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Found 3 results

  1. Currently if you log out off deed, there is a 1 minute delay - a kind of limbo-land when you have physically left the game but your character logically stays in it. This occurs if you have a disconnection as well as if you choose to log out. If you were in combat (even if it's over) or have an injury - this 'unattended presence' extends for 5 minutes after you log out. In my opinion this delay serves no reasonable purpose in PvE. The delay results in a lot of unwanted and unexpected deaths, particularly for new players. Many players log out when they see a large mob, or worse still log out before they see any mob, and believing their character safe, are shocked when they log back in later to find the red death screen. These are not deaths encountered during actual play. These are not 'fair fights' - the player is not even present when the fight begins, and can not interact with the world in any way. Everyone accepts that the game continues after we leave it, but we don't expect decisions to continue to be made about our character whilst we are absent. Play is supposed to be attended at all times. If the toon can show up visibly to others as a 'lost link' - then surely it is possible for the same toon to be flagged as a non-target to mobs at the same time. It is my suggestion that on PvE, any disconnected toon showing as 'lost link', is flagged as a non-target to mobs as soon as the link is lost. This game goes to so much trouble not to set you as a target as soon as you log in - I believe it should pay you the same courtesy when you log out.
  2. Nice christmas sale: Awl 73ql, BotD78 - 1s 50c Carving Knife 72ql, CoC77, WoA 77 - 1.5s 75c Fruit Press, pinewood 76ql, CoC81, WoA80 - 1.5s 75c Hammer 91ql, CoC76 - 1.3s 65c Hatchet 1ql, CoC80 - 80c 40c Needle 70ql, CoC81 - 1.2s 60c Needle 76ql CoC66, WoA60 - 1s 50c Saw 79ql, WoA87 - 1.5s 75c Saw 90ql, WoA85 - 1.5s 75c Spindle, pinewood 45ql, CoC87 - 1.3s 65c Shovel, steel 8ql, CoC84 - 1.2s 60c Sickle 62ql, CoC57, WoA98 - 4s 2s Grindstone 47ql, CoC73 - 50c 25c Scythe 4ql, CoC73 - 50c 25c Small tortoise shield 69ql - 2s 1s Hammer 56ql, WoA70 - 50c 25c Spatula 70ql, CoC76 - 50c 25c Stone Chisel 60ql, WoA75 - 50c 25c Large Anvil 50ql, WoA50 - 50c 25c Rake 28ql, CoC70 - 50c 25c Oil of the armour smith 54ql, 52ql - 2s 1s each Oil of the armour smith 25ql - 1.5s 75c Potion of Acid 68ql, 7ql - 50c 25c each
  3. right now the /ca command turns off the ca help channel forever until you use it again,but the /gchat command only turns it off until you move to another server,log out or get reconected. it would be great if /gchat worked like /ca does. i know there is workaround that kinda reduces the problem,would be nice to see it fixed.