1 debug_mode = false depth_clamp_enabled = 2 disable_select_all_shortcut = false display_settings = false:true:0:1280:720:32:-1:false:false enable_contribution_culling = false enable_debugs = false enable_lod = true enable_shift_drag = false enable_vsync = true engine_multithreaded = 0 event_log_rotation = 2 exec_source = 0 fast_yield = false fbo_enabled = 2 first_person_mode_disable_on_close_component = false first_person_mode_disable_on_combat = false first_person_mode_disable_on_open_component = false first_person_mode_sensitivity = 10 fog_coord_src = 0 font_antialias = 2 font_bold = 11 font_default = 11 font_header = 24 font_italian = 11 font_monospaced = 11 font_static = 11 fov_horizontal = 80 fps_limit = 60 fps_limit_background = 30 fps_limit_enabled = true game_client_thread_priority = 2 glsl_debug_loading = false glsl_enabled = 2 gpu_skinning = true gui_opacity = 3 gui_skin = 1 has_read_eula = false hide_inactive_friends = false hide_menu_examine = false hide_menu_no_target = false hide_menu_spam_mode = true hide_menu_stop = false hide_onscreen_fail_messages = false hide_onscreen_hostile_messages = false hide_onscreen_info_messages = false hide_personal_goal = false high_res_binoculars = true hint_texture_scaling = 1 impColumn = true inverse_mouse = false irc_log_rotation = 2 irc_notif = 0 item_creature_render_distance = 4 key_bindings_source = 0 keyboard_layout = 0 loadInventoryStartup = true local_list_in_event = false lod = 1 log_extra_errors = false log_gl_errors = false mark_text_read = true material_as_suffix = true max_texture_size = 2 mega_texture_size = 6 model_loader_thread_priority = 2 model_loading_threads = 1 mount_rotation = false multidraw_enabled = 2 no_brightness = false no_terrain_render = false no_world_render = false non_power_of_two = 2 occlusion_queries_enabled = 2 offscreen_texture_size = 2 other_log_rotation = 2 outline_picking = true player_texture_size = 2 reflection_texture_size = 2 reflections = 4 release_context = false release_context_on_jogl_sleep = false remember_password = true render_distant_terrain = true render_glow = true render_sun_glare = false resident_models = false save_skills_on_quit = false screenshot_file_format = 1 season_override = 0 send_extra_tile_data = false setting_timestamps = true settings_version = 3 shadow_level = 4 shift_drag_default = 10 showKChat = true show_body_in_inventory = false show_old_quickbar = false silent_friends_update = false skillgain_minimum = 1 skillgain_no_alignment = true skillgain_no_favor = true skydetail = 2 sound_al_gain = 15 sound_buzzlevel = 2 sound_cache_enabled = true sound_doppler_enabled = false sound_engine = 2 sound_footstepslevel = 10 sound_music_level = 5 sound_play_PMAlert = false sound_play_ambients = true sound_play_buzz = true sound_play_combat = true sound_play_door = true sound_play_emotes = true sound_play_footsteps = true sound_play_music = true sound_play_weather = true sound_play_work = true start_dedicated_server = false stipple_enabled = true structure_render_distance = 4 submit_client_data = 0 terrain_bump = true terrain_res = 2 test_attach_equipment = false test_mode = 0 thirdPerson = false tile_transitions = true tiledecorations = 4 togglePushToTalk = true treelist_outline = true trees = 4 update_optional = true use_alpha_particles = true use_anisotropic_filtering = 2 use_antialiasing = 1 use_color_picking = true use_fast_clock_work_around = true use_fbo_color_picking = true use_nagles_algorithm = false use_nano_timer = false use_non_alpha_particles = true use_phobia_models = false use_tree_models = true use_weather_particles = true vbo_enabled = 2 viewport_bob = true water_detail = 2 Setting up Collada Model Loader Setting up WurmModel Model Loader Executing PlayerFiles\configs\default\keybindings.txt Translating legacy key PAGE_UP to PRIOR Translating legacy key PAGE_DOWN to NEXT Translating legacy key