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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there! I has been a year since I played Wurm for the last time. I believe there has been lots of changes in Wurm in the meantime. Just recently I have decided to return to Wurm, but my old village is gone. Thus, I am looking now for a new home. Most likely, I will not be able to play a lot, rather evenings (Europe). Currently, I am at K25 with no ship or horse to travel fast. I have not bought prem, yet. I am planning to get it once I will find a place to live. Since LW is my precious skill that makes me proud (it's 99), I would love to live in an area where I can find lots of skinnable animals for hides. It would be obliged if anyone accepted me into a village and picked me from K25 Xanadu to your village location. Here are some of my skills if you would like to know my charraceter better. Coal-making: 38.364834 Mining: 42.778526 Digging: 37.137993 Jewelry smithing: 71.70139 Tailoring: 40.231632 Leatherworking: 99.00851 Masonry: 45.138626 Hot food cooking: 50.61946 Butchering: 46.027344 Fishing: 30.995956 Gardening: 31.019495 Forestry: 37.871838 Fighting: 71.96108 Normal fighting: 47.082653 Miscellaneous items: 48.457993 Pickaxe: 44.46241 Repairing: 52.401978 Sickle: 32.862015 Hammer: 72.29303 * Natural substances: 30.784996 Axes: 47.224636 Hatchet: 61.606583 Huge axe: 42.426083 Longsword: 60.752354 Knives: 42.130375 Butchering knife: 55.2403 Woodcutting: 78.33514 Carpentry: 62.316235 Mind logic: 32.765293 Body: 31.896427 Body strength: 31.946312 Faith: 30.0 Favor: 30.0 Alignment: 100.0
  2. Attention new players and old alike, the town of Port in the Storm located at E. 14 (North of Esert) The town is now recruiting new villagers to join its ranks, apart from the basics that will allow each villager to have a plot of their own for housing there are already pre-built facilities catering to each trade and available, we support encourage all players trades. For any and all inquiries about the village and its setups as contact us here or in game send a tell Andrewwhitman or Troy We currently seeking people to fill a number of trades\professionals. However for villagers who like to have one set profession or trade primary roles are open to take: Blacksmith Weaponsmith Armorsmith Carpentry Shipbuilder Masonry Miner Animal-Breeder Forster Farmer Merchants Chef
  3. Getting Bored of Your Settlement? Looking for new project's & ideas? Enjoy a challenge? Look no further! After Playing Wurm for a few years, owning and living on numerous deed's and residing on few different server's, I have experienced a lot of things in this wide and wonderful world. For the past few months, I have been playing mostly solo on a small deed, one that's development has finished long ago and this has left me searching for a new challenge. The Idea! An Idea I have been kicking around for sometime is to assemble a group of like minded players, And break off into the vast unknown to start a new project. One that is a challenge, requiring planning, commitment, dedication, and an Overall sense of community! A place to hone skills our skills, both in the creation aspect as well as a crafting haven providing most everything we shall need as we develop. Of Course, this is merely in the planning stages, So any opinion's and idea's from players interested will be compiled, until we can strike on something that everyone is thrilled to work towards. Idea's may include anything from a magnificent deed to a central market, our personal island or mountain retreat, and anything else one's mind can come up with! As for location, I would prefer to keep it located on the old freedom cluster, any server as long as we agree upon it, but If we can stay away from Exodus I would be thrilled. Nothing against that server except the fact in my experiences, there is no dirt layer which makes it more challenging to work with than it need's to be. Also Chao's if it is something we are comfortable with but that requires the trust of a tight knit group, and fair amount of planning and communication between an existing faction. The People! Anyone is welcome, New players or more seasoned veteran's! Premium is not an issue, bit I do request a little bit of in game time to be sure that this idea Is right for you. The ability to work with others is a must, and some sort of voice communication program would be ideal. So please, reply on this thread, send me a PM, or hunt me down in game if this idea appeals to you! What One Person Considers Impossible, a Group Can Accomplish Within a Shortened Time Frame. When One Mind is Stalled, The Power Of Collective Thought Can Prevail. As a Group, You Can Move Mountains, And Who Knows, We may Just Do That