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Found 18 results

  1. The Offer is from 27.11.2022 to 30.12.2022 Price is 15s but to negotiation/conntact Pm me on forum or try in game/Deed is on Celebration M16 I have deed to sell it's location is Celebration M 16 is 21x20 tiles it is Fenced around with marble fences and tall walls and have main building 5x5 tiles with 1 floor. that's a deed surface: in the mine are 1 salt rock vein (medium ql) 3 sandstone veins (2 medium and 1 high ql) 2 lead veins (2 medium ql) Mailbox of deed: slate spirit castle 30ql courier casted on (94)/maplewood spirit house 10ql courier casted on (97) some screenshots:
  2. Make an offer via PM or in the comments! If you're unsure about pricing, I do have prices in mind so feel free to ask. I accept both Silver and Euros, Euros must be paid via verified PayPal and Friends&Family. ALL ITEMS ARE MAILABLE AND WILL BE MAILED TO YOUR CHARACTER. PLEASE PROVIDE A CHARACTER NAME YOU'D LIKE IT MAILED TO. TOMES Black Tome - Last Charge Green Tome - Last Charge Tome of Incineration - Last Charge White Tome - Last Charge TOOLS Rare Seryll Needle, 64QL Seryll Hammer, 72QL Seryll File, 72QL BotD (CoC and WoA) Hatchet, 77QL, 83 BotD CoC (Skiller) Fishing Rod, 76CoC Hatchet, Steel, 83CoC Grooming Brush, 70CoC Leather Knife, 85CoC Needle, 90QL, 81CoC Stone Chisel, 79CoC Wild Cat Pelt, 100QL, 86CoC GEAR Black Scale Set, Rare Pants, 90QL Black Drake Cap, 91QL Ruby Staff Rare Backpack Rare Mask of the Isles Rare Mask of the Enlightened Mask of Rebirth x9 Soft Cap x5 Witch's Hat x2 Pumpkin Shoulder Pad x14 Left Layered Shoulder Pad x3 Small Shoulder Pad x5 Double Shoulder Pad x2 Curved Shoulder Pad x2 Right Elaborate Shoulder Pad Right Basic Shoulder Pad x2 Left Shielding Shoulder Pad x2 Crafted Shoulder Pad x2 WEAPONS Maul, N67, CoC76, FA61 DECORATIONS Valentine's Pottery x24Picnic Basket x2 Yule Reindeers x7 Easter Egg (Gift) x6 Rare Champagne Valrei Items x64 Unique Skull (Looks Like Dragon Skull) x5 Rare Armwood Chair Rare Chair Rare Fine High Chair x2 Rare Large Sign x3 Rare Meditation Rug Rare Meditation Rug (Fine) x2 Rare Pointing Sign Rare Shop Sign Rare Small Sign Rare Runed Spinning Wheel x2 Rare Still x3 Rare Village Recruitment Board x3 Rare Waystone x4 Supreme Flowerpot SOLD
  3. Offer, Feel free to PM or post. Edit:
  4. Clearing some of my collected rares over the year, offer a sensible price along with your name and I'll cod it out if I like it. I am sending from a Chaos account so please put up an alts name that hasn't came to Chaos if you've done so on your main. Any questions PM me. Offers in Euros/Silver. Bloodmaster in game. Saddle Sold Rare Hatchet Sold Rare LMS Sold Rare Toolbelt Sold
  5. 1 lump glimmersteel 82QL 0.32KG 2 Lump seryl 83QL 0,22kg 2x 3 LEFT SHIELDING SHOULDER PAD IRON 4 axe iron 59QL cast 80LT ,72C 5 longsword iron 68.77QL cast 73N 60c 82Ms 6 longsword iron 78QL cast 42LT 25MS 81BOTD(Blessings of the Dark has been cast) 7 longsword iron 41 QL cast 76FA 8 longsword iron 88.89QL cast N97 RT76 C75 MS72 9 longsword iron 70.29QL cast N72 C60 10 longsword iron 76.90QL cast N68 C52 11 longsword iron 88.61QL cast N93 FB85 C80 12 longsword iron 73QL cast N40 FB23 C60 13 huge axe iron 75QL cast BOTD63 RT62 14 huge axe iron 81QL cast N46 FB88 C70 15 huge axe iron 64.45QL cast N71 C71 16 short sword iron 67.25QL cast W59 FB52 C44 17 longsword iron 82.49Ql cast W90 FB75 18 black legion kingdom banner 3x 19 black legion kingdom flag 20 rare torch lamp iron 21 rare short bow Pinewood cast 27QL 22 rare long bow birchwood 69.94QL cast CoC63 nib50 23 rare long bow birchwood 69.72QL cast Coc 58 24 rare rope tool cedarwood 90QL cedarwood cast c72 w99 25 rare unfinished open fireplace 26 rare stool pinewood 27 rare file iron w84 c91 28 oil of the weapon smith 29 3 set clot armor (jacket sleeve shoe pants) 30 Lump adamantine 82 Ql 0.32KG 31 fantastic champagne 87 QL 3x 32 blood black dragon 4x 100QLsold 33 blood red dragon 4x 100QLsold 34 blood gren dragon 100 QLsold 35 soul straler necklace seryll 75 QL skill efficiency bonus sold. 36 used socketed ring seryll 25QL skillgain bonus sold 37 if y ou need Pm me and Offer or WTT
  6. WTS acc