ENTER to RETURN Word filter loaded: 23 Starting job manager with 7 worker threads Failed to create window (Depth=24, AA level=2) Failed to create window (Depth=24, AA level=0) Failed to create window (Depth=8, AA level=0) Retrying main resolution (1/4) Failed to create window (Depth=24, AA level=2) Failed to create window (Depth=24, AA level=0) Failed to create window (Depth=8, AA level=0) Retrying main resolution (2/4) Failed to create window (Depth=24, AA level=2) Failed to create window (Depth=24, AA level=0) Failed to create window (Depth=8, AA level=0) Retrying main resolution (3/4) Failed to create window (Depth=24, AA level=2) Failed to create window (Depth=24, AA level=0) Failed to create window (Depth=8, AA level=0) Retrying main resolution (4/4) Failed to create display: 1920:1080:0:0 (false) Wanted mode: display_settings = false:true:0:1280:720:32:-1:false:false Execution aborted at connection 0, iteration 0 Run time 0s, local time Fri Mar 18 09:27:49 CST 2016 Destroying game window ====== CLIENT CRASH ====== Could not create window with selected width and height. org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.nChoosePixelFormat(Native Method) at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.choosePixelFormat( at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsDisplay.createWindow( at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.createWindow( at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create( at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create( at com.wurmonline.client.LwjglClient.initRegular( at com.wurmonline.client.LwjglClient.initWindow( at at Source)
  6. Anyone able to make a mod that allows you to see names when you type /who. I know GMs can and see names but players only see a Number. I think allowing players to actually see names would be cool too. Just leave out the "IPs". Maybe even make it so a Server Alert is made when a player Logins or out. Could be in the event tab and have it say something like. [00:00:00] Sprigus has Joined the Server. (or let is be customisable)
  7. Anyone able to make a mod that works with Ago's Launcher or that is easy to install, that Will show how many players are on the server in total. For example, Instead of just showing how many are on the Login server like Steam Does, Force it to check how many On all Maps connected to that one server?
  8. Hey there fellow Wurmians! I am currently wurking on a Wurm Online Blog, I'm writing as my game character 'Aequalis'. I would really love to see some more readers and get some feedback on my writing! Here's the link >> Thanks!
  9. Hey all! I'm back to playing Wurm after about a year break. This time I decided I want to write a blog about my players experiences in Wurm. So if anyone is interested in reading a wurm blog while your wurking I would love to get some readers and some feedback! Thanks in advanced and I hope you enjoy!
  10. Hello, First off, sorry if this is the wrong section, but I thought this might be the best place to get advice and discussion on the subject. I've started playing Wurm Online yet again, the last time having stopped due to issues of nausea and dizziness caused simply by playing the game. After years of playing countless games, 3rd person, first person, isometric, top down and every other kind of view there is I have never once gotten motion sickness from playing a game. That is, until I started playing Wurm. I have tried fiddling with the FoV settings, but even at max it feels like the first person view is like looking through a paper roll. I am not entirely certain what causes the sickness, but I do know that Wurm is the perpetrator. The effect is noticeable after only a few minutes of playing actively, and after a decently long playsession I end up going to bed nauseated and dizzy, which is no pleasant feeling in the least. Does anyone else experience this with Wurm, or maybe some similar game, and what are your thoughts on the matter? Does anyone have any suggestions to fix or reduce the motion sickness with any possible graphical settings. I can't help but feel the game has a poorly implemented camera, which I feel is valid criticism - would anyone really dispute it? Thanks in advance, Magus
