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Found 7 results

  1. After a long and successful Forestry grind, I have some very high QL items, including a large crate full of 100.00 QL olives. This comes delivered to any outer shoreline other than Chaos. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 10s Sniper: None
  2. new prices and new items to sale: Pickaxe 40ql w75 --> 80c (can be send via mail) Rake 40ql w76 --> 80c 1000 potatoes 39ql --> 1s 500 Olives 55ql --> make an offer 300 Grapewood sprouts 30ql --> make an offer I can deliver, but with an additional fee Leave a message here, ora a PM or in-game to Furek Thanks!
  3. We're selling veggies, berries, wemp, and cotton at Brotopia, located at x10,y13 on Exodus. Currently we cannot deliver cross-server. 6000 cooked meat 2s/1k sold 9000 corn 1s/1k sold 6000 potatoes 1s/1k sold 3000 pumpkins 1s/1k 1000 barley 1s/1k 10000 strawberries 1s/1k sold 1000 strawberries 1s/1k 5000 olives 1s/1k 1000 garlic 1s/1k 2000 cotton 69.39 ql 1s/1k 4000 wemp 74.47 ql 1s/1k Edit: updated stocks
  4. Hi there! I have some olives for sale: 5000 olives - 1.5s per 1k or 7s for all of them If you don't want to spend time on making olive oil I can offer 45kg of olive oil (small barrel) for 50c. I live in Hussars Haven [36x, 45y] on Deliverence. I can deliver anywhere on Deli for small fee (depends on distance). North Exodus and South Indy (coastal area) as well. My ingame name is ArcherPL.
  5. Hello! I'm selling some items and animals from my deed located in Exodus (north side)! Some information: Horses (45AH): With low cost horses and 3-4 speed traits (no inbreeded) Cattle: Cows and bulls, good for carts and for breeding (no inbreeded) Olives (2000+): from 20 to 93 ql! Enchanted grass: Only Exodus (with landpath) and south coast of deliverance, price depend on quantity! Rafts and Floor boards: Comes with a nail off, just for transport purpose Sprouts: Grape, maple and willow! If you need a specific kind just ask! All items can be delivered in Exodus, Celebration, Deliverance and (not always) to Independence! For more information about pricing and delivery send me a PM or contact me in-game (Rajan)! Thanks!
  6. Want to buy 250 olives or more, depending on the price. Don't know a good price for olives since they are relatively hard to produce, but we can negotiate. Thanks! EDIT: Turns out they aren't as expensive as I thought. I preferably want to buy 1K olives.
  7. Hi! I'm selling a lot of Olives! PM me here or in game (Rajan) for info! Different QL available! and delivery available too! Thanks,