    Skills said how much you can give for this acc in pm or here sirver /eur ^^ 1 body strength 22.20 2 body stamina 21.66 3 body control 22.52 4 mind logic 22.87 5 mind speed 20.87 6 soul strength 21.62 7 soul Depth 19.99 8 longsword 30 9 two handed sword 45 10 large shield 14 11huge axe 15.72 12 mining 48.14 13 leather working 31.02 14 clot tailoring 28.67 15 chain armor smiting 22.41 16 blacksmithing 20 17 pickaxe 52.36 18 figthing 70.85 19 aggressive fighting 24.80 20 defensive fighting 17.58 21 normal fighting 19.41 22 firs aid 15.20
  7. WTS

    WTS Lump Glimmersteel 82QL blood (goblin leader) 100Ql artisan ring seryll (Stone Cutting)75QL lump seryl 83QL Left shielding shoulder pad iron 75QL
  8. WTS

    1.Rare lump Glimmersteel 0,37 2. 4x rare lumb silver
  9. WTS/WTT

    Rare 2h sword N87 LT91C92 ql 84.85 Rare unifinished floor loom maplewood Rare net trap cotton Rare Leather gloves
  10. Selling a bunch of tools/items I no longer use, have upgrades for etc. Leave me an offer here or on forum PM, remembering to include the name of the character I should CoD it to...I will accept any reasonable offer for these items. Order multiple items = Discount! Want to take everything that is left? HUGE discount! Only 30s for the lot!
  11. Hello, As the title says: Selling my random stuff - offer! All items will be cod from Chaos
  12. I am not sure what some of this stuff is worth like the drake hide it has no weight so not sure if it is even worth anything other than changing colors. Note: The rare long spears can not be mailed and need to be picked up at T11 Xanadu but the rest can be cod at buyers expense. 84ql leggat, cherrywood (94coc) - 2s SOLD 100ql Blood (Black Dragon) comes with free 84ql .004 weight black dragonhide - 1s SOLD 99ql Snow lantern - 1s 99ql Snow lantern - 1s 79ql Rare longspear, cedarwood - 2s 79ql Rare longspear. cedarwood - 2s 80ql Rare longspear. cedarwood - 2s 80ql Rare longspear. cedarwood - 2s 57ql Rare whetstone (39 coc, 2.86 damage) - 50c
  13. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, todays offer is the extraordinary rare forge! Forge has just been started, so it weighs only 17kg. This wonderful piece of superior technology can be either mailed, or delivered almost anywhere at the coast of the Newspring Island, southwestern Xanadu. Starting price is merely 8s Increments are 1s high Additionally if the thrill of the auction isn't for you, you can purchase it directly for 12s! SOLD! Attention! We have also special offer for the winner! If you win, and your last bid is made before 3 hours until the end of an auction, you will get free paint directly from The Noyan Dyesâ„¢! You can choose either "Steppe Violet", "Noyan's Gold" or both in total amount just enough to paint the forge! Apart from that, first few bidders have a chance to get free samples!
  14. I have some stuff for sale all of it but the staff and longbow can be mailed at buyer expense or pick up for free at 46x 39y Deliverance. Make an offer here or pm all of it is for sale..
  15. Looking to sell these on Deli or COD - Looking for offers on what I can get for it. Thanks!
  16. just as the title says, i want to sell my tuning forks. i have 10 available. open to offers just message me. oh and im on indepence server.
  17. Wanting to sell a 3 rubies, an opal, and a sapphire. Ruby ql's: 1,1,1. Opal:13 Sapphire:20.97 just wanting to get rid of, and add some coin to my bank. hit me with an offer?