  11. Hello Fellow Wurmians! On June 3rd Xanadu will be open to new players. I will be making an Alt to set up a deed as shown on the map below and I want to Invite anyone and everyone to join up with me and a few other villiagers on our journey in Xanadu! Xanadu Map With Deed * See New Post Below Blue= Most obvious places for Future Canals Red=The deed I will set up on day one, June 3rd. Yellow=A second deed I will create later after Canal 1,2 and 3 are complete (By us or other players). DEED RULES 1.Everyone will be allowed to build where they would like in Deed 1 with a limit of 4X2 Area for Each Household (Ex: 2x2 house with 2x2 garden, *No height limit) Limit is only to save room for future residents and roads. 2.Obvious rules such as no griefing or stealing 3.Each villiager will need to have two different Jobs/Roles to create some trade (Ex: Miner & Blacksmith) *Skills don't neccessarily have to compliment each other but its a plus! 4.Do your best to work with other villiagers, No Loners here lets all be friends! : D JOIN US! Ready to Join? Application is not required but I would love some Information, Just Fill out the template below and post it here or PM it to me. All templates will be accepted! Template: Username: New Player?: Day you expect to go to Xanadu: 2 Different Jobs/Roles you will provide villiage: Here is mine for Example Username: Kushmode New Player?: Somewhat, Started around the beginning of 2014 Day you expect to go to Xanadu:June 3rd 2 Different Jobs/Roles you will provide villiage:Besides Mayor, Mining and Masonry Side Note Once Xanadu is connected to the other servers (Should be one week after release, June 10th) I will sail my current Character and some villiagers to Xanadu with my Cog to the Deed, so If anyone needs a ride to the deed from there current server I will see what I can do! Just send me a pm about this and let me know. I will be sailing from Indy. I will post exact coordinates once the deed is created Also You can PM me any Questions or post em here! Hope to hear from you!
  12. I just got an invitation for a beta weekend starting on the 22nd did anyone else get in? I am not expecting much but i will for sure be checking it out.
  13. Hey everyone! I played WURM Online a little while ago, but all of my friends have stopped playing it. I was wondering if anyone else wanted to play WURM with me? If you do, we'll be playing on Deliverance (don't think I needed to say that). I have a small base camp set up so far, but that's it. You'll be starting a new character. If you would like to play, leave a comment, private message me, or contact me on Skype. Skype username: nerdyotter.
  14. Hey everyone! I played WURM Online a little while ago, but all of my friends have stopped playing it. I was wondering if anyone else wanted to play WURM with me? If you do, we'll be playing on a non-PVP world and starting new characters. If you would like to play, leave a comment, private message me, or contact me on Skype. Skype username: nerdyotter.
  15. I decided to make a radio station and share my love of listening to music while playing Wurm with you fellow players! Just head on over to The Website and check out all the songs we are playing. Or listen in your favorite Media Player. Like Our Facebook Page. Follow us on Twitter. IRC: #radiowurm (Same server as #wurm) - In game Open your Console(F1) and type irc, and new text tabs will open once connected just /join #wurmradio You can suggest songs or just let us know how we are doing. Comments?
