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Found 8 results

  1. Dear Xanadians! (and everyone else reading this) We have created a fully fledged connection between the mainland and Newspring. Starting now, you can send your wagoneers and find your way to Newspring (and vice versa) in style. I introduce to you: the Newspring Connection Highway. The highway connects the main highway system built in these areas by Harthim to the the absolutely stunning bridge system made by Shmeric: Key Facts: 887 tiles (3.55 Km) long Broken ground: November 27th, 2016 - Finished: February 4th, 2018 Materials needed: far too many to count, in bricks alone estimated 29k, dirt well over 50k 130 tile long, 3 wide tunnel 3 bridges, two of which maximum length (38 tiles) and witdth (3 tiles) This highway was designed based on a philosophy: making travel as fast as possible. Because no other highway design would have been appropriate to connect into the majestic Newspring Bridge. That is the reason why this highway is (perhaps) one of the most advanced highways in wurm, with maximum slopes of 5 (except for a single 25 tile section of 15 slopes), using bridges over valleys, tunnels through mountains and carved passes - making up for some beautiful scenery along the way. However this would have not been possible without an amazing team: Shmeric Naiani Gheen Rockshadow Inspira Harthim Cevanne Ketha Jacobsilver The Anonymous Donators (people that did not want recognition, but should be recognized) Below you can find a few screenshots grouped on some of the highway's features. But if you are in the neighborhood, you should definitely go and check it out! The main highway connection Thunderstorm Expressway Valley and bridge Resilience Pass The Defiant Connection Golden Mt. Passage Wombat Way Newspring Bridge Connection I wish you safe travels and good fortune! All the best, Thor
  2. Im looking to sell my of weapon of war since i got a new shinny toy. Sword is currently Ql 87.80 [13:31:39] A long and slender sword. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The longsword needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. [13:31:39] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.an.rose'. [13:31:39] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [93] [13:31:39] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [91] [13:31:39] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [95] Leave me offer here.
  3. Well as title says, that no so friendly giant have been found and will depart this world in : Come get your woodcutting potion on deliverance. The loot will be private. Meeting point just east of Arrr! piracy!
  4. Off-Deed Building once again bugged. Since the last round of this bug, I've repaired a ton of longhouses and structures off-deed back to <10 damage. They're back up to 30-50 damage in the last week or two (these are all 85-90ql stone structures). A gatehouse I built less than 2 months ago at 93ql walls is up to 30 damage. This is consistent in all places checked - both buildings I am the owner of and not, my own and others. Once again broken. The last bug like this cost me several days of playtime to repair and over 20k repair bricks. I can't do it again - please, when you fix, run an update on the database to delete 30-50 damage off of off-deed buildings...or just all buildings, since on-deed don't take decay in most cases. Do something, this is crazy sad. Or a good ploy to have us drop more deeds...which I would gladly do if I could. ALLOW 1 TILE PERIM DEEDS OR FIX THIS INSANE BUG. I do not want to spend all my game time every day making repair bricks and repairing house walls that, prior to this bug, would accrue 10 damage PER CALENDAR YEAR and have, in the last 3 months, accrued 7-8 YEARS worth of damage because of these bugs. Not fair, not cool, frustrating this loyal customer.
  5. Rare Firwood Rope Tool (61 QL) ☞ ☜ Starting Bid: 4.50s Increment: 0.50s Buyout Price: 10.00s Auction Ends: Friday, November 13 2015, approx. 2:15AM EST (see timer below) Snipe Protection: 1h Reserve: None! ~~ (click for full glorious rope tool action shot!) You like ropes. You love ropes. You need ropes. We've all been there. Your village priest is drunk, complaining about bringing faith back up after converting to Nahjo, not doing his job, and so on and so on. With the high QL cordage you'll be producing with this thing, he won't have an excuse anymore! Pretty soon you'll be cranking out life-stealing WoA frying pans or whatever it is you weirdos do and making enough money to complete your supreme silverware collection! Bonus rope quality! It's a thing, and you want it! This is the item you want! You don't have a choice in the matter! Shipping COD at buyer's expense, or if you're feeling crazy you can come pick it up in SW Xanadu. PM Ostentatio or Circe with any questions. All bids should be posted in this thread!
  6. Xan Lag Issues

    Game is not even playable for the last hour, freezing like crazy what's with the background updates lately? please fix this issue, wait for downtime to do any uploads / downloads.
  7. Bulk farming, forestry and woodcutting Farming: 1s per 1k(73ql) Currently in stock pumpkins..... 2k cotton...........2k wemp..............1.5k onions..........1k corn.............3k Custom orders possible, maximum 5k per order Free shipping to all servers (coastal) Sprouts: willow/oak 3c/ea rest 1c/ea Seasonal produce: Available to order, may take time to supply, ql not guaranteed Logs: 50ql 500.......1s 60ql 300.....1s 70ql 200.....1s 80ql 100.......1s 90ql 10......1s Shipping for non farming orders: Independence:.......Free other servers:........ 50c Be sure to check out my Rainbow Dyeworks For all your Dye and concrete needs
  8. Error establishing a database connection on main page of Sad panda is sad