  16. Hey everyone, Faeran and I have released a Wurm Online 1.0 Special episode. This episode is in addition to the new one that we have planned to release this Saturday. You can find the episode here: Saturday Night Factional Fight Plays Wurm Online - Wurm Online 1.0 Special We hope you enjoy! Griphyth
  17. I have decided to re-release my blog entitled "Journey to Puzzles" which chronicles my early journeys in Wurm Online. For those of you who were reading when I first released it, I apologize for not continuing it. The plan is to re-release an entry every week at and when everything has all caught up, then new entries will be released bi-weekly. I would very much like to finish the story of how we ended up where we are now, which is at Puzzle Plaza. You can find them here: Entry 1: My First Impressions Entry 2: In Preparation for a Long Journey Entry 3: Flight to Willow Pond Entry 4: The Fishing Rod Faeran and I have also started a video series which, I hope, is a little educational and a little entertaining. We call it "Saturday Night Factional Fight: Plays Wurm Online" as this was the name of our (very old) podcast series years ago on the topic of MMORPGs. The first two videos have been released at and we will be releasing one bi-weekly so keep an eye open for that. You can find the episodes here: Episode 0: Introduction Video Episode 1: Beginnings Episode 2: The Quest for the Iron Vein Episode 3: Building Carts, Barter and Horses! Episode 4: Time to Terraform I hope you enjoy! Griphyth
  18. "Unable to launch the Application. Name: Wurm Online 3.1.73 Publisher: Code Club AB From:" > More information LAUNCH FILE: <jnlp spec="1.0" codebase=&quot;" href="wurmclient.jnlp"> <information> <title>Wurm Online 3.1.73</title> <vendor>Code Club AB</vendor> <homepage href=&quot;"/> <description>Wurm Online client</description> <icon href="wurm-icon-128-w.jpg" width="128" height="128"/> <icon href="wurm-icon-64-w.jpg" width="64" height="64"/> <icon href="wurm-icon-32-w.jpg" width="32" height="32"/> <icon href="wurm-icon-16-w.jpg" width="16" height="16"/> <icon kind="splash" href="splash.gif"/> </information> <shortcut online="true"> <desktop/> </shortcut> <update check="timeout" policy="always"/> <security> <all-permissions/> </security> <resources> <j2se href=&quot;" version="1.6+" initial-heap-size="128M" max-heap-size="800M"/> <property name="sun.java2d.noddraw" value="true"/> <property name="org.lwjgl.input.Mouse.allowNegativeMouseCoords" value="true"/> <jar href="wurmclient.jar" main="true"/> <jar href="wurmres.jar"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/colladabind.jar" version="1.0.0"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/eigcc_java.jar" version="2.0.1"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/irclib.jar" version="1.10"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/jogg.jar" version="0.0.7"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/jorbis.jar" version="0.0.15"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/joXSI.jar" version="1.0.0"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/jzipupdate.jar" version="0.9.1"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl.jar" version="2.8.3"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl_util.jar" version="2.8.3"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/PNGDecoder.jar" version="0.0.1"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/slick-util.jar" version="b208"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/vecmath.jar" version="1.5.2"/> </resources> <resources os="Win" arch="x86"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar" version="2.8.3"/> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/eigcc_natives.jar" version="2.0.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Win" arch="amd64"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar" version="2.8.3"/> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/eigcc_natives.jar" version="2.0.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="ppc"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.8.3"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="i386"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.8.3"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="x86_64"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.8.3"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="i386"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.8.3"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="x86"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.8.3"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="amd64"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.8.3"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="x86_64"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.8.3"/> </resources> <resources os="SunOS" arch="sparc"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-solaris.jar" version="2.8.3"/> </resources> <application-desc main-class="com.wurmonline.client.WurmLauncher"> <argument></argument> </application-desc> </jnlp> EXCEPTION: JNLPSigningException[Failed to validate signing of launch file. The signed version does not match the downloaded version.] at com.sun.javaws.jnl.LaunchDesc.checkSigning(Unknown Source) at Source) at Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareResources(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareAllResources(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareToLaunch(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareToLaunch(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.launch(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main.launchApp(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main.continueInSecureThread(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main$ Source) at Source)
  19. Both when I'm actually playing the game itself and when I'm writing (shameless advertisement! my in-character journal, I use a soundtrack that I've built from various OST's. The list includes music from Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim (including the 40 minute Skyrim Atmospheres track, which is fantastic); as well as a few pieces from Shadow of the Colossus, the Dragon Age soundtracks (I love Inon Zur's music), a hefty amount of the Guild Wars music, both from one and two, and also a few tracks from the Secret World and Chopin and Tchaikovsky, my two favourite composers. I believe there are some WoW pieces in there, as well, such as the Vash'jir music. What do you listen to when you play Wurm?